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*Ding, ding, ding*

"Spence! Door! Damn tie!"

"I got it and I'll deal with your tie in a second. Leave it alone or you'll have it all wrinkled"

Aaron Hotchner muttered "Too late" under his breath as he came down their stairs. Spencer Reid opened the door to reveal the guests of honor, Penelope Garcia and David Rossi. Garcia spoke in her usual bright way

"I'm so sorry. We meant to be here an hour ago, but my Italian angel just looked so damn good in his suit that we got a little…tangled up in the tinsel."

David Rossi flushed a little


Garcia giggled as Spence rolled his eyes and went over to straighten Aaron's tie. When he was finished, he used it to pull Hotch to him and place a light kiss on his lips. Hotch made an "mmm" sound and ran his fingers through Reid's hair.

"Omg! Aren't they just so…sexy!"

"Penny! SHHH!"

With a laugh, Hotch broke away and shook Dave's hand and gave Garcia a hug. The doorbell rang again and Derek Morgan and his girlfriend Emily Prentiss blew through the door

"Wow, looks amazing, guys!"

Derek said as he took it all in. Spencer laughed and said

"Yeah, no thanks to you two."

Morgan and Prentiss had the grace to pretend to look abashed, but then Garcia flung herself at Morgan

"Oh, look at you, my chocolate god of Thunder! Don't you look pretty? And Emily, how do you stand living with him and not jumping him constantly?"

Prentiss smirked

"I do, though. As often as possible."

They all laughed at the look on Morgan's face as they gravitated to the living room. The team made themselves comfortable, with Rossi in the recliner and Garcia in his lap and Morgan and Prentiss snuggled on the loveseat together. The doorbell rang again. Both Hotch and Reid shared a look and moved to the door together. On the other side were Jack's principle, Ms. Maddox and a slightly younger woman trying to not draw attention to herself. Spencer smiled welcome and ushered them in

"Ms. Maddox, thank you so much for coming! This is Jack's father, Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. Aaron, this is Jack's principle, Ms. Maddox."

"It's lovely to meet you. I want to thank you, from both Spencer and myself, for how you handled Jack's problem."

"It was nothing. I wish I could have done more. And please, call me Ann. This is my friend, Leslie Marin."

The woman nodded at both of them shyly. They took the women into the living room and introduced them both around. Hotch thoughtfully sequestered Leslie away from Garcia, knowing that their dramatic tech would scare the quiet woman to death. He nodded at Reid who was speaking softly to Ann in a corner. Aaron wondered what his young lover was telling her so earnestly.

"Ann, I want you to know that none of the people here will judge you in any way. They are aware of how much Aaron and I love each other, even if we haven't officially come out because of our jobs and because Aaron is technically my boss. We wanted you and your friend to have one night with people who understand. A night where you two can relax and be yourselves. Tonight just let it be and let it be true to yourself."

Ann teared up

"I appreciate it more than I can tell you. Leslie was afraid to come. She doesn't do very well with new people, but she came because I wanted to so badly. And now I can tell her what you said and maybe she can relax and enjoy herself."

Reid smiled gently and let her go to her woman. He found Aaron staring into the fire. Spencer wound his arms around the older agent's waist and rested his head on Aaron's shoulder. The two of them looked out at their party. Morgan was teasing Rossi and absently playing with Emily's hair, as though he couldn't bear not to touch her. Garcia was sitting on the arm of Dave's chair and chattering away to Ann and Leslie. She had succeeded in making Leslie laugh and she rested her hand on Rossi's shoulder. His hand reached up and covered hers in a show of solidarity. Ann and Leslie had their hands linked and every once in awhile, Ann would gently touch Leslie's cheek and Leslie would nuzzle her hand.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it? All of our family and our new friends. It's the best Christmas yet."

Aaron looked down at the man he loved with his whole heart

"Yes, it is because you're here with me."

They leaned towards each other and just before their lips met, they whispered in unison

"I love you."

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