Move Along

Book 3 in the Rejected Youth Series

Recap- Draco has fallen for Ginny. Hermione, who discovered this, blackmailed him until he ended up admitting his feelings. During the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Draco and Ginny had a bit of a tift. Draco, determined to prove he wasn't who she thought he was, crashed the final leg of the tournament, intending to keep Harry and Cedric from the Cup. He managed to save Cedric but he and Harry got pulled through the portkey. Draco had to face his father who tried to kill him. Draco and Harry managed to get out of there, but not before Voldemort was reborn. Draco was cursed but Ginny managed to remove the curse. Draco, Ginny and Cedric were entrusted to Sirius Black for the summer to keep them safe. Sirius trained the three in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Lucius however, tricked Draco out of the safe house and tried to kill him. Before he could, Ginny showed up to help Draco. Just when things were looking bleak for both of them, Narcissa and Sirius showed up. Sirius sent Draco and Ginny back to the safe house and sent Narcissa to Bellatrix. Bella was furious that Narcissa was hurt, especially as she had trusted Lucius to take care of her. She more or less declares war on Lucius.

The summer faded away and we rejoin the characters a few weeks later, at the start of school...

Chapter One

Go Ahead As You Waste Your Days With Thinking

"Well, I think I'm going to throw up now," Ron announced, taking a seat in the compartment. He scowled at Draco who was sitting a bit too close to Ginny for his liking, but then 'too close' in Ron-World meant that the pair were still on the same train.

"What's wrong, mate?" Harry asked, not looking up from the book he was reading. He'd apparently forgotten to finish his summer reading and was frantically catching up. Hermione, who'd finished her reading within hours of the end of fourth year, was glancing over occasionally and giving him helpful little hints. Cedric, beside her, just seemed thrilled with life in general.

"I just saw Pansy and Neville sucking face," he said solemnly.

"Ouch," Draco said.

"There are just some things you can never unsee," Hermione put in helpfully.

"Indeed," Ron intoned.

"So what do we do now?" Ginny asked.

"We wait until we're old enough and join the Order," Ron said then went pale.

"What's the Order?" Ginny, Draco and Cedric all asked at once.

"You're really put your foot in it," Harry pointed out from behind his book.

"Oh, stuff it," Ron grumbled.

"We- Ron, mind filling us in?" Draco asked.

Ron looked at Hermione and Harry for guidance. Harry remained engrossed in his book and Hermione shrugged. "You might as well tell them. I think they're done enough in the past couple of months to warrant at least a little bit of trust."

"Yeah, since that wanker spent the whole summer stealing time from my godfather," Harry said. He and Draco still didn't get on which was hardly surprising but there was a decided lack of malice to his tone.

"Potter, you can't imagine how it grieves me to steal away one of your father figures but I did have a good reason," Draco drawled.

"Have you managed to kill your father figure yet?" Harry asked.

"Working on it," Draco said.

"I don't think we should discuss the Order here," Ron said.

"I agree with We-Ron," Draco said.

"I still don't like you," Ron said.

"Noted," Draco replied and slung his arm around Ginny who just rolled her eyes.

"So, who's to be our new DADA teacher?" Cedric said in an obvious attempt to cut through the tension between Ron and Draco.

"I heard it was some woman named Umbridge," Harry said.

"Oh fuck me," Draco groaned.

"What?" Harry said, looking somewhat amused.

"Umbridge is a Voldemort supporter."

"That can't be," Ron said. "Dumbledore would never hire a supporter of You-Know-Who."

"We're all adults here, Red, we can say his name," Draco snapped.

"Just because I'm not a former Death Eater-"

"I was never a Death Eater!"

"Boys!" Ginny snapped and both fell instantly silent. Ron had a very nice grasp of Ginny's anger and Draco was becoming familiar with the finer aspects of her temper. "Draco, I know you know a lot about this sort of thing, but is there anyway you could be mistaken? I mean, Dumbledore wouldn't do that."

"Umbridge has never been proved," Draco sighed. "She doesn't have the mark, as far as I know and she put on a good show the last time. I'm not saying she isn't good, but she certainly veers away from it when she can. Just keep an eye on her, Potter."

"Me? Why me?"

"Because she's going to do everything she can to discredit you."

"About what? The Voldemort thing?"


"But why bother? You were there and Cedric and Ginny were there this summer."

"Cedric and Ginny were in the presence of a known fugitive when we faced Lucius. No offense, but that hardly makes them look good."

"But what about you?" Harry demanded.

"Potter, I'm on your side, this once but think how that's going to look to anyone in charge? The son of the Death Eater suddenly takes your side? Not only that, but I'm dating a Weasley. There's no way I'm going to be taken seriously."

"Then what do we do?" Hermione asked after a brief silence.

"We keep trying," Draco said firmly.

"What about the boy who cried dragon?" Ginny asked tiredly. "Just because you keep telling them the truth, doesn't mean they're going to believe it. And the more you say it, the less inclined they will be to believe it."

"You're forgetting your history, my pet," Draco said with a vicious looking smile. "The bigger the lie, the more people believe it. And I've got quite a whopper planned."

(A/N: Tada! I completely forgot about this story then I was oh, I have to update that. So here you go, written in forty minutes at my work computer. Anyway, as you can see, the story is going to follow HP&tOotP at least a little bit. Harry and co were our with the Order for parts of the summer at least and like Draco said, almost no-one believes that Voldie-kins is back. I'm going to stay away from a lot of the story parts, just because you already know them and if you don't, go watch the movie and you'll get the idea. Hope you like it so far!