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As cold as the stone wall before me.

Its gray roughness against my fingers was torture.

He was there!

Mein Bruder...

Right on the other side of this... Gott verlassen wand

It was as though the wall was mocking me, with each hit of my fist, it only chipped a little.

My fists were bloodied, and it only got worse with each hit.

A hand on my shoulder, large, cold, stopped me.

"Pochemu vy eto delaete dlya sebya, da?"

That voice.

That accent.

It haunted me.

A scarf was wrapped around my neck, causing my alertness to go up exponentially.

My heart raced. This Crazy Bastard Was Trying To Kill Me!

My hands reached up as I turned to glare at him.

"You seem cold." That childish smile.

Don't let it fool you.

He is evil.

Many a scar has been placed on me because of this man.

"Mir Geht es gut."

"Your shivering,"

He was right, damn him!

"Lets go, I take care of your hands da?"

His arm wrapped around my shoulder.

I had used all of my strength on this Gott verdammt wand!

The Russian pulled me away from the concrete monstrosity.

My head turned to the bloodied, chipped wall.

One day, mein Bruder, eines Tages.

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Translations (Thank you to "Shizuka" for the corrections!):

Gott Verlassen wand - God forsaken wall

Pochemu vy eto delaete dlya sebya, da? - Why do you do this to yourself, huh?

Mir Geht es gut - I'm fine.

Gott verdammt wand - God damned wall

einen Tages - one day