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The White haired Prussian stood before the Allies. His brother was at the defendants table, guarded by two American soldiers.

"Free state of Prussia, you stand before us today, charged with numerous counts of murder, accessory to murder, and disrupting the peace of National affairs, how do you plea?" Arthur asked.

"Nicht Schuldig." The Prussian smirked, knowing that they wouldn't understand him.

"So we can understand you Monsieur Beilschmidt." The Frenchman said.

"Apologies," the Prussian smirked, "I said, "Not Guilty"."

"Ludwig, you are charged with the same as Gilbert, How do you plea?" Britain asked.


"Nein bruder! You had no choice, your boss-"

"ORDER!" Arthur interrupted, banging his gavel down.

"Gilbert, your brother's boss is dead, da?" The Russian asked. "Someone has to take the punishment, da?"


"That's enough!" England yelled. "Guards, take them to their cells, you will receive your sentences tonight at eight. Court is dismissed!"

The German and the Prussian were escorted to their cells promptly.

Hours of silence passed before Germany spoke.



"Prussia please"


"I'm sorry"

"For what?" Prussia asked

"If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be in this mess."

" Germany! I have a mind of my own, I could have refused, but I didn't, this is mein fault too..." The albino said. Just then, the doors to the jail cells opened with a loud and painful squeak and four guards walked in, two were Russian, and two were American.

"You should oil those door hinges." Prussia mocked

"Lets go, Nazi's," An American said as he grabbed Ludwig from his cell. The Russian's grabbed Gilbert and lead the two to the court room.

"Germany, as punishment for your crimes, you will be temporarily dissolved and governed by four of the allies." England said. Germany had stayed silent.

"Nein! Why punish him so severely? He was just-"

"Prussia!" Germany bellowed. England cleared his throat then looked at Prussia.

"Free state of Prussia, as punishment for your crimes, you will be permanently dissolved from the map. Your land will be separated into their respective places, the majority of it going to Russia." England stated, "All of our decisions were voted on and unanimously decided."

Prussia scanned their faces, America's seemed different.

"Alfred?" Prussia mumbled, "You want to say something, I can see it in your face..."

England glared at Prussia before America spoke.

"Its just, I think its wrong to completely dissolve an entire country," Alfred said as he twiddled his thumbs.

"America? Why risk another World war?" Russia stated boldly. "You don't want more to die, da?" America shook his head.

"Then this is the only way..." Russia said. America went silent, he looked away from Prussia.

"When?" was the first thing Germany said.

"When what?"

"When does Prussia get dissolved? When does he go with Russia?" Germany said, obviously upset.

"After court is adjourned, is there any other question's you want to use to prolong this?" England asked, rather annoyed.

"No," Germany said.

"Good," England picked up his gavel, "Court is adjourned." Russia stood as soon as the gavel came down.

"You'll like my house Gilbert." He smiled as he walked over to the Prussian and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll be happy to have Silesia back," Austria said, glaring at Prussia. The former country responded by sticking his tongue out at the noble. Russia pushed the Prussian ahead of him.

"Time to go now." Russia said. Prussia glared at him then looked back at Germany, his head was down.

"Bruder!" He called out, struggling against the Russian, "Nein Russia, Bitte, let me say good-bye!" Prussia begged.

"Nyet, time to go," The bigger nation pulled Prussia harder.

"Arschloch!" Prussia screamed, which caused the Russian to slap him hard, hard enough for him to hit the ground. America and Germany gasped.

"Russia, Dude, not cool!" Alfred scolded.

"Alfred, I don't think you have the right to tell me what to do with him, He is mine after all." Russia smiled at the American. The young nation sank back in his chair. Ivan picked up Gilbert and put him on his feet. "Walk, now." The frightening country ordered. Prussia glared, about to argue.

"Bruder," Germany called before being escorted himself, "just go, I'll come back for you, okay?" Prussia simply nodded then hung his head and walked.

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Translations, (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

Nicht Schuldig - Not Guilty

Arschloch - Asshole

Bruder - Brother

Nein - no

Da - Yes

Nyet - No