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Aaron Hotchner was excited in his own quiet way. This was going to be the first Christmas party that he and his lover threw since they had unofficially let their team know that they were together. He knew, however, that Spencer was beyond thrilled. The young doctor had begged for the last two years for a Christmas party for the team. Aaron had to say no, since the team didn't know about their romance. The party was supposed to be in honor of Rossi and Garcia's engagement, which had become official a month earlier. So, Spencer got his party and Hotch enjoyed the benefits of a happy Spencer Reid. Hotch couldn't help but stare at the insanity that his son and his boyfriend had created when they had dragged all the decorations out. He didn't recognize all of the decorations, so he assumed that Reid had either brought all of his own decorations from the apartment that they still kept up for appearances or he had gone out and bought a bunch of new ones. Hotch caught the mile-wide grins on both Jack's and Reid's faces and guessed that it had probably been both. Normally, Penelope Garcia would be here helping decorate (and the woman did love to decorate) but both of the agents had banned her from the house since the party was for her and her fiance. So they were stuck with Derek Morgan and his girlfriend Emily Prentiss. Which was just fantastic, seeing as both of them were pretty much Christmassed out.

"I think we should put up some mistletoe. Do you think we should put up mistletoe, Hotch?"

Spence looked up at the older agent

"I think that if you do that, we'll never get any use out of Derek and Emily."

He looked meaningfully at the couple who were currently snuggled to each other on the couch, feeding each other the snacks that Spencer had made for the decorating marathon.

"Good point"

Later on that night, after everyone had left and they had Jack tucked into bed. Aaron drew the man he loved to him and kissed him in his favorite spot, the dent between his collarbone and his neck. Spence's eyes swept down to meet his.

"What was that for? Not that I'm complaining, because you know the collarbone and neck area are traditionally very erogenous zones and..."

Hotch grinned and cut off the lecture with a mind-numbing kiss. He could feel the slender man going lax in his arms and at the same time he could swear the man was heating up. Spencer's magic fingers danced their way down his chest and it was a long time before either of them spoke above a sigh or a long moan. After, when Reid's bronze head was snuggled on Hotch's chest, he asked again

"Before we got sidetracked, what was it for?"

Aaron smiled and entwined his fingers with Spencer's.

"Because sometimes I feel like I don't appreciate you enough. When I think of the light and the life that you've brought to me and to Jack, there's just nothing that I can do that can possibly show you how much I love you for it."

"That's not so. If anything, I don't deserve you two after all my mistakes from the past. But love isn't something that's earned. It just is. I learned that from Jack."

"Really? How so?"

"Because he could have made this so much harder and he didn't have to love me. My friend Ethan, you remember Ethan right?"

Hotch nodded assent thinking about the jazz musician Spencer had introduced him to when they took a quick weekend trip down to New Orleans

"Well, the guy that he's involved with has a daughter a little younger than Jack and she has just made his life miserable. She's made it very clear that she doesn't accept him or respect him. I've never had a minute of trouble from Jack. From the time we told him, he just...loved me."

The older agent smiled softly at the thought of the love that his son had for the man in his arms and vice versa

"Like father, like son."

Spencer rolled his eyes

"Oh, Aaron, before I get sidetracked again I want to tell you that I invited one more person that's not on the team."

Aaron narrowed his eyes at the slender doctor

"If you tell me Strauss, I don't care how much I love you, I will murder you and hide your body under the bed..."

Spencer swallowed a chuckle at the idea of the woman in question at their house for a social event

"God, no! I kind of invited Jack's principal as a kind of thank you for being so understanding when Jack got into that fight. I think that she has some of the same struggles we do and it would be nice for her to just be able to relax and be herself for one evening. I told her she could bring a friend too, if she wanted. She seemed very pleased and maybe a little bit excited."

Hotch just stared at him and he got all flustered

"It was presumptuous and I shouldn't have done it without talking to you. She was just so nice and she seemed discouraged and I just thought..."

Hotch covered his boyfriend's mouth with his hand and then moved to cup his cheek

"Beautiful boy, you have the sweetest heart of anyone I know. It's perfectly fine and I wish I had thought of it."

"I'm sure you would have if we hadn't had that case. Plus Dave and Penny..."

He trailed in a yawn

"No more talking for you, my heart. I love you."

"Mmm...love you too."

Aaron hooked an arm possessively around Spencer and drew him to his body. The young agent curled into him and was asleep almost instantly. Hotch kissed his lover's forehead gently and then fell asleep himself, thinking about what a wonderful Christmas it was turning out to be.

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