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Things had gone smoothly for the next 44 years. Prussia was allowed to sit in on meetings, but only sit, once a month and continued to write to his brother,

Gilbert and Ivan's relationship developed and Gilbert grew to love Ivan. Of course there were times when Ivan would snap and throw Gilbert into the basement but he didn't hold it against him, because he knew when Ivan came to his senses , everything would be better and they would lay in bed together while Ivan would whisper sweet nothings to him in Russian.

October began and Prussia's health declined, He started to become more fatigued, down right lethargic. In the middle of October was the first time he threw up blood and as they days went on, it became routine. By the end of the month, Prussia was bedridden. Russia stayed by his side constantly, only leaving for meetings, food and the bathroom. Prussia insisted that he go on with his life, he knew that he didn't have much time anyway. His condition continued to worsen and on November 18, 1989, Prussia died. Ivan had the wall that separated two brother's, was torn away.

A year had passed, Russia's house was quite, so quiet that he could hardly bear it. He threw his coat on and began to trudge through the pure white snow. He made this trip every day but, every night the snow would fall and cover his tracks. He made it to his destination. A large sunflower swayed gently in the cold breeze and soft flakes fell around. He knelt down before the flower and dug around until he felt what he was looking for. He brushed the powder off of a white stone with an iron cross on it. The word "Prussia" was engraved on it.

"The only flower that grows here, is the one over your grave. A sun in the gloom, just as you were..."

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