Mean Girl

"Wait were you a mean girl?" The question takes JJ back to another time, another life. It's a valid question but with multiple answers.

The truth was she had been. She had been a harsh, cold, bitter girl that slept with too many guys. She had lived on the streets and run away several times. She had cared for her little sister but she hated her parents. You could say she was a mean girl but not the mean girl you'd think. At one time Jennifer Jareau had been Shelby Merrick. Shelby Merrick the mean girl.

At Horizon she had made everyone's lives miserable because she could. As she started opening up though she tended to be nicer. They turned into a surrogate family. Daisy had been her best friend and she always saw through Shelby's mask. Daisy was like sister. Scott had been her first love. Peter had been like a real father. Sophie like a real mother. Her own family was so messed up, having the Cliffhangers made her feel loved. She was still a mean girl. She had every right. She had been abused by her stepfather. She had turned tricks on the streets. She had lived through hell. She had the right to be a bitch. Yet somehow she had become less bitter and cold through her time at Horizon.

Shelby had been one of those people that loved pushing buttons. She was good at it. Sometimes it could be helpful like when Juliette was in a haze. Sometimes it could be bad. It was usually the latter and left her with shuns or kitchen duty. It got her in a lot trouble with her mouth but it she got better as time went on. But she could still be bitter and cold when people pushed too much. She walked around with a constant shadow and mask. If she pushed people away she wouldn't have to tell anyone anything. Then people started pushing back. Her mask became harder and harder to keep. The pressure of people constantly pushing threatened to break her mask.

Then there was the hike with he reporter and Scott found out. Everyone found out. Then when her and Scott were better again she was forced back to the hell hole she called a home. That man who had abused her for years was there and she didn't have to have a mask anymore. She cried and when she found out what happened to Jess she lost it. Then coming back to Horizon had been amazing. Then Jess went missing and showed up at Horizon. By the time Morp came around she had opened up and she was nicer. She was still Shelby though. She messed with everyone and pushed buttons because that was who she was. When she graduated Horizon that all changed. Shelby Merrick became Jennifer Jareau. JJ was nice to everyone and never did anything she wasn't supposed to. JJ was everything Shelby was not. Telling Reid all this would be too much. Shelby was a mean girl but JJ wasn't. So she tells him no. She doesn't say much else. Trying to explain about being a mean girl would require too much.

Besides it's not like she hasn't done it before. They don't know the real reason for her fear of the woods.

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This is the edited and re-uploaded better version that's slightly longer. It's still short but it's more of an explanation.