I am sorry to everyone who reads this story. I have not updated in a very long time. I will still be updating this story whenever I have time. I hope you all still like it.

Dear Diary,

Training has ended roughly. Jackson has not said a single word to me since we started training. He is in very good shape. He prefers using a sword or knife, while I prefer using bows and arrows. I have tried every section except for wrestling, because the careers are always there. They just scare me.

I waited outside of a closed steel door. Every 5 or so minutes, the door would open and a name would be called. I waited silently for my turn. I was nervous. Whatever score I got today, would affect what type of sponsors I got during the games. "Juniper Everdeen!" A voice rung out.

I walked into the training room. In front of me was what looked like a panel of judges. They were all either asleep or dozing off. One of them stood up and yawned. "Ms. Everdeen, please show us what you know." I nodded.

I stepped forward to the rows of bows and arrows. I picked one up and notched it. Pulled back the arrow and let loose…bull's eye. Picked up a second one, draw and loose, bull's eye. The panel in front of me looked quite bored, so I put down the bow.

All of a sudden, an idea popped into my head. I picked up an arrow and walked over to the weights area. I tied a weight and chain around the tail of the arrow and walked back to my previous position. I threw the weighted arrow as hard as I could. It spun around a dummy's body, the arrow tip lodged in its forehead. I was aiming for the chest, but it looked like a more impressive throw. "Thank you Ms. Everdeen." Said the same man. I nodded and walked out slowly.

They looked so tired. I was angry. These people would be the ones deciding who would live or die.