"Milee I will get CJ. "said Char. "Thanks" she said. Then he went upstairs.

"So what did you what to tell me headmaster?. " she said. "Miss Gra-sorry Hermione we found out that you are not a Granger by blood. We found out that you are a Black and a Potter. James Potter and Regulus Black were dating in hiding . No one knew about them. Sirius just found letters and Regulus's diary. James broke up with Regulus to marry Lilly Evans. James didn't know that when he broke up , Regulus was about to tell him he was having their baby, you. " said Albus.

"What happened to Regulus my dad? " she said. "After he had you, he gave you to the Grangers he was killed just hours after by the Dark Lord. They dated from James's 4 year and it was Reggie's 3 year to about a month after you were made." said Sirius.

"O so Harry is my half-brother and you are my uncle? " she said looking at Sirius. " Yes i am . And yes Harry is your brother. Yes he knows about you. He is happy about you being his sister . He said that you were his sister before but know your blood completes it. But he is pissed at James . That he would cheated on Reggie with Lilly, and cheated on Lilly with Reggie . "said Sirius.