Huey grumbled to himself in annoyance and he stumbled into the darkened cellar. "Why she has to have biscuits kept in the dark is beyond me."

He hadn't been able to find a lantern and he wasn't sure how Dalian expected him to see anything here in this dark mess.

He froze suddenly. There were whispering noises ahead that he couldn't quite account for. It sounded almost like two people having a conversation, but how would anyone have gotten into the cellar? And perhaps a better question, why? There was nothing valuable or special that was stored here. Mostly it was just a few boxes of biscuits and some badly aged wine.

He crept forward, hoping that his ears could guide him to the noise without causing him to trip over anything, though it was a small relief that if he did make that sort of spectacle of himself nobody would actually be able to see it.

"HUEY!" Dalian's saccharine voice called, causing him to flinch. "I'm hungry. Why are you making the tea take so long?"

Feeling there was no other option but to respond, Huey shouted back, "It's dark down here, I can't find anything without a lantern!"

Even though she was at the top of the stairs, Huey could hear Dalian's dissatisfied sniff. He rolled his eyes. "Hurry." Dalian demanded, followed by the distinct sound of her stomping away.

Feeling more nervous than ever now that he'd given his position away, Huey crept deeper into the cellar. The whispering seemed to have vanished, but that didn't mean that he was in the cellar alone.

Huey's foot came down on something that rolled and seemed to crack under that pressure, this was followed by a stifled scream. He leapt back in shock. There was no doubt now that someone was indeed in the cellar.

Abruptly he was hit sideways and knocked to the ground, but whoever had leapt at him didn't stay on him for long. Rather a young male voice called out, "Victorique?!"