Victorique sniffed in disapproval and set the book aside. "What a ridiculous premise for a book." She informed Kujo. "Besides real life mysteries are much more interesting than a plot that always solves it's mysteries with a Phantom Book. Such a thing is hardly a mystery at all."

Kujo scowled in frustration. Victorique was simply too hard to be pleased sometimes. "Fine, don't read it. But that's all the present that I have for you today."

"Then go away." Victorique grumbled. "And when you come back you owe me extra sweets!"

He almost expected her to throw the book at him as he left, but she didn't. Instead it was almost eerily quiet as he made his way back down the stairs. His fists clenched and unclenched in his frustration as he marched down the stairs. "I don't know why I try sometimes." He murmured to himself angrily, he had just wanted to give her a new book to enjoy, something that she couldn't find in the school's massive library. He realized now that it was probably ridiculous for him to have even tried. Victorique was too fickle and mostly only liked sweets anyways.

He grumbled to himself, all the way down the stairs and out of the library.

Victorique stared at the book Kujo had tried to give her. Even if she had feigned displeasure at it, truly she was rather curious. She didn't usually read much fiction, but it sounded more intriguing than most of the fiction that the school's library had to offer, mainly because it wasn't just another ghost story. She was bored of those. So bored.

Glancing briefly at the staircase to make sure Kujo hadn't snuck back up, Victorique picked up the book. Tentatively she opened the book, marveling at the weight of the front cover. It was a surprisingly heavy book. The paper was thick and the smell of the book was aged rather more than she would have expected from a book that Kujo would know of. She paused for a moment and sniffed at it consideringly.

Her nose full of the scent of aged paper, she flipped over the title page, running her hand slowly over the slightly faded script. The pages seemed almost warm to the touch. She found herself grinning happily. This was beginning to look like an impressive book, even if it was because of Kujo that she even knew it existed.

Eagerly she turned to the first page of actual text. Suddenly this story didn't seem like such a bad idea after all.