Seven Kisses
Rated: T
Inuyasha/Jak and Daxter Series Crossover
Main Pairing: Kagome/Jak
Summary: A drabble series based on the seven different types of kisses that Kagome and Jak share.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.
Dedication: To the fans of 'A New World Means A New Destiny'.

First Kiss

It isn't a well known fact that Kagome and Jak's first kiss had been awkward one. In fact most had no clue when it had even occurred.

"Jak, watch the sunset with me!" Kagome insisted. Jak, being the adorable heroic mute he is, agreed to his crush's wish.

While heading up to the roof top to watch the sunset, Kagome slipped and coincidentally landed on top of Jak.

Their lips connected for an instant and their noses bumped into one another's. Both burned crimson and quickly distanced themselves from each other.

Neither could bare to look at the other as the sun completely sunk beneath the horizon and the stars became brighter.

"Jak? Kagome? Why are you guys all red? Do you guys have sunburn?" Daxter, the ever oblivious ottsel, asked. It only made them both turn redder, if that was even possible.

Their embarrassment lasted for days, you could definitely say that their first wasn't their favorite.

Next Time On, Seven Kisses:

Thank You Kiss

I have no idea where this came from considering before I wrote this I was eating Kisses, the chocolate, and reading a Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and OC fanfic…I'm so random…Oh and I have all drabbles for this completed already! :)

Anyway this might or might not be able to go hand-and-hand with my other fanfic 'A New World Means A New Destiny'. I have to see how to see how my story develops first but I'm leaning toward not having them go hand-in-hand.

Hope you liked it considering it was a random burst of inspiration. :D

(I've kept you all deprived of Kagome and Jak goodness.)

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Originally Posted On: 6/16/12

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