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Call Me Leo

The fight at the Ministry

He was running through the Department of mysteries; a red tinge to his vision and blood on his hands, flashes of what just happened jumping in front of his eyes fueling his anger even more.

He remembered watching Sirius fall through the veil.

He remembered Remus trying to hold him back from going after Sirius killer. The rage spiking as Remus tightened his grip on Harry, and Harry punching one of his fists into Remus arm and the pain as claws had shot out from between his knuckles about a foot stabbing and going straight thru Remus's arm. The claws had cut cleanly through the muscle and tendon of the upper arm which caused the grip on Harry to slacken immediately.

Harry barley noticed his own pain in his hand and arm but even that was only for a second when he realized that he was free from his captors grasp. Giving him a chance to go after his prey Bellatrix the rage was so intense that he didn't notice the growl building in his throat or the pain in his legs and arms.

He didn't notice the sound of the material of his shoe ripping or that of a strange clicking sound that had started to fill the air as he ran.

Catching up to Bellatrix he jumped hands grabbing around her neck as the newly emerged claws on his feet dug into the small of her back completely removing kidneys he felt the blood soak through what remained of shoes down to his socks and sticking to his feet.

He stood up with a fierce snarl of victory erupting from between his lips as he slipped into the shadows and looked around. Just as Voldemort apparated into the ministry and seemed to blanch at the sight of his second in commands body. With his teeth bared he stepped out of the shadows as the red tinge in his vision got more pronounced. Hear was the man that was responsible for the deaths of his parents, Cedric, and by extension Sirius.

If Voldemort wasn't alive, if he had sucked it up and grown a pair when he was younger and faced his challenges as a man. Harry was sure that he would have remained Tom and not have become the monster that he now was.

As the rage grew even more inside him he felt himself losing more and more control over his actions. It was like a beast had woken up in him and now it was about to get free.

Looking at the man that had caused him so much pain in his life Harry let the animal inside of him free. Letting out a smirk as he saw Voldemorts eyes widen when he was spotted Harry crouched and ready to fight.

Dodging the flashes of light shot at him not taking the time to note the colour of it Harry charged forward. He got within six feet of his enemy and was about to jump the distance that remained when the arm of golden wizard statue came out of nowhere and knocked him back about ten feet, before restraining him by covering his body with its.

Turing his head Harry watched as Dumbledore came running into the atrium and faced off with Voldemort himself. While growling at the fact that he was being denied the abilty to fight he watched as the other statues started to move into action.

The witch had previously been blown apart by one of the spells that Harry had dodged; the centaur was running around the fighting wizards and intercepted a killing curse that was sent towards Dumbledore meanwhile the house-elf and goblin had gone to the fireplaces and were flooing the higher ups in the ministry and the aurors were being called in.

Diverting his attention back to the battle Harry watched as the centaur was blown apart when it intercepted a spell cast by Voldemort, one of the pieces went flying thru the air and hit Dumbledore in the legs causing him to fall as another hit him on the head as the great wizard hadn't cast the shield charm fast enough.

The statue holding Harry became lifeless as the man that was controlling it lost all awareness.

Shoving the statue off himself Harry ran again at his enemy only to have his enemy apparate away from him and towards the exit fireplaces and disappearing in a flash of emerald flames three seconds before Minister Fudge and the aurors arrived in their own flashes lighting the chamber with a very sudden and very bright amount of light flooding the place. Harry had to close his eyes for a second and looked down when he opened them to realize that he was standing next to Dumbledore's body with blood covering his hands.

He barely had time to look up as shouts of "Stupefy," rang out and over a dozen spells hit him but for some reason did not knock him out. But what did render him unconscious was the fire that erupted in his bones and throughout his body, making him scream at the top of his lungs for about thirty seconds before he passed out as Fawkes landed beside him in a burst of flame.

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