Walking into the nearest grocer he purchased as much non-perishable food as he could without it looking off being a teenage boy and all. He would then go to the nearest alley and stash it into a small bag that the twins had given him. The bag had an undetectable extension charm along with a feather light charm on it.

He had also placed his books and magic related items in it few as they are.

Repeating the shopping at the next store he gathered up enough food for a couple of weeks. After which he headed to the train station. Where he proceeded to get his tickets, and get on his first train.

Harry sighed as he took a deep breath of air. Sure the travel time was on around twelve hours it had taken over an hour just to get on the international train by himself. It was a good thing that after third year he had taught himself how to forge his Uncle's signature. Harry had written a letter stating that he was allowed to travel to Europe to go visit some friends. He had also found out that his ability to speak parseltonuge had also been enhanced when he changed. He was now able to understand other languages. It had come as a shock when he stepped off the train in France for a quick stretch of his legs and he us able to understand what they were saying. Even when he had ordered a sandwich he was able to read the sign and order as well. Now if only he could control it consciously.

Buy here he was, standing on the edge of the Black Forest while trying to keep his eyes open. He hadn't been able to bring himself to relax on the train enough to even think about closing his eyes to sleep as he didn't want his true appearance to show and to scare everyone away or worse yet have the authorities called on him.

Walking alongside a nearby river as the sunset he searched for a place that he might be able to bed down for the night. He didn't need much just something to block him from sight as his fur and clothing would keep him warm enough and maybe something over heard in case of any rain. As he walked along he stopped when he smelled smoke and something that reminded him of Buckbeak but not completely. As he approached he heard a horse whinny followed by a splash and the sound of laughter.

Slowly approaching he watched from behind a bush as a dark-haired teen climbed out of the river. The man that was laughing, his father by the looks of it was riding forward on a black horse while holding the reins of another brown one.

Turning away at the stab of jealousy that swept through him he missed seeing the boys image flicker blue as he led the rider less horse into the stables.

Leaving the river, he followed a deer path deeper into the woods.

Hours later he curled up under the branches of a freshly fallen pine that he had cut a whole in to the branches to make a den and tried to get some sleep.

He woke to the sound of a twig snapping.

With the moon shining down he could make out the silhouette of a centaur as it moved towards him slowly. Bow with an arrow nocked and ready to be drawn.

Crouching down so that he was ready to spring Harry let out a growl of warning. He didn't want to fight especially as this was hopefully one of the people that he was looking for.

"If you lower your bow I will come out peacefully." Harry called out.

The centaur backed up in surprise and lowered his bow but kept it at the ready to be drawn just in case.

"Then come out now and tell me why you are trespassing on these lands." The centaur demanded.

Stepping out from under his makeshift shelter Harry didn't even bother with hiding his appearance. Although his ears were pinned back, and his tail was twitching from the adrenalin of being woken up to find someone armed outside of your sleeping area.

Standing at his full height and not trying to make his stance look more human Harry was able to look the centaur in the eyes. Which gave him the perfect view of watch them go wide as his guest took a stumbling step back.

Harry tried not to laugh as he watched the centaur try to process his appearance as he in turn surveyed the centaur. He had what appeared in the moon light to be a tan upper body and buckskin coloring for his horse half. His build reminded Harry of a more agile jumping horse than the heavy carthorses he had seen at a Christmas festival that his relatives had been forced to bring him to one year.

After a minute the centaur recovered enough to begin his integration of Harry.

"Who are you, and what are you doing on these lands?" The centaur demanded.

"I am here seeking refuge and as for my name you can me Leo." Harry now Leo said drawing inspiration the constellation that he saw over the centaur's head.

"What do you seek refuge from?" The centaur asked.

"I seek protection from the British Ministry of Magic, they seem to think that my new appearance qualifies me as their new test subject." Leo replied, his heart sunk as his interrogator shook his head.

"I am sorry, but I can't let you near the village or for you to stay on these grounds. The heard master has a strict rule that anyone being hunted for something specific like that is not allowed to even know the location as to protect those that live there." Was the centaurs response to his statement.

"Who are you to deny me where we stand in the middle of the night?" Harry questioned with a slight growl sneaking into his voice as he tried to hide the pain of rejection that he felt.

"My name is unimportant right now, but I am the second in charge of the village. I will not dishonour the position that I have by disobeying the laws." Was the response Leo received.

"Now if you will follow me to the river I will see you off our land and continue my hunt." The centaur said as he turned and started up the game trail that Leo had followed to get where he was.

Grabbing his bag from inside the shelter that he had used Leo hurried up the path, any thought of fighting died as he knew that if he tried nothing would change.

Head bowed in defeat Leo followed his escort out of the woods back to the farm he had seen earlier. They walked in silence and after he was alone Leo looked up to the sky and had to wonder if someone had something against him.

Wanting to get more sleep and an it was near one in the morning Leo walked toward the barn. He planned to be up at sunrise and out of the area before the family that lived here got up.

Walking by the stalls that the nervous horses were in Leo climbed up into the loft. There he moved a couple of bales of straw so that he could use them as a kind of bed, placed his pack under his head as a pillow, and wrapped himself up in his cloak. Listening to the sound of the horses breathing Leo stared up at the rafters as he fell asleep.

Well there you have it. Only a couple of years of waiting.

Who am I kidding, that is sad but what can I say other then trying to come to terms after being involved with a major fire, injuring my self not to long after. I lost the feeling for writing for a bit. Having followed that with a major family health issues, and then a bad few months when I started to go into to a dark place it took a while to get back.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I will do my best to keep updating this beast that I started.

Have a good day