Herimone Granger was sitting in her room doing her homework. When there is a bang downstairs, she grabs her wand and runs out. When she got their was a redhead man standing in the lounge.

"what the bloodly hell do you think you are doing Charlie Arther Weasley. Don't do it again or i will hex you." said hermione. "I'm so so so so so sorry miiee. I promise not to do it again. So hello, how are you?, do i get a hug?. " said Charlie putting a innocent smile on.

" Hello charlie, i'm fine, what are you doing here?. " said hermione , giving his a big hug.

"So what do you want?" said Hermione. "You know me so well. I quit my job and i'm moving home if that's ok with you." said charlie.

Giving him another hug she said " i'm so happy you are back home sweetheart. Welcome home, so what else?.".

" Charlie-boy here has a date with Nymthy" said a voice. They both turned around and there was another wesley with a cheekie smile on his face.

He came in kiss hermione on her cheek and said " Hi Mie". Then turned to his little brother and said " So Charlie-boy you have a hott date with Nythy's hey ?" .

Charlie looked at them and his face went blood red.

The two of them looked at eachother then Charlie then laughed.

With a look that could send voldmort running for his life.

"Thanks" Said Hermione. Hermione walked over to him kiss him on his cheek and said "

I think that it's sweet.

I'm glad she is going out with you and giving up on remus. she is not his type.

So what do you need help with".

Bill and Charlie looked at each other with a look that the twins has when they are upto something. So Mie you happy the tonks is giving up on remus? " said Bill.

She looked at them and said " Yes they are to diffent but you and her will be great.". "Thanks.

You are right they are diffent. Not that she had a chance, he told us he likes someone else who is also his wolf mooney's mate." said Charlie with a smirk.

Hermione said "Ok lets get off of remus"

but was cut of with a hem hem on the otherside of the room.

They looked over and there stood Alubs Dumbleddore, Severus Snape, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Remus had a bit of red on his cheek . "Er hi" said Hermione. Bill and Charlie looked between Remus and Hermione and laughed.

"O grow up you two. What did you want? Is everyone alright?. " She said after she punch them is their arms.

"Miss Granger, we need to talk to you and your parents, where are there? . Yes everyone all right. " said Alubs.

Bill and Charlie had looks the could freeze hell. Then the said "Blood-Hell Miiee". "Hermione Jane Granger, did you not tell them".

"Tell us what Mya" said Remus.