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Chapter 3

The two sat…or laid…back in the car making out for a few moments. Then Santana glances at her watch.

"Shit" Santana groans when she sees the time.

"What?" Brittany asks as she kisses Santana's neck.

"We gotta get dressed." Santana says.

"Do we have to?" Brittany pouts.

Santana smiles and leans down to kiss the pout away.

"As much as I would love to stay here with you like this, we really should go. Plus someone could see us." With one last kiss, Santana gets off Brittany and out of the car.

"Fine, but you so owe me." Brittany whines and follows.

"That, babe, can totally be arranged." Santana smirks. Brittany smiles back at her, pecks her on the lips and the two get dressed. Santana grabs the camera and the two leave the car lot hand and hand.

35 minutes later, the two arrive to an outdoor café. When they got close, they saw Quinn with the cute brunette, Rachel, making out at a table. Santana rolls her eyes while Brittany sweetly smiles at the pair, and they walk to them. When they get to the table, Santana clears her throat to get their attention.

"Yo Q, think you can stop sucking on the midget's face long enough to speak to your friend." Santana teases.

One last peck on Rachel's lips, Quinn looks up to Santana and Brittany with a smile.

"Hey San. What's up?" Quinn said

"Hey Q" Santana mocks.

Quinn just smiles at her friend while Rachel gets up and walks over to Brittany.

"Hi Britt" Rachel says before hugging Brittany.

"Hey Rae" Brittany hugs her back.

"Whoa, when did this happen? You guys know each other?" Santana says in mock surprise.

The three girls laugh at Santana.

"You know, you can stop acting now, Santana." Rachel smiles.

"Hey, whatever. It was you who said in character, Berry." Santana said as she and Brittany took a seat across from the other couple.

"Um I believe it's Fabray now." Rachel said with a dreamy smile. Quinn leans over to kiss her on the cheek before smiling herself.

"Oh speaking of…" Quinn reaches into her pocket. "Here I thought you might want this back after we were finished." Quinn places a white gold ring with a diamond in the center on Rachel's ring finger.

"Aww, thank you babe." Rachel kisses her. "Mmm I'm so glad I married you." Rachel says against her lips.

"Mmm I love you." Quinn says.

"I love you too." Rachel kisses her again.

"Ugh. 2 minutes. That's it. 2 minutes without watching you two sucking face. That's all I ask. 2 flipping minutes." Santana whines.

"Oh, place San, you and Britt will be just like this in a few months." Rachel says when she and Quinn stop kissing.

"They'll probably be worst." Quinn jokes.

"Psst whatever." Santana rolls her eyes, but she can't help but smile. Looking down on the engagement ring she gave Brittany nine months ago. Three months from now she was gonna be married to this beautiful blonde next to her, she couldn't help but smiles at that.

"So anyway, what's the verdict on our little…adventure today?" Santana asks putting her arm around Brittany.

"Well I for one thought it was quite interesting. And I wouldn't mind doing something like this again. Not anytime soon, but eventually." Rachel says.

"Damn Berry, who knew you were quite the exhibitionist. Wanky." Santana smirks.

"I knew." Quinn joins in. "What can I say, I got a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets." Quinn smirks making Rachel blush.

"Well she's obviously a freak in the streets too, Q." Santana teases and they fist bump.

"Um, okay can we please stop talking my sexual habits." Rachel asks

"Berry, I just got you riding Q like there's no tomorrow in an alley on camera. Your sexual habits are officially on the table." Santana teases.

"Fabray." Rachel corrects. Then Rachel pouts making Quinn chuckle.

"Okay, okay babe we'll stop. Right S?" Quinn said


A small smile appears on Rachel's face. She leans in to kiss Quinn on the lips.

"So how'd it go with you guys?" Quinn asks gesturing to Brittany and Santana.

"It started out cool, then this feisty one over here practically jumped me. Not that I'm complaining." Santana smiles at her fiancée. Brittany blushes.

"Sorry San." Brittany said

"Why?" Santana asks confused.

"I know you wanted to be the one to talk me into it, and I practically jumped you before you could. It's just when I saw you and how hard you were, I just got so horny." Brittany said. Santana felt a twitch in her pants but choose to ignore it for the time being. There was time for that later.

"Pregnancy hormones will do that to you. Speaking from experience." Rachel chimes in with a smile.

Brittany and Santana also smile. Oh yea, forgot to mention, Brittany's four months pregnant. Yeah, I know for four months Brittany's pretty small, but still Santana's happy. She was gonna be a mommy. She couldn't wait to meet her son/daughter.

"By far the best part of the pregnancy." Quinn said bringing Santana out of her thoughts. "Always horny all the time. Best sex ever." Rachel made no objections, she just smiles.

"Eww TMI, dude." Santana growls. "Anyway, how are the rugrats doing? Cause I know you've checked on them like three times before we got here." Santana asks

"Yes, you are right Santana." Santana half grins. "And they are doing perfectly fine and are having fun with Kurt and Puck." Rachel answers.

"I still can't believe you let my brother and his boyfriend watch them, when you won't even let me watch them for two minutes." Santana pouts. Brittany rubs her back.

"Well Santana, Kurt really wanted to spend time with them, and Puck can be very responsible if you give him a chance." A pause. "Unlike you, I'm sure Kurt will not teach my children how to go 'All Lima Heights'" Rachel said.

"Okay first off, never say that again." Rachel huffs and crosses her arms. "And kids need to know how to defend themselves. Besides that was like 6 months ago, are you ever gonna let it go?" Santana defends.

"They're one and three years old, Santana. You taught my three-year-old to punch another little boy. You aren't supposed to teach a child that age violence." Rachel sternly says.

"What? How was I supposed to know Kelly was gonna kick the kid in the junk?" Santana asks. "And whatever, that kid deserved it. He was a dick." Santana shrugs.

Rachel sighs and shakes her head. Quinn tries hard not to laugh. When Rachel feels Quinn shaking against her, she turns to her with a huff.


"I'm sorry babe, but it was funny, and the kid did deserve it. Hey, our little girl has quite the kick on her. Future soccer player I tell ya…" Quinn jokes. From the look of Rachel, Quinn knew she should either shut up or take Rachel's side. "B-but yea, San you shouldn't teach our three-year-old to fight. I-it's not nice." Quinn said.

"Thank you, Quinn." Rachel smiles and kisses Quinn on the cheek.

"Suck up." Santana said

"San, they're right. No more teaching Kelly or Michael violence." Brittany sternly said.

"Yes, dear." Santana pouts, but Brittany kisses the pout away.

"Whose the suck up now?" Quinn teases.

"Fuck you, Fabray." Santana hisses. Quinn smirks and Rachel and Brittany shake their heads at the two.

"Anyway, sitting here talking about my babies are making me miss them. Well more than I already was, which was a lot. Can we go now?" Rachel asks.

"Sure, babe. I miss them too." Quinn smiles. Rachel smiles back and they all get up from the table and leave the café.

"So I was thinking, maybe I can get Kurt to help me come up with so more kinky ideas for our little…adventures." Santana wiggles her eye brows.

"In other words, you and Kurt sit around and watching porn and come up with weird ideas to see if you can one up each other to see who will do the most." Quinn said.

"What? Mom wants us to bond, so what better way to do that than watching porn and joking the really bad acting." Santana shrugs.

"God, you and your brother are so weird." Quinn said shaking her head while Rachel and Brittany laugh.

"Yea, but you guys love us anyway. Win win." Santana smirks.

The foursome laughed and head home talking about other adventures they could have while on vacation with their handy dandy camera.

The End