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Agon stood there, watching Hiruma and Mamori, who were standing next to each other, grinning. The Devil Bats had just won their game against the Shinryuji Nagas, and their whole team was cheering and jumping for joy.

Agon was pissed. How could his team loose? He was there, after all. It must have been the other losers' fault, not his. No, of course not, because Kongo Agon never lost.

He caught Hiruma's eyes, and the demon smirked at him.

No, he never lost.

Except to Hiruma.

Agon gritted his teeth and glared at the pointy-eared quarterback. He strutted over to him, getting his attention.

"Oi, Dread Head, what the hell do you want?" Hiruma said. Mamori turned towards the unwelcomed guest, and frowned, straightening her back and squaring her shoulders. She had to be prepared for anything, because with Agon, you never knew.

Agon smirked, menacingly. "I just wanted to make a bet with you."

"Oh yeah? What's the bet?"

"If you loose, you have to quit your team."

"Kekekeke," Hiruma cackled. "And what's in it for me?" he asked, still wearing his toothy grin.

"I'll leave you and your trashy team alone."

"Keh, you already lost, Dread Head. There's not much point in agreeing to that."

"And I'll leave your loser girlfriend alone, too," Agon added, glancing at Mamori. "Even when I win," he added.

"I'm not his girlfriend," Mamori said, blushing. "And you sure as hell better leave me alone."

"Kekekeke, Manajerk, when did you learn to swear?" Hiruma teased. Mamori glared at him.

"Mou Hiruma-kun! I told you to stop calling me that!"

"Kekekeke!" Hiruma laughed. Then he looked at Agon, remembering what he said. Still grinning, he replied, "You think you can beat me?"

Agon smirked evilly. "Why don't we just find out?"

"First, tell me the rules."

"You're not allowed to move at all, excluding your face, for a full minute."

"Keh, that's all?"


"And what about you?"

Agon gritted his teeth again, keeping his grin on his face. He was getting annoyed. He didn't want to be putting up with this trash. "I can move as much as I want, as long as my feet don't move from where they are."

Hiruma looked at him, deep in thought. "I assume you aren't allowed to move me yourself?"

Agon snorted. "Heh. No."

Hiruma narrowed his eyes. He knew the violent football player wouldn't do something like this if he wouldn't get anything out of it. So what was he planning?

"Running away from a challenge, loser?" Agon taunted.

"Keh, of course not."

"Hiruma-kun, I'm not sure that's a good idea," Mamori said.

"Whatever. I accept," Hiruma said.

Agon's smirk turned into a full-blown evil grin. "Hehe, you'll regret that. We start on three. One… two… three."

And Hiruma froze. He was observing Agon, trying to find out what his plan was. He couldn't do much if he wanted to win, but he could always taunt the violent man until Agon moved his feet and lost.

Then Agon started to move one of his arms, intent on catching its target, and Hiruma's eyes widened.

"Anezaki, move!" he exclaimed, completely out of character because of concern, and said girl looked at him, surprised, before feeling an arm snake around her waist.

"Eek!" she squealed as she was pulled towards the red-haired man. She opened her eyes, which she had previously squeezed tightly shut in fear, and dared a look at the face of her captor. He was smirking wickedly at the blond haired second-year who was unable to move, lest he never play on their team again.

Then she looked at Hiruma. She knew him well, and she had a feeling he would try to do something about this situation.

"Let her go," Hiruma seethed. Out of all the people around, he just had to grab her. Hiruma was inwardly cursing himself for being so stupid. Of course, she would be his target. He had worked with Agon for months, and it's to be expected that they know each other rather well, even if they hate each other.

"Ha!" Agon laughed. "Now, why would I do that?" He pulled Mamori closer, nearly squishing the poor girl, who winced in fear. She opened one eye to look again at Agon. Then she sensed a furious aura from next to her. She looked over at Hiruma and saw the hatred in his eyes as he glared at her capturer.

"Hiruma, don't move," she said.

"Nnn…" he growled. "I know that."

"Oh?" Agon commented. "Do you?" He laughed. "Then what if I do this?" He gripped Mamori's chin, turning her face towards him as her eyes widened.

"Bastard," Hiruma muttered under his breath.

"Ohoho, really now?" Agon didn't stop grinning terrifyingly.

'Only twelve more seconds,' Hiruma thought to himself, distressed. He knew he'd have to move if Agon actually tried something.

"Heh," Agon said. "You won't last these last ten seconds." He then faced back towards Mamori.

The captive girl tried to look at Hiruma through the corner of her eyes. "Hiruma-kun, don't. Our team needs you," she got out.

Then Agon started leaning towards her, and she froze, unable to do anything but watch in terror as his face inched closer.

'Four seconds.'

Two inches away.


One inch.


Half an inch…

And he had to do something.

With only one second left, he moved his arm and aimed a punch at the Dread Head's face. Lucky for both of them, Agon dodged in time.

Apparently, at some point, the camera had been pointed at the three, and their bet had been, for the most part, on live television. The only thing the camera had missed was the part where they bet. Sadly, the camera didn't fail to record Hiruma's missing punch.

"Hey, you!" a referee yelled. "I'll warn you this time, but you do that again and your team gets disqualified!"

"Che, doesn't matter, I'm quitting anyway," Hiruma said. All the people who were watching the screen, the White Knights, Nagas, and Wild Gunmen included, gasped. The Devil Bats, who were watching the real Hiruma as he said this, had a variety of reactions, from, "Impossible!" from Taki, a shriek from Sena, a "Mukyaa!" from Monta, a "Haaa?" from the Ha-Ha Brothers, and just a plain "WHAT?" from everyone else. Although, I guess that isn't very plain when seven people yell that (Kurita, Komosubi, Musashi, Doburoku, Suzuna, Ishimaru, and Yukimitsu), combined with the six other exclamations, at the top of their lungs in the middle of a silent football stadium.

"Hahaha! I won!" Agon exclaimed. Everyone looked at him, then, hoping for him to elaborate, but there was no such luck.

Hiruma looked to the side and clenched his fists, self-loathing in his eyes.

Mamori looked at him, worried. He was surely upset about having to quit, but that wasn't the worst of it. Knowing him so well, she was well aware of how he was feeling, even if she didn't understand the feelings themselves. He probably hated himself right then, for letting his team down and not fulfilling his promise with them.

She heard him mutter, "Damn it, there was only one second left…."

"Hiruma-kun…" she said, quietly.

The pointy-eared blonde headed toward the exit, dropping his helmet next to the bench, and headed out the wide opening in the stadium, into the locker rooms to change.

Mamori, knowing he'd be the only one in the locker rooms, followed him a minute later as everyone watched her leave.


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