Pairing : Faberry and Brittana

Summary: Equipped with a camera, best friends Quinn and Santana walk the streets of Miami looking for some fun and a little bit of action. G!P Quinn and Santana. Warning: Smut Smut and more Smut.

I sadly own nothing.

Chapter 1

"Hey what up yall. Santana Lopez here. And I am in the beautiful streets of Miami." Santana says into the camera. She moves the camera around to take in the sights of the street "And I'm here with my home girl Quinn Fabray. Say what up to the people at home, Q." Santana turns the camera to the shy looking blonde.

"Hey." Quinn gives a shy wave.

"Oh Come on Q. You can do better than that. Now say what up to the peeps."

"What up, Peeps." Quinn said with a little more enthusiasm.

"Yea, that's it. So how you been?" Santana asks

"Um I've been cool." Quinn replies

"Cool? That's it?"

"Yeah." Quinn nods.

"Well that's cool. So brings you here to Miami?"

"Um spring break. Thought I'd come down here. Check out the scene. Maybe go to a few amusement parks." Quinn ends with a joke.

"Amusement parks? God Q, you are such a dork." Santana teases. "It's hot here it's it?"

"Yeah it's pretty hot." Quinn replies

"So you been hitting the scene? Gone to any clubs?"

"Uh nah not yet." Quinn says.

"So you haven't hooked up with anybody since you been down?"

"Nah." Quinn shook her head.

"Well I guess this is your lucky day." Santana says. "Hey Q you mind telling the people why we're out here?"

"To get some pussy." Quinn says with a shy smile.

"Get some pussy! Woo!" Santana says excited, making Quinn chuckle. "So how you feeling? Feeling a little horny?"

"Ah a little." Quinn gives a shy laugh.

"A little. Nice. So what you looking for?"

"Ah girl." Quinn jokes.

"I know girl Smartass. I mean any girl in particular. What's your type?"

"Ah I don't know…petite, maybe brunette, and short." Quinn says.

"Petite, brunette, short. Alright let's see what we got around here." Santana says as she and Quinn begin walking. "Damn it's really hot out here. Down right disrespectful out in this bitch."

"Yeah it is."

"Well maybe if we're lucky we'll see some girls in only their underwear, just walking around." Santana jokes.

"Maybe." Quinn laughs.

They continue to walk down the street. Then Santana spots a cute brunette across the street opposite from them.

"Yo Q, check out that girl over there. She's pretty cute." Santana points to the girl.

And cute she was. The girl looked to be short. She had beautiful, long, curly flowing brunette hair. She was wearing a pair of black jean short shorts, a white tank top, a pair of black flip flops, and a pair of sunglasses covering her eyes.

"You wanna check her out?" Santana asks.

"Yeah. Let's go." Quinn says.

She and Santana walk across the street after looking for any cars passing by.

"Hey maybe we can ask her if there's any sweet clubs around." Santana jokes.

"Yeah, that's definitely what we'll ask her." Quinn jokes along.

As they get closer to the girl, Santana calls out to her.

"Miss, excuse me, miss."

The girl stops and turns to the person calling her.

"Yes?" the girl asks removing her sunglasses, showing off her beautiful chestnut eyes.

"Hey, sorry. I don't mean to disturb you, but can you help us out?" Santana asks as she and Quinn get to the woman. "My friend and I are a little lost."

"Okay." The girl says giving them her full attention.

"My friend and I are looking for Miami Beach. See we're not from here, just visiting. We know it's around here somewhere, we just don't know where. Can you help us out? Are you from here?"

"No, I'm sorry." the woman shakes her head.

"No you can't help us or no you're not from here?" Santana half jokes half serious.

The girl gives a shy laugh. "No I'm not from around here."

"Oh you're not from around here. So you're just visiting too?" Santana asks.


"Taking a little vacae out to Miami?"


"That's cool. We're here on vacation to. So you enjoying yourself so far?"

"Uh yeah it's really nice out here." the girl replies.

"Nice, yeah. It's hot to."

"Yeah it's a bit hot." the girl says with a nervous smile.

"So you got a name?" Santana asks.

"Rachel" the girl says.

"Rachel. That's a cute name." Santana says.

"Thank you." Rachel smiles.

"Well Rachel, my name is Santana and this goof ball over here is Quinn." Santana points to Quinn.

"Nice to meet you." Quinn holds out her hand.

"You too." Rachel shakes the offered hand.

"So Rachel if you're not from here, then where are you from, if you don't mind me asking." Santana says.

"Well originally I'm from Ohio, but I recently moved to New York to pursue my dream." Rachel tells her.

"New York that's awesome. Well Quinn and I are from Jersey. They're pretty close. Maybe we'll bump into each other again sometime." Santana said.


"So what brought you down here…from New York?" Santana asks

"Ah I guess I just wanted a change of scenery." Rachel says

"Oh that's cool. So have you been to any clubs around here?"

"Ah a few."

"Okay that's cool."

"Um I'm sorry…" Rachel gives a shy chuckle.

"What's up?"

"What's that camera for? If you don't mind me asking." Rachel asks.

"Nah it's okay. We're uh we use it to film some cool videos for back home. You know to relive the fun moments and all that." Santana replies.

"Oh. Okay."

"So Rachel tell us something about yourself." Santana says.

"Uh like what?" Rachel chuckles shyly

"Um…I don't know. How old are you?"

"I'm 24"

"That's nice. So what did you do back at home? In New York?"

"I am an inspiring actress on Broadway." Rachel replies with a smile.

"Broadway, wow that's awesome." Santana says. "So you can sing?"


"How about you show us a little."

"Uh maybe not now." Rachel shakes with a shy smile.

"Oh come on. Just a little."

"Maybe later." Rachel says.



"Alright, I'll be holding you to that, Broadway." Santana says, making Rachel laugh. "So Rachel, you have a boyfriend or girlfriend back home?"

"No" Rachel shook her head.

"Are you gay, straight, bi…what?"

"Um I'm not really into labels. I believe that it's the person you fall in love with not the gender." Rachel replies.

"Nice answer. Very nice answer." A pause. "So what do you think about my friend here?" Santana gestured to Quinn.

Rachel observes Quinn and her looks. Quinn has short blonde hair, and hazel eyes. She's wearing a pair of red, black, and white board shorts, a black wife beater, a pair of black and white high top converse and a small silver chain around her neck.

"She's…cute." Rachel said.

"What? Cute that's it?" Quinn huffs playfully.

"Yeah." Rachel laughs

"Whatever." Quinn playfully rolls her eyes.

"Okay, so would you say make out with her?" Santana asks.

"Um…" Rachel chuckles nervously. "…maybe. I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"No…well I just met you, so…"

"Ok ok fair enough. But just hypothetically, would you?"

"Hmm…" Rachel takes a good look at Quinn up and down. "Yea. Maybe"

"Hmm, maybe. That's not a no. So tell me…are you a good kisser?"

"Um yeah. I would say I was." Rachel shyly replies.

"You would say you were. Would others say you were?" Santana asks.

"I don't know, I guess." Rachel gives a shy chuckle.

"Okay how about we see for ourselves. How about you give Quinn a little kiss. Just a little one. You don't have to go all full fledge make out section." Santana says.

"Umm I don't know." Rachel says.

"Ah come on, just one little kiss." Santana encourages.


"Hey, there's to many people around here. Let's go somewhere private. Maybe it'll help you'll feel a little less self-conscious." Santana suggested.

"Um…" Rachel said still unsure.

"Come on, just see it as a couple of new friends getting to know each other a little better." Santana said.

"Um…okay I guess." Rachel replies nervously. They began walking.

"Hey, you don't have to be nervous around us. We're cool people. I promise." Quinn says smiling. The way Quinn was smiling at her helped Rachel feel a little at ease.

"Okay." She smiles back.

"Man, why are all these people staring at me. It's making me feel a little self-conscious. I think they think it's weird that I'm walking around with this thing." Santana said.

"Well it is a little strange seeing someone walking around a with a giant camera filming people." Rachel says.

"Nah, I was talking about Quinn, but that about right too." Santana jokes, earning a slap in the arm from Quinn and a giggle from Rachel.

They continue to walk about a block more.

"Hey, guys. Guys let's check back here." Santana pointed to a back alleyway that lead to the back of an abandon building. Quinn and Rachel followed her. "So, what do you think? Is it good?"

"Yeah, it's cool." Quinn says.

"What about you Broadway?" Santana asks.

"Um yeah…it's okay." Rachel replies nervous.

"Okay, so how about that kiss?" Santana said

"Okay…" Rachel said timidly before lean forward and giving Quinn a small peck on the cheek.

"Ah come on, you can do better than that. Come on prove you're a good kisser." Santana said.

"Shut up S." Quinn said.


"No, it's okay." Rachel said. She walked closer to Quinn, grabbed her both her cheeks and pulled her in for a searing kiss. As cliché as it sounds, Quinn is pretty sure she saw fireworks.

"And the verdict is?" Santana asked once they broke apart.

"Wow, definitely a good kisser." Quinn said in a dreamy daze.

"Whoa, Broadway, I think you broke her." Santana teased. Rachel giggles.

"Well you weren't so bad yourself." Rachel flirts.

"So, you do like my friend?" Santana teases.

"She's…cute." Rachel smirks.

"Again with the cute." Quinn playfully pouts.

"Get over it." Santana says. "So, you really think this is an okay place for it, Q?"

Quinn looks around. "Yeah, it's good."

"Wait good for what?" Rachel asks.

Santana and Quinn share a look.

"Um well remember when you asked the camera was for?" Santana asked.

"Yeah." Rachel said a little uneasy.

"Well like I said Q and I like to make little videos of the fun we have on our little vacations." A pause. "Sometimes that fun includes either Quinn or I having a little…fun with other people. If you know what I mean." Santana smirks. "You said you think my friend is cute right?"

"Uh yeah." Rachel replies shyly.

"And you think she's a good kisser, right?"


"So, when's the last time you had sex?" Santana asks

"Excuse me?" Rachel asks, shocked at the question.

"When was the last time you had sex?" Santana repeats.

Rachel was still to shocked to answer.

"Sorry about my friends, blunt rudeness." Quinn glares at Santana who just shrugs it off. "You don't have to answer that if you don't want to."

"Um…no…no it's okay. It just caught me a little off guard. But to answer your question…it's been awhile." Rachel says.

"How long of a while we talking?" Santana asks.

"Um 6 maybe 7 months." Rachel blushes.

"6 or 7 months, damn you must be horny as fuck." Santana says.

"Seriously, S?" Quinn rolls her eyes.

"What I'm just saying." Santana said. "So Rachel you ever fuck someone on camera?"

"Oh my god." Quinn put her hand over her face.

"what, it's yes or no question." Santana says.

"Yeah, but do you have to be so crude about it."

"Whatever, just answer the question short stack."

"Um no…no I haven't." Rachel blushes.

"Well you wanna try it? Cause you see my friend here is a little horny. Maybe you could be a good friend and help her out with that." Santana says.


"It'll be okay. All you have to do is get her off, and maybe she'll do a little in return. Everybody's happy." Santana explains. Rachel still looked unsure. "We'll pay for it."

"Excuse me?"

"No…no not like that. That's what I meant. No offence. I just mean we'll pay you for your time." Santana stopped then thought about what she had said. "Yeah that does sound bad. Look just get her off and we'll make it worth your wild."

"Um get her off how?" Rachel asked.

"You know suck her off, maybe give up a little pussy. Whatever's comfortable for you." Santana said.

"Wait suck her off? Don't you mean eat her out?" Rachel asked confused.

"Oh yeah about that. Um Q here has a little… or a not so little friend." Santana smirks.

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked

"Well um…you know what we can show you better than we can tell you. Hey Q how about you show her what you're working with. Give her a little speak peak."

Quinn gave a shy smile before untying the string on her board shorts. She pulled down her shorts a little and pulled out a not so little surprise.

"Whoa" Rachel said

"Damn Q." Santana turns to Rachel. "So what do you think Broadway?"

"It's…it's wow."

"Bigger than you ever seen?" Santana asks. Rachel couldn't form words, so she nods. "Oh shit Q I think you broke her." Santana laughs. Quinn also laughs. "Damn bro, did that shit get bigger?" Santana zones the camera in on Quinn's cock.

"Uh maybe." Quinn said moving her hand up and down, stroking her dick.

"Whoa what is it like 8 inches?"

"8 and a half maybe 9 inches." Quinn said when Santana brought the camera back to Quinn's face.

"Damn." Santana turns the camera to Rachel. "You alright there, Munchkin?" Santana asks.

"Huh? No…yes…yes, I'm okay." Rachel said snapping out of her stare down on Quinn's penis.

"Are you freaked out?" Santana asks. "You know it's not every day you see a girl with a dick as big that."

"It's not every day you see a girl with a dick period." Quinn said

"You ever seen a dick that big, Rach?" Santana asks.

"Quinn keep moving your hand. Get yourself hard so we can see how big it really gets." Santana says.

After a few strokes, Quinn was almost at her full size.

"Whoa, stop Q for a sec. Rachel why don't you go over there, give her a little helping hand?" Santana asks.

Rachel looks a little unsure.

"You don't to if you don't want to." Quinn told Rachel.

"Okay fine. At least kiss her. Maybe that could give her a little motivation." Santana said.

"This-this video you're not going to show it to anybody, right?" Rachel asks nervously.

"Nope, it's only for our entertainment. Spouts honor." Santana said.

"Okay." Rachel said.

"Rachel, you really don't have to do this if you don't want to." Quinn said.

Rachel looked Quinn in the eye before stepping forward and pulling Quinn in for a passionate kiss.

As the kissing continued, Rachel moved her hand and softly grabbed Quinn's dick.

"Move your hand." Rachel whispered against Quinn's lips. Quinn moved her hand.

Rachel moves closer into Quinn, not removing her lips from Quinn's.

The kissing soon becomes more passionate. Tongues fight for dominance. Rachel continues to grind into Quinn as she is also giving her a hand job.

Suddenly Rachel removes her lips from Quinn's.

"What? What's wrong?" Quinn asks.

Rachel doesn't answer. She drops on her knees, pulls Quinn's shorts down, and takes Quinn's dick into her mouth.

"Oh god" Quinn moans.

"Oh shit. Broadway got bold." Santana said. "Hey Q, how's it feel?"

"Feels good." Quinn moans out with a smile.

Rachel continues to move her month around Quinn's penis.

"Oh man. Shit that feels so good." Quinn moans, moving her hand through Rachel's hair as she gives her a blow job. Rachel took in every inch of Quinn until… "HOLY…FFFFUUUCCCKKK! Oh shit!" Quinn moans then begins to giggle.

"What happened?" Santana asks.

"Holy shit, man."

"Dude, what the fuck?" Santana said

"My dick just touched the back of her throat." Quinn half giggles half moans.

"Wow, deep throat, Girl is a little freak aint she?" Santana teases. Santana zones the camera on Rachel. "How you feeling Rachel? Feeling a little…wet?"

Rachel nods, not removing mouth from Quinn's dick.

"Hey Q, why don't you help her out with that." Santana suggest.

"Yeah." Quinn says before put her hand on Rachel shoulders to gently push her off of her dick.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asks.

"Nothing, baby. Come here." Quinn says helping Rachel to her feet and pulls her in for a kiss. "S, you got the blanket?"

"Yeah, here you go, Q." Santana handed Quinn the blanket.

"What's the blanket for?" Rachel asks.

"So you can get comfortable." Quinn says setting the blanket out.

"Comfortable for what?"

"What you didn't think I would let you give me a blow job and not repay the favor, did you?" Quinn smirks.

"Um well I…" Rachel stutters.

"Come on, lay down." Quinn guides her to the blanket and gently lays her down. Once down, Quinn leans in to kiss Rachel on the lips. "Relax." she whispers.

Quinn begins trailing the kisses down Rachel's jaw to her neck to her collarbone making Rachel moan.

Quinn moves her hand down to the end of Rachel's tank top and lifts it up. Rachel took the hint and lifts her arms up to remove the top. When the top is removed Quinn sees that Rachel is not wearing a bra.


"Well someone knew they were gonna get laid today." Santana teases.

Quinn ignore her and leans down and takes one of Rachel's nipples in her mouth, erupting a shaking moan from Rachel.


Quinn then begins to trail the kisses down Rachel's stomach. When she came to Rachel's shorts, Quinn could smell the arousal that was coming from Rachel. Quinn quickly unzipped and unbutton Rachel's shorts and dispose of them.

"Oh someone's not wearing any panties either. Yeah you totally knew you getting laid today." Quinn teases.

"No, I just thought my shorts were really tight. They would show off the panty line. And that wouldn't be very attractive." Rachel says shyly.

"Sure" Santana says sarcastically.

"Well lucky me." Quinn said before returning to the task at hand.

When Quinn looked down, she made eye to eye contact with wet and glistening pussy lips.

"Wow you're really ready, aren't you?" Quinn teased.

"Quinn…please." Rachel moaned.

"Oh shit you got her begging and you haven't even touched her yet. Get it girl." Santana jokes.

Instead of responding to her friend, Quinn surges forward taking the first taste of Rachel by running her tongue through Rachel's soaked folds.

"Mmm…Quinn" Rachel moans and arches her back at the contact.

The sound of Rachel moaning encourages Quinn to keep going. Not that she wanted to stop, because she definitely didn't. Quinn licked around Rachel's slit before circling around her clit and taking it in her mouth and sucking on it.

"Ah fuck…mmm." Rachel shrieks.

"Oh shit. Get it Q." Santana said.

Quinn gave Santana and the camera a thumbs up, not removing her lips from Rachel's clit.

"Oh fuck that feels so good." Rachel moans.

Quinn took her tongue from Rachel's clit and positioned it to her pussy entrance. Quinn licks around the entrance purposely not sticking her tongue into Rachel.

"God Quinn…don't tease me." Rachel groans.

'If you say so.' Quinn thought before moving her tongue in and out of Rachel.

"Oh my god… yes…don't stop." Rachel half moan half screams.

"Oh shit Q, she's a screamer. Awesome!" Santana said from behind the camera.

Quinn took her tongue from inside Rachel and moved back to her slit. Quinn ran her tongue up and down Rachel's folds repeatedly. Rachel's moans got louder at with every lick.

"Fuck that feels so good, baby. Keep going, I'm so close." Rachel moans.

Quinn took Rachel's clit into her mouth again and lightly grazed her teeth on it a few times.

"Holy fuck…"

Quinn smirks but continues her assault on Rachel's clit and sucks it.

"Oh my god…stop…stop…stop." Rachel moans out pushing Quinn's shoulders, so she can move off of her.

"What?" Quinn and Santana both say.

"Sorry." Rachel pants.

"What happened? I thought you were enjoying it." Quinn said

"I was."

"Well what the fuck?" Santana said

"Nothing…it's just…"


"I…want…you…inside." Rachel said pointing to her pussy.

"Arrr" Quinn raises an eyebrow.

"I want you to fuck me. Now." Rachel practically growls.

'Shit you got to tell me twice.' Quinn thought moving on top on of Rachel and connects the lips in a passionate kiss. As she kisses Rachel, Quinn begins to grind her dick against Rachel's pussy.

Rachel moans into the kiss. To say she was getting even wetter than she's been, was an understatement.

"So is there…mmm…any specific position you want?" Quinn moans out as she continues to grind.

"I want…mmm…I want ride you." Rachel moans. She was so close it wasn't even funny. Quinn was too. She could feel herself ready to blow at any minute. Eating Rachel out made her harder than she already was.

Quinn got up from on top of Rachel, so she could move into position.

"So, what's happening?" Santana asks.

"She's wants to ride me." Quinn smiles while Rachel blushes a little.

"Nice." Santana says. "Don't get all embarrassed now Broadway." Santana teases.

"Leave her alone S." Quinn says.

"Ah whatever."

Quinn moved to position herself on her back while Rachel moved on top of her. Rachel grabbed Quinn's dick and lines it up her pussy. She teases herself with it the head of Quinn's dick. Then suddenly she stops.


"Wh-what?" Quinn groans. She's so hard it hurts.

"Do you have a condom?" Rachel asks

"Uh…yeah, yeah." Quinn said. "S" Quinn looks at Santana.

"Here you go Q." Santana pulls a condom from her shorts pocket and hands it to Quinn.

"Thanks" Quinn takes the condom, unwrapped it, and put it around her pulsing red dick. "Ready?" Quinn asked Rachel.

Instead of answering her, Rachel moved on top of Quinn kissed her. Without removing her lips from Quinn's, reach for Quinn's dick and once again lined it up with her pussy. Quinn moans when she felts the wet hot heat coming from Rachel.

Rachel lowers herself onto Quinn's cock, moaning as she feels big Quinn and how much she is stretching her.

"Oh god." Rachel moans breaking the kiss.

"Oh fuck." Quinn also moans.

"Is it good?" Santana asks zoning the camera in on Quinn.

"Feels fucking amazing." Quinn moans as Rachel starts to slowly bounce up and down Quinn's cock.

"Oh…mmm…oh…my gah…mmm" Rachel moans with each thrust.

"Fuck you're so tight…hmm." Quinn groans. Quinn throws her head back as she meets Rachel's thrusts.

"Hey Rachel…" Santana zones the camera in on Rachel "…how's it feel?"

"Mmm…it…feels…so…mmm…so good…oh god." Rachel moans.

Quinn looked up and saw Rachel bouncing on top of her. Watching herself go in and out of Rachel's sweet pussy. Quinn couldn't take it anymore. The pace was going to slow for her. She was so close, and from the tightness Quinn could feel suffocating her dick, she could tell Rachel was too not far behind. Quinn took Rachel by her inner thighs, lifted her up slightly before pounding into her at rapid speed.

"Oh fuck!" Rachel moan loudly.

"Ahh shit! Ahh!"

"Oh my god! Yes, baby…yes. Just like that. Keep going. Mmm" Rachel moans encouraging.

"Ah fuck, baby. You're so fucking tight. I love it." Quinn groans as she continues to pound into Rachel.

"Oh god I'm so close." Rachel moans.

"Me too. Shit baby, me too."

Quinn moves one of her hands from Rachel's thighs and plays with her clit.

"Oh shit, Q" Rachel moans.

One more thrust and Rachel came hard all over Quinn's dick.

"Oh sssshhhhhiiittt!"

After Rachel came, Quinn wasn't that far behind.

"Oh shit, oh shit. Baby lift up a little." Quinn tells her.

Rachel lifts but doesn't remove herself from on top of Quinn. Just enough for Quin to pull out.

"Oh fuck." Quinn moans as she starts to jerk off.

Rachel leans forward and kisses Quinn. She reaches under Quinn's wife beater and plays with her nipples.

"Oh shit, baby, that's it. Keep doing that. I'm close." Quinn moans into the kiss.

Rachel continues to kiss and assault Quinn until long white ropes of cum squirts out of the tip of Quinn's dick on to her stomach.


Quinn tries to calm down after her intense orgasm. Quinn opens her and looks at Rachel.


"That was awesome." Rachel smiles.

"Yeah." Quinn replies spent.

Rachel pulls Quinn into a soft passionate kiss. The two continue to kiss, forgetting that they had an audience.

"Oh shit. That was so fucking hot." Santana said. She turns the camera from the two girls to her. "Dude I got so horny from watching that." Santana turns the camera back to the two still kissing girls. "Yo fuck this. Let's go find me some pussy before I end up with a major case of blue balls." A pause as Santana turns her attention back to the girls. "You kids have fun. Mama Tana gotta run." She tells the girls who are clearly paying no attention to her. They were too caught up in each other's lips.

Santana left them there and went to find herself some…action.

End of Chapter 1

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