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Russia smiled and opened the door to his house, pushing Gilbert in.

"You like it here, think of it like a vacation," Ivan smiled.

"Not exactly my idea of a vacation..." Gilbert mumbled, causing the Russian to frown.

"For now, you will stay in my room until Lithuania can make up your room." Ivan stated. Prussia removed his coat and frowned.

"I'd rather sleep outside..." Prussia glared. Russia Grabbed him by the back of the neck then pushed him to the door. He opened it then smiled.

"Fine, Good night." Russia pushed him in the show.

"R-russia wait! Nein!" he gasped as he hit the snow. "It's cold..." He began to shiver. He banged on the door and shivered violently. He slumped down and wrapped his arms around himself. "Russland, bitte..." He closed his eyes. The door opened and he was picked up by a pair of warm arms. Russia brought him into the house and up the steps. Prussia shivered in his arms and moved closer for warmth.

"That was s-so not awesome..." he groaned. Russia chuckled.

"You'll be fine." He stated as he laid him on his bed. "Its been a long day Prussia, you should rest, tomorrow, we break you, da?"

"What?" Prussia looked at the Russian quickly. "Break me?" Russia simply nodded and smiled.

"Da, now sleep." Russia said. Prussia glared and shook more before Russia brought the blankets around him. Prussia felt weariness wash over him. He soon was fast asleep.

Prussia woke up a few hours later he groaned and sat up, looking around.

"Morning." Russia smiled

"S-shut up." he groaned, it was clear that Prussia was not a morning person, Russia made a note of this.

"You should be nicer to me, I could have let you freeze out there," Russia smiled.

"What time is it?" Prussia asked.

"10:34 in the morning." Ivan answered. "Time for breakfast da?" Russia uncovered the Prussian then scooped him up.

"I can walk!" Prussia struggled. Russia set him back down.

"Okay," Russia smiled then lead the Prussian down the stairs to the kitchen. "what do you want to eat?" Russia asked as he motioned for Prussia to sit at the counter.

"I'm not hungry."

"You should eat, there won't be another chance for you to eat like this for a while." Russia smiled.

"I'm not hungry." The Prussian repeated.

"Then we begin, da?" Russia picked him up and carried him to the basement.

"Nein Put me down!" Prussia screamed and thrashed. Russia smiled then dropped him down the steps. Prussia tumbled down the steps then groaned when he hit the bottom. He held his dislocated left shoulder then moaned in pain.

"Your so fragile, Gilbert." Russia giggled then pulled on Gilbert's shoulder, popping it back into place. Prussia screamed as the loud pop rang out.

"Arschloch!" He screamed other German profanities at the Russian.

"That's not nice Prussia..." The Russian smiled as he pulled his faucet pipe from his jacket then placed the end on Prussia's chin.

"G-go away!" he frowned and scooted away from him.

"Now now Gilbert, don't make me have to tie you up," Russia smiled sweetly.

"Nein, bitte..." He frowned then tried to move away again. Russia hit him in the shoulder hard.

"Ah!" Prussia groaned and held his shoulder, trying to crawl away. Russia tsked then grabbed Prussia and began to beat him until the Prussian was out cold.\

Prussia awoke hours later, bruised and in pain. He was tied in strappado fashion except without a weight tied to his ankles. He groaned and looked up, there looked to be a metal medical table with an assortment of objects on it.

"We have fun now da?" Russia's voice floated out of a dark corner of the room. He moved into the light then picked up a tool that looked like an ice cream scoop.

"What is that?" Prussia asked with fear.

"Eye scoop"

"What?" Prussia began to panic and thrash, which caused his shoulders, especially his left shoulder. The Russian appproached him with the tool then held his right eye open.

"Austria will enjoy getting Silesia back," Russia smiled as he used the eye scoop to remove the whole eye cleanly. Prussia screamed and thrashed as his now missing eye bled.

"So messy..." Russia giggled then licked up the blood from his cheek, he dipped his tongue into the hole where Prussia's eye used to be.

"Aha, it hurts." Prussia groaned.

"Latvia!" Russia called, within seconds the boy stood trembling before Russia.

"Y-yes Mister Russia?" Latvia bowed.

"Take Prussia's eye, preserve it, then make sure it is delivered to Austria." Russia smiled then handed the eye to Latvia. The boy paled then shook as he held the optic organ.

"Y-yes Mister Russia..." He bowed again before walking upstairs with the eye. Prussia gasped then closed his remaining eye.

"Ngh..." Prussia panted in pain.

"Oh, Prussia, I almost forgot you were here..." Russia giggled. He approached him then smiled. "I'll bandage your eye so it doesn't get infected." He went behidn Prussia then lifted him off the hook he hung from, letting him drop to the ground.

"Ich hasse dich..." Prussia growled.

"Hm.." was the Russian's only response. He went and retrieved a first aid kit. It resembled a military field kit. He removed some gauze then cut it so it would fit Prussia's eye. "Hold still," He stated then placed the gauze over Prussia's eye then used dressing to hold it in place. "There, all better." Russia smiled. Prussia's eyes were blank.

"You broken already? No fun." He smiled sadly.

"S-shut up, You will never break me." Prussia glared.

"We will see Prussia," The Russian chuckled before leaving.

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Translations (correct me if I'm wrong):

Ich hasse dich - I hate you