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His Life

Sometimes it was just one of those days in which a person never wanted to get out of bed. Staying within the confines of those soft covers would have alleviated having to deal with stressful situations, people with an attitude problem, and one's own inner turmoil. For Kisa Shouta, staying in bed would have cost him his job as well seeing as how the Isaka's sire had decided to make an unannounced visit to Marukawa and all but demand a tour of the facility.

True, it wasn't always a bad thing when Isaka Senior showed up, but he had been in a particularly bad mood, which oozed into everyone else's. Thus, by the time he'd vacated the area even the happy-go-lucky Mino was ready to throw someone a neck-tie party.

Once the day was over, Kisa felt as if the whole world had been lifted off his shoulders. His mind was focused on going home and eating something. That would be followed by a hot shower and passing out. Of course he wanted his boyfriend there to pass out with; it just didn't feel like home anymore without his shojo prince in attendance. And if they happened to fuck like rabbits for a couple of hours, that was completely fine too.

The subway ride home was long and sticky. The air was permeated with heat, which meant everyone in the area was sweating in their work clothes. Kisa could feel his hair start to stick to his scalp and it gave him an icky feeling. Even sitting on the rather empty row of seats felt gross. One had to love the summer season when the humidity was enough to kill a flower. At least his home wasn't far from the station, thus he'd be able to get into the air conditioning rather quickly.

Ending in sight, Kisa smiled and walked faster. It was almost midnight and if his boyfriend was hanging around it was a good possibility the college student was already asleep. Yukina liked to wait up as much as possible when he stayed over, but even the editor knew that the younger man worked his ass off in addition to attending university.

A flutter hit his stomach as he walked through the front door and saw that Kou's shoes were in the entryway. Kisa didn't hear anything and most of the lights were turned off. So he figured the other man was already in dream land. He remained as quiet as possible as he removed his shoes and crept into his kitchen, followed by going into the bedroom/front room.

Kisa's heart jumped into his throat when he saw Yukina sitting on the futon, back against the wall, and tears streaming down his face. Even with those indicators of pain he still looked like an angel, but there was hardly a passing thought of such when it was clear his boyfriend was in distress. All manner of horrible thoughts crashed into his brain as he started to wonder what had caused the college student to cry.

Had someone in his family died? Had he been kicked out of university? Was he leaving and never coming back?

The editor hoped that the last one wasn't true, but he didn't want any of the other thoughts to be true either. Kisa was at a loss as to how to proceed. He didn't want to affect Yukina's mood any more than it was already affected, so he wasn't sure if he should ask what was bothering him or just walk into the room and make his presence known.

"I know you're there," a shaky voice spoke, startling Kisa.

"I-I'm sorry. I'm not very good with crying," Kisa admitted, feeling like a jerk. What a line to say when the man he was sleeping with was sobbing in his bed.

"I'm crying because of you, Kisa-san," the tall boy said evenly.

Kisa's heart all but stopped as he took a step back. If he was the cause then he had no right to even be in the same room. "S-s-sorry," he stammered, taking another step back and running into the wall. "I'll leave you b-be." He wanted to cry himself after hearing as such.

A slight smile played at Yukina's lips as he rose and gave chase. Kisa might have made it to the door if he'd turned around and walked, but he continued backing up instead which ended with him being pulled into a bear hug. He could feel the erratic heartbeat of the man who embraced him and wanted to push away, but was worried that it might be the last time he found himself in those strong arms he loved so much.

"You've got it wrong, Shouta-san. I'm not sad; I'm crying because I'm happy."

Kisa wasn't quite sure how to respond to that admission. He'd never cried from happiness before and the idea of meeting anyone who cried from such seemed rather farfetched.

"I was taking a nap and had a dream about you, in my arms, and we were making love," Yukina whispered, kissing Kisa on the top of the head. "We said we loved each other at the same time, and in my dream I started to cry, which followed me when I woke up. I realized how happy you make me, and the tears didn't want to stop."

Kisa burned with some sort of feeling he couldn't quite place. It wasn't embarrassment, but it wasn't anything else either. He was perplexed as well as humbled.

"You make me so happy, Kisa-san, it made me cry." Yukina pulled back slightly to look into the eyes of his shocked lover and leaned in to place a kiss on the slightly ajar mouth. He knew he'd probably startled his adorable Kisa-san and wanted to reassure the elder that all was right with the world. Once the tender kiss was complete he pulled back and wrapped the man in his arms again. "I hope, one day, Kisa-san, that I make you so happy you cry too."

The thought both thrilled the baby-faced man and worried him as well. The idea of crying usually indicated pain, so it scared him a little to think crying could be brought on by something else; emotions he'd never expected. As long as I'm with you when it happens, Kou, then I won't be scared of that happening, he thought.

"You feel warm, Kisa-san," Yukina commented, running his hand through the elder's damp locks. "Why don't you go get a shower and I'll make something for you to eat?"

Kisa nodded and turned to go, but was pulled into another body squeeze by the big lug. His heart skipped a beat and he felt his face flush as the other's warm breath hit his ear. A shiver found his spine, but he let his body be squeezed closer to his lover. It was where he belonged, of course.

"I love you, Kisa-san," Yukina whispered, letting the older man go free. Kisa scurried into his bathroom and shut the door, completely missing the look of pure adoration Yukina sported.

Another bout of turmoil lit his mind like a torch. Why did the young prince have such an effect on him? No one should be able to control another the way Yukina controlled him. Kisa wouldn't have wanted it any other way. He'd have gladly sold his soul to the devil to ensure that Kou stayed by his side until the end of time.

Unbeknownst to him, one tall university student was having the same thoughts as he. Yukina didn't know when it had happened, but the older man had become his breath, his blood…his life. He'd never cried from happiness before, but for the first time in his life, he was fine with the tears since they were the love in his heart leaking out of his eyes.


The quote Yukina makes regarding wanting Kisa to cry from happiness is similar to a quote from my favorite book Tim by Colleen McCullough.

The final sentence in this story is taken from teachings I learned while an active member of the LDS (Mormon) Church. I am no longer an active member in this organization due to their stance on homosexuals, but I will not badmouth the teachings that go against my principals here. When I was in Young Women's (roughly age 12 to 17) I was taught that when a person became so happy they were unable to hold the happiness in and it fell from their eyes. I changed it slightly to fit this story, but I believe the same concept applies. So, this story is incredibly sappy, but I don't care. They are a cute couple and deserve all the sappiness they can find.