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Later that same day, Hiruma and Musashi walked to practice together. Arriving at the same time, they made the rest of the team suspicious. However, their suspicion was soon forgotten as they remembered that Hiruma had quit only a few days before.

"Hirumaaaaa!" Kurita yelled, running toward him with his arms held out. Hiruma grabbed Musashi's hand and pulled the two of them out of the way. Kurita was less lucky and continued running until he hit the wall. Everyone else looked on in various stages of amusement and shock.

"Hiruma-san!" Monta said. "I thought you quit!"

"Kekeke! It was all an act, Butt Monkey!" Hiruma cackled, highly amused.

"Wait, so you didn't quit?" Yukimitsu asked.

"Nope." The entire team looked at him, shocked.

Kurita, hearing this, charged at Hiruma again, crying. "Hirumaaaaaaaa!"

"Oi, Shrimp!" Hiruma yelled, dodging Kurita again.

"Y-Yes, Hiruma-san?" Sena responded fearfully.

"Where's Manajerk?" he asked.

"Ano… I think Mamori-nee-chan's out on the bench by the field."

"Thanks!" Hiruma shouted behind him as he pulled Musashi by the hand out of the room. Everyone watched on, their suspicion returning.

"Okay, so first off, he didn't quit?" Monta asked.

"Apparently not," Yukimitsu answered.

"Fugo!" Kumosubi said.

"I knew he didn't quit!" Taki sang, spinning. This brought on many cries of, "You did not!"


Everyone sweat-dropped at Taki's stupidity.

"Anyway, do you think something happened between those two?" Jumonji asked, back to the more important conversation.

"Probably," Togano answered.

"They're acting very different," Kuroki said.

"Let's find out!" Monta exclaimed. Everyone was in agreement. They all finished changing and then hurried outside to the field.

Meanwhile, Hiruma headed toward the bench where Mamori sat, Musashi in tow. "Yo, Manajerk!" he called.

Mamori stood up, surprised. "Oh, Hiruma-kun. You're here. I thought you wouldn't be back until…" she trailed off, seeing Musashi and Hiruma's linked hands. Her face then started to light up. "Did you…?" She started, facing Hiruma.

"Yeah," Hiruma said, grinning. He lifted their hands. "We're together now."

Mamori started jumping up and down happily, and Musashi blushed a bit at Hiruma's bluntness.

"Anezaki," Musashi said, causing her to settle down and listen, "Hiruma's told me about your help. Thank you. For everything." He bowed slightly.

Mamori smiled. "You don't have to be so formal, Musashi-kun. I was happy to help. And I'm so happy for you guys!" she exclaimed. Hiruma and Musashi both smiled back.

"Oi!" Monta yelled from behind them. They turned around to face him, briefly letting go of each other's hands before reconnecting again. "So you guys are dating now?"

"We are," Musashi said, smiling.

"That was quick," Yukimitsu said.

"Yeah, we just found out about this yesterday," Jumonji said.

"I knew all along!" Taki shouted.

"You did not!" All of the first years yelled at him.

"Ne, Hiruma! Musashi! Why didn't you guys tell me about this?" Kurita whined, tearing up.

The two sweat-dropped. "We didn't tell each other, either, Kurita," Musashi said, trying to console him.

"Keh, damn Fatty," Hiruma added, grinning.

Then, out of nowhere, Suzuna appeared on her roller blades, rushing at full speed toward the new couple.

"You-nii, Musashan! Congratulations!" she said, coming to a stop right in front of them.

"Kekeke," Hiruma laughed.

"Thanks, Suzuna-chan," Musashi said. "It's actually partially because of you that we're together. Hiruma only found out because you told everyone."

Suzuna beamed. "Really? Yay! Glad I could help!" She spun around on her roller skates, excited.

"You look like your brother! Kekeke!" Hiruma laughed.

Suzuna suddenly stopped and glared at him. "Oh yeah? Well, you look like a freakish yellow porcupine!" she yelled, sticking out her tongue.

"Keh, nice try, Shrimp!" Hiruma replied, smirking.

"Oh, Hiruma," Mamori sang, "You two haven't changed yet!"

Hiruma paused, then sighed. "Fine, let's go, Old Man," he said, pulling Musashi with him.

"Don't do anything perverted!" Mamori yelled behind them. "We don't have time for that!"

Hiruma and Musashi both blushed furiously. The Devil turned around and yelled, "SHUT UP, DAMN MANAJERK!" then stormed off, a red faced Musashi following him.

Back near the field, every one of the Devil Bats, along with Suzuna, started at Mamori in awe. The manager was laughing her head off, and none of them had ever seen her act like that. She finally calmed down a bit, wiping tears from her eyes, and saw the looks on their faces.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"Um…" Sena started, a bit speechless.

"You… just…" Monta attempted.

"We've never…" Jumonji tried.

"Mamo-nee!" Suzuna exclaimed, ignoring everyone else's failures. "You're acting so different! I've never heard you say something like that!"

"Me neither, Mamori-nee-chan," Sena added, able to speak again.

"Oh… hmm… I suppose not," Mamori said, sweat-dropping. "I guess I only act like that around Hiruma…."

Suzuna looked at her quizzically. "Are you sure you're over him?"

Mamori smiled. "Positive. We're just really good friends now."

"How can you be really good friends with Hiruma-san?" Kuroki asked.

"It's called blackmail," Mamori said, grinning evilly.


"What has he done to her?" Monta yelled. "My wonderful Mamori-san has turned evil!"

Mamori giggled. "Relax, Monta-kun. I was joking."

More silence.


"Anyway, you guys, we should start practice," the redhead said, turning to face the field.

"But Hiruma-san isn't here yet," Sena commented.

"I know, but knowing him, it might take a while." Everyone looked at her, confused. "It's not important. Just stay away from the locker room before they come back," Mamori added.


"…Oh," the Ha-Ha brothers said, blushing. Everyone else was still confused. Then Suzuna started grinning.

"Well, I don't know," the blunettte started. "I think we should go check on them."

Seeing the look on her face, the rest of the team seemed to catch on.

"N-no, Suzuna-chan! We have to stay away!" Sena exclaimed, nervous and embarrassed.

Suzuna laughed. "Don't worry, just joking!"

Mamori smiled. "Okay, now, practice time, everyone!"

"Okay!" the entire team yelled as they ran onto the field, ready for a hard day's work.


Meanwhile, Musashi and Hiruma were in the locker room. They were in the middle of changing—both had their football pants on, and neither had put a shirt on yet. Just then, Hiruma turned around.

"Hey, Old Man."

Musashi looked behind him. "What?"

Before he knew what was happening, Hiruma had him pinned to the wall. He pressed close to the brunette, his arms on either side of him.

"H-Hiruma!" Musashi stuttered, surprised. Then Hiruma leaned his head down and proceeded to suck on Musashi's neck.

"Aah…" Musashi moaned. "H-Hiruma… we have… practice…" he trailed off.

Hiruma grinned and looked up. "Manajerk knows we'll be here a while. She mentioned it, so it has to happen." Musashi blushed. "You know, you look adorable when you blush like that." This only made his face redder.

As Hiruma went back to his previous actions, Musashi spoke breathily, "D-don't… you'll leave… a mark…."

"That's the point," Hiruma replied, grinning manically.

"Aah…. Fine… then…" Musashi got out. Then, suddenly, he flipped them, and their positions were switched. Hiruma was now being pressed against the lockers as Musashi stood over him, their hands entwined against the cold surface. "Then you get one, too." Hiruma's eyes widened as Musashi leaned down and licked at his neck. He then started biting and sucking at the soft skin, and Hiruma moaned quietly.

"O-Old Man…" he said panting.

"What was that?" Musashi asked, smirking.

Hiruma shut his eyes. "Aah… Gen…" he whispered.

Musashi backed up and looked into the blonde's eyes. "Say it again."

Hiruma gazed back at him, smirking slightly. "Gen."

Hearing his love call him by name drove him mad. Musashi leaned forward and captured Hiruma's lips in a deep kiss, causing them both to moan. Hiruma lightly bit Musashi's bottom lip, and Musashi opened his mouth. Their tongues started to dance in a heated battle, with neither side winning. After a minute, Musashi had to pull back for air.

They were both panting heavily, and they could feel each other's heart beats through their skin.

Hiruma gazed up at Musashi and said, "I think we'd better go now."

"Yeah…." Musashi looked deep into Hiruma's eyes.

"But more importantly…" he trailed off. Musashi looked at him questioningly. After a moment, Hiruma whispered, "Gen?"

"Yeah?" Musashi replied, still breathing heavily.

"I love you."

Musashi looked down at Hiruma's blushing face and his body filled with warmth. He had never felt so happy in his entire life. He smiled, overjoyed. "I love you too, Youichi."

He watched Hiruma's face light up, and his smile was returned.


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