Wally threw another stone into the river. It rippled across the lake as it skipped, he counted with silent lips.


He shrugged a little and held another stone in his hand, feeling it's smooth surface.

"It'll all be over soon.."

He pushed against the rock harder.

"Run as fast as you can, Wally! Don't you never look back. Run and hide. Somewhere no else can find."


"Run, Wally, damn it!"

"Momma, they'll all think I'm a fre-"

She bent down to his face, her hands shook against his body as she held his shoulders. Her tear streaked cheeks sent a sudden urgency into his little heart and he swallowed.

"Don't let anyone ever call you a freak. You're not a freak, Walter. You're not. It's a God Blessed gift. Now…" She stood up, brushing her hands down her dress, "…I want you to run. Run Wally. Run."

Wally took a couple steps back, his mouth holding a sob, he closed his eyes and took a few shaky breaths before pushing the door open with a hand and suddenly, his mother couldn't see him anymore.

He just ran.

Wally's hands shook, the stone had fallen from his fingers and he turned to look back at the house.

He looked at the trail with dirt in plumes of smoky clouds. Company. He squinted against the sun and saw a truck. A truck easily recognizable.

His breath hitched in his throat, eyes widening.


He ran from the log to the backdoor in what must've been record time for him, he closed the door behind himself softly, getting a couple of surprised looks from members of the league, he looked from them to the front door.

He laughed casually, rubbing a hand against his the back of his neck, "There was…a…snake." He conjured up quickly, "Quick little fella!"

"What'd it look like?" John asked casually, leaning back in the chair with his cup of coffee in his hand, eyeing Wally's falling smile.

"Uh..like a snake?"

A knock erupted from the door, "I'll get it!" He yelled quickly, "No worries, no worries, guys. I got it. Seriously."

No one moved.

He made it to the front door with a quick jolt of energy and wondered after a second hesitation, if there was any chance of him recognizing him.

He couldn't possibly. His hair had been a bright orange, it had darkened considerably into a sort of dark auburn by now. His skin had darkened as well from a porcelain pale to a tanned peach. His eyes weren't grey-green now, they were just about brown since his mother's hazel eyes had set in.

He swallowed.

"Here's to hoping." He murmured as he opened the door with a flourish and a smile.

"Well…Hello there." The woman smiled warmly, her shaky hands holding a steaming pie, "I hope this hasn't gotten too cold. We wanted to bring you a pie since you'll be settlin' in and all, honey."

Wally looked from the woman to the man standing behind her was a flat-lined mouth and judgmental eyes, looking around the doorframe for a distraction.

"Oh, uh, thank you ma'am." He cleared his throat.

"You gonna invite us inside?"

Wally looked up from the woman to the man and gave a shaky smile, "Oh, uh. Yeah, yeah! Sure, thing. C'mon in!"

He stepped aside and she nudged the man, "Oh, Marshall. Be nice."

She narrowed her eyes at him, some sort of coded glare that Wally could only guess what meant.

He put a hand just above his lip, wondering silently, if this would be his last few minutes on holy Earth.

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