Summary (Extended)

So Clove moves to NYC with her filthy rich, lawyer parents who have opened up a firm in the heart of the city. She is attending NYC Academy (known as NYCA) with her annoying and self-centered cousin, Katniss. She is scared because Katniss has told her that she probably will not fit in due to the extreme cliqueness of the school. Katniss is best friends with Annie Cresta who has a major crush on the popular jock Finnick. Katniss and Annie are popular but not as popular as the jocks or their friends. Clove has medium brown hair that is pretty long and naturally wavy. She has green eyes with gold and brown flecks in them. She is tall but skinny for her age and is very pretty.

Start of Chapter 1

BEEP BEEP. My alarm clock blares its annoying beeping sounds until I slam into the snooze button with my hand. I groggily get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower. The hot water relaxes my muscles and nerves. I dry and straighten my hair putting it into this half up-do. Walking over to my huge closet, I wonder what to where. My iPhone4S starts playing my ringtone.

Katniss- HEY CLOVER! Do u wanna a ride with me and annie 2 school 2day? Wht r u wearin 2day?

Ugh she is using that annoying nickname.

Me- IDK, what do people wear on the first day? And I am driving my car, but thanks for offering

Katniss- Well a little bit fancy So a dress

Me- kk wht r u wearin?

Katniss- wait and see

Me- Wtf?

Katniss- Later biach

Oh great, she always says that. Heading over to my wardrobe I text my bestfriend from home.

Me- Hey Ali


Me- Ok, getting ready 4 my 1st day school

Allison- Well I gtg but ttyl got 2 go to school

Me- Bye

When I get into my closet I look around at my clothes. Hmmmmm, this is perfect.

Cloves Outfit- cgi/set?id=51005436

(And I know the hair is blonde in the photo but pretend it is brown)

I go downstairs and there is a note.


We headed to work early to get ahead on work. We are having dinner tonight with a fellow lawyer who is combining his firm with ours. Here is the address 236 Maple Oak Rd. NYC, NY. It is near us. Be there at 6 pm sharp. Wear a nice dress.


My mother is "Cristine" to me, not mom or even mother. We never have had a great relationship, same with my dad, mostly because they are never around.

Seeing as though there is no breakfast or cereal around, I decide that I will skip breakfast. I grab my bag and head to my car. (Is a Mercedes convertible in a dark grey color) I hop into my Mercedes-Benz SLK-300 and drive the 15 minute commute to my school. NYCA is a huge school with many rich parent contributors. Pretty much all the rich kids go there unless you are on a scholarship. I am rich, but I do not like to brag about it. I mean I worked like a dog to buy my car because I wanted to earn it, even though my parents were happy to buy it for me. I drive and park next to two Range Rovers and head inside to the main office. People stare as I go into the school, I guess new kids are something to gossip about. The lady in the front office points me to my locker and gives me my schedule. As I am leaving the office I spot a really hot, blond boy talking to his other hot friend. I walk to my locker and hear whispers.

"CLOVE!" I hear Katniss scream. Oh great. I can feel this will be a long day.