The Double Minion Catalyst – Chapter 5

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Amy and Sheldon sat in the waiting room at Dr. Hernandez' office because they are awaiting Amy's second sonogram since they had a confirmation that they were pregnant. Amy had done a bit of research and knew that she might get to hear the heartbeats of the twins today. She was excited to hear them. "Sheldon, we might get to hear the heartbeats today. Wouldn't that be awesome?" she said.

Sheldon looked at Amy and said "Yeah, it's a wonderful thing isn't it? The heartbeat of an unborn child."

Amy looked at Sheldon and couldn't have been more confused about the sentence her husband had just said. It was very unlike Sheldon. Amy just thought it was his nerves and let it go. She was very excited and hoped that seeing them again and maybe hearing the heartbeats would make Sheldon change his solemn demeanor some.

At that moment the nurse came to the door and said, "Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper."

Amy got up, grabbed her purse, and began to walk back when she turned and realized Sheldon had not budged from his seat. "Hold, on a moment." she said to the nurse. "Sheldon, come on."

Sheldon got out of his chair and solemnly followed Amy and the nurse to the back where they went to a large room. There they checked Amy's weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs. Then they were lead to a room that had all the ultrasound equipment in it.

"Dr. Hernandez will be with you shortly. Amy, you know what to do to get ready for the ultra sound."

Amy nodded her head in understanding to the nurse. She took off her skirt and underwear, sat down on the table, and slipped the paper dressing over her. While she was doing so, she couldn't help but notice the look on Sheldon's face. All Amy could do is smirk.

There was a knock on the door and Dr. Hernandez came in with Amy's chart in her hands. "Hello, Amy, how are you today?"

"I'm wonderful, doctor. I'm actually very excited knowing I may get to hear the heartbeats today."

"You might, but first we need to make sure there are still two babies in there, ok?" Dr. Hernandez turned to Sheldon and said "Hello, Dr. Cooper. How are you today?"

"I'm fine, just as any other day. I am what I am." he responded.

Dr. Hernandez, understanding how Sheldon reacted from the last visit, just let it roll off her lab coat. She turned back around and began to turn on the equipment to get it prepped for Amy's ultrasound. She then grabbed a gel substance and turned to Amy. "Lift your shirt up to only reveal your abdomen, please."

Amy did as she was told.

Dr. Hernandez squirted the gel on Amy's abdomen so the monitor can make secure contact.

"Oh, that's cold!" Amy says with a laugh in her voice.

"You said that last time, Amy." Sheldon responded.

"Indeed, I did. However, that gel substance is cold to the touch." Amy responded. "I feel like I need to point that out again."

"Ok..." Dr. Hernandez said, rubbing the monitor on Amy's abdomen. "Let's see if we can find looks like I've found something. That looks like one...and two. You still have twins, which is first thing I wanted to check for."

"How can you tell what is what?" Amy asked. "I still couldn't find them in the last sonogram pictures."

"Well, do you see that little dot right there?" Dr. Hernandez said pointing at the screen.

"Yeah" Amy said. "What about it?"

"That's one of your babies...and there is the other." Dr. Hernandez said pointing to the other dot on the screen.

"What about heartbeats?" Amy asked. "It's at the ten week point. Most of my research has lead me to believe that you can hear the heartbeat of a fetus by now."

"In most circumstances, yes, my next step is to check to see if either fetus has a heartbeat that can be heard, and if that heartbeat is normal for this stage in your pregnancy."

"Hold on a moment, Dr. Hernandez, what if one fetus has a heartbeat and the other doesn't?" Sheldon asked.

"It might just mean that one has a heart beat strong enough for detection and the other doesn't. There really is no way to tell at this stage of pregnancy. However, in a few weeks, the heartbeats should be very clear." she responded to him. She placed the monitor on Amy's abdomen and a very low murmur resonated through the room. She moved it around some more and the murmuring got a little louder.

When Amy began to hear the sound, she began to tear up. When the murmuring got louder, tears began to flow freely from her eyes and fogged up her glasses. However, she didn't care about not being able to see clearly, she was just so happy about that sound she was hearing. It meant that her babies were alive. She was so happy to know that both were still there and had heartbeats now. All Amy could do was sit on the table and cry.

When Sheldon saw Amy's reaction to the sound, he got up out of his chair and put his arms around her and said, "There, there. Sheldon's here."

When Dr. Hernandez saw Amy crying and Sheldon comforting her, she said "Most mothers react like this when they hear the heartbeat, or in your case heartbeats, of their unborn children. I will leave you two alone with the sound. It is important for the mother to bond like this to her unborn child, or in this case, children. Call the nurse, when you are ready to check out." Dr. Hernandez said. She then opened the door and walked out of the room. She shook her head and wondered about the couple behind that door.

Sheldon held Amy in his arms and tried to get her tears to fade. He rocked her back and forth until they faded. He grabbed a tissue from his pocket and handed it to Amy so she could wipe her face.

Amy then began to clean her glasses and put them back on. She looked up at Sheldon who had taken his arms from around her, but was still standing beside the table and smiled. "Thank you, Sheldon. You really are a good husband. I love you."

"I love you, too, Amy. Now let's get you dressed and go home."

Amy nodded and said, "I'm sure Penny will want to hear all about this."

Meanwhile at apartment 4B, Leonard and Penny were sitting in the living room watching some movie Penny had wanted to see. Leonard was barely watching and could honestly care less about what was happening on the TV screen. He was just happy to have Penny in his arms. It didn't matter to him how many of these types of movies Penny made him watch, as long as he still had her in his arms, and she was happy, he was happy.

During one of Penny's favorite scenes, a familiar knock rang on the door.

*knock knock knock* "Leonard and Penny"

"Oh, lord its Dr. Whackadoodle. I thought he and Amy had an appointment at the gynecologist this morning." Penny said. She looked at the clock and realized it was no longer morning. She walked to the door and waited for the knocking soliloquy to end.

*knock knock knock* "Leonard and Penny"

Penny held up two fingers noting that she had heard Sheldon's knock twice now.

*knock knock knock* "Leonard and Penny"

She held up a third finger and then opened the door. "Hello, Sheldon. What brings you over here?"

"Well, Amy and I just got back from her appointment and we were just letting you know we had arrived safely back home." he responded.

"Ok, thank you, sweetie." Penny replied. "Is there anything else you want to share?"

"Well, I think it would be wise of me to allow Amy the pleasure of sharing the details of the appointment with you. She's just itching to tell you."

"Ok, well. I'll head over there now." Penny grabbed her flip flops from in front of the couch and slipped them on and walked over to 4A to hear all about what happened.

Leonard turned his head from the TV to see Sheldon still standing in the doorway. "Are you going to join Amy and Penny or do you have something to tell me, Sheldon?"

"I'm not sure details of the appointment are what you want to hear about, Leonard, but with your mediocre mind, you might find it fascinating."

"Gee, thanks." Leonard said sarcastically. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"A diet coke would be nice." Sheldon responded.

Leonard went to the fridge and grabbed two cans of diet coke and a straw from the package on the counter. He walked back over to the island and handed the straw and a can to Sheldon.

"Why, thank you, Leonard. Maybe there's hope, yet."

Leonard just shook his head and said, "So, how was the appointment?"

"Well, it went well. Amy finally can figure out where the babies are. In the last sonogram she couldn't tell one spot from another."

"I remember. That's good." Leonard tilted his head. "There's more to this story. Spill the beans, Sheldon. I'm gonna find out from Penny tonight if you don't tell me now."

"We heard the heart beats. Amy sat on the observation table for 25 minutes crying because she was so touched by the sound, which I must admit is quite heartwarming considering it is just the heartbeats of two fetuses. Anyways, I held her and finally calmed her back down. We checked out and came home. Now, I'm here talking to you."

"Ah, well. I'm happy for you, Sheldon. I hope that one day I can experience that myself."

That night, in 4A, Sheldon, Amy, Penny, Leonard, Howard, Bernadette, and Raj sat around the coffee table eating dinner.

Amy pushed her dinner back and said, "I want double chocolate ice cream. Sheldon, can you go get me some? Please, please, please?"

Sheldon looked over at her and said, "No, you need to eat your dinner first, Amy. Then we can eat the apple pie my mother froze for us before she left to go back to Galveston."

"I don't want pie. I want ice cream, and preferably if it was double chocolate."

"Amy, where will I find that at this time of night?"

"Hold on, Sheldon." Penny said. "I'll take you to Marble Slab. That's where she wants it from. Am I right, Ames?"

Amy shook her head in a motion that stated that Penny was correct.

"Oh, alright" Sheldon said. He got up, grabbed his jacket, grabbed his keys, and opened the door. Penny followed and they left to go get Amy her much wanted ice cream.

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