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Chapter 2

"Holy shit. I am so horny right now." Santana said into the camera as she walked down the street.

"Hmm let's see if we can't find us a hot piece shall we. I mean if Q can do it so can I right." A pause. "So I'm thinking hot blonde, tall with, let's say blue eyes. What do you guys think?" Santana asks the imaginary audience, then nods the camera up and down. "Awesome. Let's see what we got." She turns the camera away from herself and looks around. There were a few girls out, but none that fit her description "Guess we gotta keep looking huh." Santana sighs.

After a while of walking and looking around, someone finally caught Santana's eye. Standing alone at the bus stop was a tall beautiful blonde in a short light jean skirt and a hot pink tank top with white flip flops and her hair in a ponytail.

"Jackpot" Santana snickers into the camera before calmly walking over to the girl.

Santana approached the girl ever so gentle. When she got close to the girl, she didn't immediately strike up a conversation. She wanted the girl to make the first move. She just stood there for a moment, acting like she was also waiting on the bus.

The girl finally noticed her presence, and the next thing she hears is a soft beautiful voice.


"Oh hey, I didn't notice anyone else here." Santana said. There was silence. "You waiting on the bus?"

"Uh yea" the girl chuckles.

"Oh right. Duh. Sorry dumb question." Santana said half embarrassed. "You from around here?"

The girl shakes her head. "Just visiting"

"Wow, everybody's visiting." Santana says. The girl looks at her confused. "It's just my friend and I ran into someone who was visiting. And my friend and I are too. From Jersey." Santana explains.

"Oh" the girl nods and smiles.

"Where you from?"

"Uh small town in Ohio." answers the girl.

"Oh that's cool." Santana says. "Oh, uh I hope you don't mind the camera all in your face. It's just my best and I were vacationing, and we just wanted some…footage for later." Santana says.

"No its, cool" the girl said. "I'm Brittany by the way."

"Santana." Santana holds out her hand and Brittany shakes it.

"Santana, that's a cute name." Brittany smiles.

"Uh thanks." Santana blushes a little. There's silence between them. Santana grimaces a little and shifts on her feet. Her shorts were feeling just a little too tight and uncomfortable. Brittany notices Santana's painful look and shift.

"You okay?" she asks

"Um yea. Yea, I'm…I'm…I'm uh it's…I kind of accidentally walked in on my friend." Santana said. Brittany looked a little confused, so Santana elaborated. "I walked in on my best with somebody. You know getting it in."

"Oh" Brittany said when she realized what Santana meant.

"Yea, I now…god forgive me, but I'm horny as fuck." Santana said

"Oh" Brittany said as she looked at Santana. Her eyes moved down taking in every inch of Santana till they landed on the big noticeable bulge on the crouch area of Santana's green board shorts. Unconsciously Brittany licks her lips.

"Y-you…I can help you with that." Brittany suddenly offers.

"Huh?" Santana says shocked. 'Did this girl really just…?'

"Well you kind of look like you're in pain. I was just seeing if I could help." Brittany shrugs

"Um you do know you just offered to…" Santana trails off. Is it possible to say that she got harder listening to Brittany offer her help with her problem? Brittany nods. "Uh yea, sure. If that's okay with you." A pause "Uh maybe we should uh g-go somewhere private."

"Yeah sure."

"Are you sure? Cause I know you were waiting on the bus and all…"

"Ah it's okay. I wasn't really in a hurry anyway." Brittany shrugs. "Shall we?"

"Yea, sure. Lead the way." Santana said Brittany sends her a smile and they walk away from the bus stop.

While Brittany is a few steps in front of her, Santana turns the camera to her.

"Holy shit" Santana whispers excited into the camera. "Man, that was easier than I thought. I'm a little scared I might get punked." Santana jokes before turning the camera back to Brittany. She zones the camera to Brittany's ass. "Mmm, what do guys think?" She nods the camera up and down. "Wanky" she zones out finding Brittany glancing at her over her shoulder with a smirk on her face. Busted.

"See something you like?" Brittany teases. Santana blushes a little. The two continue to walk down the street.

"So do you have any idea where we're going?" Santana asks playfully.

"Nope, no idea." Brittany chuckles a little embarrassed. Santana chuckles too.

"What about here?" Santana asks as they came in front of an empty car lot.

"Uh yea it's cool." Brittany said

They walk inside and further to the back. Once far enough, Santana starts checking the car doors.

"What are you doing?" Brittany asks

"Checking the doors. I'm sure we can find a car that's unlocked." Santana asks

"Unlocked for what?"

"Um no reason." Santana answers quickly.

They head further into the lot. They came to a small red car, Santana checks the doors and they're unlocked.

"Well this one's unlocked." She says before turning to Brittany. "So how we gonna-" Santana was cut off by pair of soft lips smashing into hers. The force of the impact almost makes Santana drop the camera. "I guess that'll work." Santana breathes out before Brittany joins their lips again. "Whoa whoa, wait a sec, Britt. Let me set the camera up." Santana said breaking the kiss. Brittany pouts a little. Quickly Santana sets the camera on the hood of the car where it could see both inside and outside of the car, then she turns back to Brittany. "Now are you really sure you want to do this? I mean…you don't even know me." Santana asks a little uncertain.

"Yeah, but you're hot and you seem nice. So I like you." Brittany smiles. "Plus it looks like you're really in pain, so I'm just helping out a friend."

"Um okay, I guess. But only if you want to…"

"Just shut up and let me make you feel better." Brittany says seductively.

"Uh okay." Santana says looking both scared and extremely turned on. Brittany starts to kiss her again, but again Santana stops her.

"Ugh, what now?' Brittany practically growls.

"Whoa…I just thought I should tell you I'm not like other girls." Santana starts.

"What do you mean?" Brittany asks confused.

"Well I'm kind of different. I kind of have a pen-uhmm" Santana was cut off by her own moan. A moan brought on by Brittany softly grabbing her through her board shorts.

"Wow. How big is it?" Brittany asks as she starts to rub Santana's covered shaft.

"E-eight in-inches." Santana stutters while trying to suppress a moan.

"Wow" Brittany said still rubbing. She can feel Santana getting harder as she rubs. She herself is getting pretty wet. Suddenly she stops. Santana let's out a whimper. She looks to see why Brittany had stopped, but before she could form words two things happen. One: her shorts were quickly pulled down, letting her semi, but hard cock free. Then two: a warm wet mouth was wrapped around her penis.

"Oh fuck." Santana moans.

Brittany starts to bob her head back and forth on Santana's cock. Brittany wraps her hand around Santana's dick, jerking and she sucks.

"Oh fuck, babe that feels so good." Santana moans. She throws her back while threading her hands through Brittany's hair. Brittany hums against her dick sending major good vibrations through Santana's dick, ultimately driving Santana nuts. "Oh my fucking…gah!"

Brittany smiles. Happy about what she's doing to Santana. Brittany tries to take in every inch of Santana in her mouth, but gags when she gets six inches in her mouth. She pulls out, pumps Santana a little before trying again. This time she gets seven. She pulls Santana's dick out of her mouth again and places a little kiss at the head of the penis. She then runs her tongue from the slit of Santana's dick, moans at the taste of Santana, down the entire length before putting it back in her mouth. She could feel herself getting so wet from sucking Santana off. It was so hot.

Above her Santana was going crazy.

"Oh fuck. This feels so fucking…glorious!" Santana moans.

Santana places her hand to the back of Brittany's head and begins to thrust into her mouth. Brittany lets her and sticks her tongue, riding her dick along her tongue.

"Oh fuck, Britt this feels so good." Santana groans. This had got to be the best blow job she has ever had.

Brittany was getting really wet. Suddenly she stops and stands up. Santana lets out a painful groan when she feels Brittany move away.

"Britt, what the fuck? I was close." Santana whines. But can you blame her, she was so hard it was painful to look at.

"Sorry. I just got really really turned on sucking you off." Brittany said

"Oh well do you like want me to…return the favor? Cause I could." Santana says.

"No, I can't wait. I need you to take me. Now." Brittany said taking off her tank top and bra and heading the back seat of the car and getting in.

Santana, there with her shorts around her ankles and her penis standing at full attention, was shocked. She was brought out of her shock by the sound of Brittany's voice.

"Are you coming?" Brittany asks tossing out her skirt and underwear. "And don't forget a condom."

Santana shakes it off, quickly sheds her shorts and shirt, grabs a condom from the pocket of her green and black plaid button up and ran to the back of the car.

"You comfortable?" Santana smirks.

"Yes, now get your sexy ass in here." Brittany demands.

Santana didn't have to be told twice, she quickly got in the car and on top of Brittany. She looks down and smiles when Brittany's beautiful blue eyes meet her brown ones.

"Hi" she says

"Hi" Brittany smiles back before pulling Santana down into a kiss. "Sorry I couldn't wait. I was so horny and wet for you baby." Brittany says against Santana's lips before capturing them again. Santana smirks against her lips. As the kiss intensifies, Santana starts to grind her hard dick between Brittany's wet pussy lips. Santana begins to kiss down Brittany's neck as she grinds into Brittany. Brittany moans.

"Mmm put it in." Brittany moans out.

Santana slightly sits up and pecks Brittany on the lips before opening the package and putting the condom on. Once Santana has the condom on, she bends down and takes one of Brittany's breast in her mouth.

"Mmm" Brittany moans and slightly arches into Santana's mouth.

Santana smirks and continues to suck on Brittany's nipple. As she treats the breast, Santana lines her cock up to Brittany's entrance. Brittany is so wet that Santana slips right in.


"Oh shit"

They both moan.

"Oh fuck babe, you're so fucking tight." Santana groans as she begins to move in and out of Brittany.

"Oh god, San. Mmm." Brittany moans.

"Yea, you like that babe. Fuck you feel so good." Santana says as she pumps into Brittany.

"Fuck, San faster." Brittany moans and Santana picks up the pace. "Oh fuck"

"Damn, god you're so tight baby." Santana moans and pumps.

"Oh San, harder baby. Fuck me harder." Brittany pants.

Santana picks up the pace again and starts pounding into Brittany.

"Oh ffuck, baby just like that. Ahh!" Brittany moans loudly.

"Ah you like that, baby? You like how I pound your nice wet pussy with my hard cock? Huh? Do ya?" Santana asks as she pounds into Brittany.

"Oh I fucking love it. Fuck!"

Santana continues to pound into her. Then she lifts her right leg over her shoulder for a better angle.

"Ahh fffffuck!" Brittany shrieks when Santana hits her g-spot. "Oh fuck do that again. Fucking do that again." Brittany practically begs. Santana hits that spot repeatedly and Brittany is going nuts underneath her. "Oh god San, right there. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop."

Like she would even think of stopping. Santana continues to pump into Brittany with authority. The car beings to heat up and the windows fog up. Sounds of the car shaking, skin hitting skin and the moans and groans of the two girls filled the car.

As Santana thrust into Brittany, Brittany wraps her arms around her neck and pulls Santana down for a passionate, slightly sloppy kiss.

"Oh fuck San. I'm close, baby. I'm so fucking close." Brittany pants against Santana's lips.

"Me too, babe. Mmm me too." Santana says before places her lips on Brittany's neck, kissing and sucking, leaving a mark.

Intensive kissing and pounds, Santana feels Brittany's pussy walls start to clamp down around her dick, practically choking it. Feeling herself getting closer, Santana reaches between her and Brittany's bodies and rubs her thumb against Brittany's clit, bringing her to the brink of her orgasm. A few more pounds and flicks of the clit, Brittany came with a scream, reaching her arm out and leaving a hand print on the foggy back window.

Santana feels her own orgasm approaching, so she pulls out, gaining a whimper slash moan from Brittany, and starts to jerk herself off.

"Oh fuck." Santana moans

Brittany reaches up and beings giving Santana a little help. She takes Santana's breast in her mouth, she plays with her other breast, giving it equal attention, while her unused hand plays with Santana's balls.

"Oh shit, Britt…I'm gonna cum. Shit." Santana's hand moves quickly jerking off her dick.

"Come on, baby. Cum for me. Cum for me baby." Brittany encourages, and she continues to play with Santana's nipples and balls.

"Ohhh ffffuuuuccccck! Britt!" with one last stroke, Santana comes screaming Brittany's name. Cum over her chest and breast and leaves a hand print right next to Brittany's on the back window.

"That's was so fucking hot." Brittany says. Santana let's out a breathless chuckle as she comes down from her high. She looks at Brittany, then bends down and pulls her into a soft passionate kiss.

"That was awesome." Santana said against Brittany's lips. Brittany smiles and nods.

Santana sits up a little and reaches in the front for the camera.

"And…cut." the camera goes black.

End of Chapter 2

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