The Double Minion Catalyst – Chapter 1

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Sheldon and Amy are sitting in apartment 4A staring at the TV speechless. They have just received the news from Amy's gynecologist that Amy is pregnant, which they already knew before going to the appointment. However, it's not just one baby, it's two. That's right, twins.

"So, what are we going to do?" Sheldon asks his wife.

Amy looks at Sheldon and replies, "We are going to have these children. We are going to raise them. We are going to take care of them, feed them, clothe them, and bathe them. We are going make sure that whether or not they have our intellect and abilities in science that they get the education that they seek or want."

"What? Amy! We can't do that! We must nurture our children to have careers in the science field. Preferably, theoretical physics."

"Sheldon, what if on the off chance that our children only have the IQ of an average human being."

"Ridiculous! We both are geniuses! We both have amazing careers in the science field and that will continue, from what I assume. These children will be brought up in a world where science and science fiction reign supreme! I will not have it another way!"

"Again, we do not know if these children will be geniuses. Only time can tell. I say we wait and decide on this, Sheldon. No matter how much I agree with you on this topic, I would like to know if our children are capable of living in such an environment."

"I will not take that answer." he stubbornly says before he gets up out of his spot and walks to their bedroom to contemplate one of the only arguments they have had since they got married, which was only three months ago.

Amy sat in her spot for about a minute more and she walked over to the door to 4A , opened it, walked into the hallway across to 4B; where her bestie lived with her fiancé, and knocked.

Penny opened the door because it was someone other than Sheldon, for once. At this time of night she had no want or need to chat with him.

"Oh, hello, Amy. How are you?"

"Fine, thanks. Is Leonard around?"

"Yes, why?"

"I need to talk to both of you about Sheldon. He's acting strange."

"Strange? As in stranger than normal?"

"Why? I thought I implied this, bestie."

"Why do you want Leonard?"

"Because he lived with Sheldon for 10 years and knows him better than even myself. I'm hoping that he can talk to him. He's not listening to me about waiting to see how the twins will be intellectually before we decide how to raise them."

"Woah, wait. Twins? Amy! That's wonderful! Congrats!"

"Thanks, bestie."

"Hold on a sec, will you?"


Penny stepped out of the doorway and Amy walked in and sat on the couch that Amy assumed neither Penny nor Leonard had actually removed anything from in days.

Penny walked into the bedroom to find Leonard on his laptop typing. Leonard looks up and realizes that Penny needs him.

"What's up, Love bug?"

"Amy needs to talk to you about Sheldon. She thinks that you could help her out with their situation since you know him so well."

"Oh, God what has he done this time?"

"I'll let Amy tell you. Especially considering the kind of news they have."

"Ah, ok."

Leonard gets up off the bed and closes his laptop. He walks into the living room and goes and sits on the opposite end of the couch from Amy.

"So, Amy. Penny says you have an issue with Sheldon."

"Yes, Leonard. Well, after we got back from the gynecologist he just went nuts on me about how we were going to raise the twins."

"Wait a sec, twins? Congratulations are in order."

"Thank you, Leonard. Anyways, he just went nuts on how we were supposed to raise them and we just found out they exist."

Amy begins to cry and Penny moves her purse and jacket so she can sit next to Amy and comfort her. Penny sits down and puts her arms around Amy and lets her continue telling them her story.

"What kind of stuff is he saying, just so can figure out what to say to him when I give him a piece of my mind, because believe me I am."

"Ok, well like we'd immerse them in the sciences and all that science fiction and comic book stuff he likes. I mean, I get it and I'd even accept it at that level. However, he went beyond that. It's he wanted to turn them into him. I mean as far as we know they could have average intelligence, which I pointed out, however you know Sheldon, he rejects that idea entirely."

"Well, I do need to give him a piece of my mind. However, I'd like to point out that the percentage of both children being of average intelligence is really low. With both of you being geniuses, the percentage is high enough that you could have two highly intelligent beings on your hand. The only issue with that scenario is keeping them from beating Sheldon's records. They could feasibly, if allowed, which if it were Sheldon, could happen. He'd push them to go college as soon as their brains would allow."

"I for one want my children to have the I never got. I don't want them sitting in a college classroom in their early teens. I want them enjoying an ice cream sundae on date with a really cute guy or girl somewhere, not in a book. I know Sheldon is going to fight me on this, but this I what I have decided I wanted for a long time. Even, if they are prodigies, it doesn't mean they can't have normal lives."

"Completely and 100% understandable, Ames." Penny said. "I agree."

"And I do too, but there is a point where you would be smothering the child if it were to have the intelligence that you, Sheldon, and even to a point, I have. On that note I will agree with Sheldon, but to immerse it and live it is overkill and it is where we all are disagreeing." Leonard said. "I have a feeling I'm going to have to call for back up to get Sheldon to even remotely consider backing off this and making a compromise with you. Besides, you have to go through naming them and bringing them into this world first before you can decide anything on how they will be raised."

Amy nodded in agreement.

Leonard got up and grabbed his cellphone and dialed a number he was beginning to know a little too much. He heard the other end pick up.

A lady with a thick Texan drawl said, "Hello."

"Hi, Mrs. Cooper. It's Leonard. I need you for back up. Amy is having trouble talking to Sheldon and I won't do it alone about this topic without you and Amy there. I'll pay for your ticket here and back. Please help."

"Why, hello, Leonard. Of course I'll come out to help you and Amy with my Shellybean. He's as stubborn as a rattlesnake, I swear. What is it that he is being stubborn about this time?"

"I'm going to turn you over to Amy and let her tell you. It might mean more coming from her."

Leonard hands the phone to Amy and says, "Tell her what you just told us. If you need to go to the bedroom to talk, go ahead."

Amy nodded and walked into Leonard and Penny's bedroom for privacy to talk to Mrs. Cooper. She closed the door behind her and put Leonard's phone to her ear. "Hello, Mary. I hope we haven't interrupted your evening too much."

"Oh, Amy dear, you haven't done anything to the contrary. Explain to me what Shelly is being stubborn about so I can have a plan to help you and Leonard when I get there."

Amy told Mrs. Cooper what she told Leonard and Penny.

When Amy mentioned twins, Mrs. Cooper's reaction was one of glee and happiness at the thought that she was getting two grandchildren at the same time.

Once Amy finished her explanation, even though Mrs. Cooper was still very happy about her grandchildren, she was quite angry with her son for treating his wife like he is. She was also upset at Sheldon for the crazy way in which he wanted to raise his children, especially when they had just found out about the existence of them. Her only words were, "Why I thought I raised him better than that?"

"Thanks for understanding, Mary. How soon will you be out here?"

"As soon as Leonard gets me my ticket. I'm gonna start packing now. I'd say no later than 48 hours."

"Oh, I hope it's sooner than that. I don't know if I can be in the same room with him before we try to talk to him."

"Honey, stay with Leonard and Penny. They are right there and I'm sure Penny would love some company."

"Yes, it can be one of our little slumber parties."

"Exactly. I'll see you soon, ok. Now hand me back to Leonard and we're gonna work out this plane ticket, ok."

"Ok, and have a safe flight."

Amy opened the door and hand Leonard back his phone. "Thank you, Leonard. She wants to talk to you about the ticket."


Leonard took his phone and walked back into bedroom to use his laptop to buy Mrs. Cooper's plane tickets.

"What's wrong, Ames?" Penny said.

"Mary suggests I stay here until she is capable of getting here and talking to Sheldon. I can't look at him right now."

"Ames, you are welcome anytime. I'm absolutely positive Leonard would agree."

Penny walks over and cleans all the stuff off the couch so Amy can use it as a bed and grabs a blanket to keep her warm. "If you need anything, let us know. We will straighten him out. Even if it takes all of us to do it, we will get him straightened out."

Amy nods in understanding.

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