A/N: Sort of a sad drabble. Taken off of Deviant Art. I started this and then realized, "Holy crap, this is like the song "Brother my Brother" by Brian Adams. Crap!" but... it works. I think... OTL. Review?

Disclaimer time: Alfred F. Jones (America) and Arthur Kirkland (England) belong to Hidekaz-sama. I am in no way making a profit from this story, nor do I intend to.

Brother dear Brother,

I can't wait to depart!

A new world! So Exciting!

I wonder what's in store!

Brother dear Brother

Please don't leave me

It's so big here

and I am so small.

Brother dear brother

Look dude! See how I've grown?

I'm big now, I'm strong now.

Look how far I got on my own.

Brother dear Brother,

Why are we fighting?

You've already lost this war,

Tell me brother... What exactly is in store?

Brother dear Brother

What's happened to you?

You used to be so big,

You used to be so great...