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The sleigh ride was quiet, instead of taking the shorter way on the more traveled roads, they went through the snow-covered woods. Snow was gently falling around them, the trees were all white with snow, making the once gnarled branches look like thin white ridged tendrils. Gilbert and Ivan were under the blanket, Prussia actually smiled; He was warm and cozy beside the Russian. He glanced over to him and chuckled. This was the first time since he let him go to the meeting that he saw him smile.

"You should smile more often," Russia said softly, though he knew it was hard to smile around him because the Russian was so violent. He sighed softly then put an arm around Prussia's shoulder. This caused Gilbert to tense up a little, he then relaxed and sighed. Eventually they made it into town and left the sleigh and horse in the proper area. They walked to the little café and sat down at a table. A waitress came up and asked for their orders in Russian. Gilbert looked a little confused, but Russia ordered for him then thanked the waitress. They waited in silent before the woman came back with two mugs full of thick hot chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Russia thanked her again and took a sip of his. Prussia did the same and ended up getting some of the white cream on his nose. Ivan chuckled and grabbed a napkin, wiping his nose off.

"Thanks..." Gilbert smiled at him. They drank their hot cocoa and idly talked. It was nice, being with the Russian like this. It was like this was a completely different Ivan, one completely opposite of the one he encountered time after time in the basement. It was just like they were friends again, like they were far back in the past. Once they finished their cocoa and Ivan paid the bill, the left and headed back towards the sleigh. By the time they made it to the woods, it was getting dark, the snow was still falling in the woods and the temperature dropped significantly. Prussia shivered and sighed, Russia frowned and wrapped the blanket around him more. He leaned against him and closed his eyes, falling asleep. Russia smiled and eventually they reached the house. He had Latvia take care of the sleigh as he brought Prussia in. He brought him to the bed and changed him into some dryer sleeping clothing. He covered the smaller man in the large plush blankets then changed himself into his sleep-wear. He got under the blankets beside Gilbert and pulled the smaller nation into his chest. Gilbert squirmed a little but then sighed.

"Hmmh Russia?" He tensed a little once he realized the other was behind him. It made him a little uneasy.

"Shhh..." Russia whispered softly and breathed against his neck. Prussia's body went even more rigid. Russia chuckled and ran a finger down Prussia's side. The smaller's body shivered and he moved closer to Russia instinctively. Ivan chuckled and kissed the back of Gilbert's neck gently. This caused Prussia to squirm more.

"R-russia, what are you doing?" Prussia had a feeling he knew, but he didn't want to believe it. He knew that if he struggled against Russia, it would just be bad for him in the end. He felt trapped in a never-ending cycle. While Prussia's mind was reeling as to how he could get away from this situation, Russia's hand was slipping up Prussia's shirt and to his stomach, his fingers skipped over the wounds. This caused Prussia to yelp a little. "C-Cold hands..." He shivered. Russia chuckled and apologized then kept rubbing his skin, savoring the feeling. Prussia tried to move away from him, to see what would happen. Russia frowned and roughly pulled him closer, their bodies flush against each other. Prussia figured that would happen, so he just laid there, letting the other touch and ravage his body as he pleased. It wasn't until the Russian's hand slipped lower, to the hem of his pants, that the Prussian started to panic a little.

"R-Russia..." He said and shook his head in protest. Russia gripped his hip tightly, causing the other to wince. "Ow..."

"Enough." He said menacingly. The tone in Russia's voice made Gilbert uneasy. He blinked then sighed softly.

"Alright..." He said and nodded before relaxing against the Russian's touch. Russia pushed him to his back and hovered over him before leaning down and kissing him tenderly. He wanted to show Gilbert that he wasn't all bad, that if he just had the chance, he could be sweet. He moved a hand to graze the Prussian's cheek.

"Spasibo..." Russia said and kissed him again, slipping his hands up his shirt and gently running his fingers over the tender flesh. Prussia let out a little moan at this, it felt so good. He sighed and arched a little before kissing Russia's neck. He pushed his tongue against Ivan's lips which caused the Russian to open his mouth for Gilbert. The Prussian's tongue explored the others mouth in earnest. He savored the taste. Their bodies heated up as they moved against each other. Eventually their clothes were off, discarded on the floor, and the Prussian was already being prepared, turned into a moaning mess. Russia's face felt flushed, the sight before him was beautiful. He kissed him and removed his fingers from him. "Are you ready?" He questioned. He knew it would hurt, at first, but the other would get used to it. Gilbert nodded slowly and waited for the other to enter him. After much shuffling, Ivan was ready to enter the man below him. He slowly pushed into him, the lower man shut his eyes tightly and clawed at his back.

"H-hurts..." Gilbert muttered and squirmed a little, trying to accommodate to the foreign object inside of him. It felt like he would be ripped in two, he was so full. While the Russian let him adjust, he was busy kissing and licking at the others neck. "Mmh, move..." Gilbert muttered. The Russian did as he was told and slowly began pushing deeper within him. Gilbert moaned and gripped his shoulders, moaning out. Ivan smiled and move his hips at a faster rate. Their bodies moved against each other, perfectly in sync. The Russian continued thrusting, eventually hitting his prostate. The Prussian nearly screamed out in pleasure, that sent him over the edge. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over his body as his orgasm hit. The Russian grunted as the other tightened around him, drawing out his own orgasm. Ivan pulled out slowly as soon as he finished and rolled off to the side of Gilbert. Gilbert stood awkwardly and went to the bathroom to clean himself up then returned to the bed. He laid in the Russian's arms.

"YA tebya lyublyu." The Russian said, nuzzling into his neck.

"Y-yeah..." Gilbert said, not knowing how to react to that properly. Russia frowned at this but said nothing. They both ended up falling asleep.

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