Chapter 1- No Job

Killing is good.

No! It's not like what you possibly thinking! I kill not for pleasure or fetish or just because I like it. I kill for money. Killing is my business, and business is good, so killing is good. Get it?

Do you ever heard about how the whole 'my life flashing before my eyes' thing? Funny about how it always happen when you're dying, of all times. I never really believe it. Until now, of course.

-Present day

In the middle of a hard rain, I lied on the bloody soil in the corner of the park. The blood flowing from the bullet wound in my leg, reddening my rain soaked pants. I could see The Siren's ice-cold eye staring at me. The merciless eye of a rivaling assassin from a rivaling organization. Her hand holding my head from moving and Her knife pressed to my throat while she's kneeling over me. Blood dripping from her shoulder, grazed with my bullet. My silver-plated hardballer simply lies only few inches from my grasp. There's no chance of survival indeed.

Raising her knife, she prepares to stab me. "Are you ready to leave this world?", The Siren asked with a soft yet dangerous voice. I simply replies by closing my eyes and smirking. I could remember, as clear as the cloudless sky, how this all begins.

-Many Years ago

I felt my weak body pushed towards an small opening. I'm pretty sure my body wouldn't fit, but the opening became larger and larger the closer I am to it. Minutes later, I felt myself has passed the opening. Everything feels so alien outside. I couldn't help but to crying loudly. I heard a stange, deep voice says "Congratulations Mrs. Leonardo! He's a boy" before I cries even louder.

Wait, wait, and wait. Not that far, stupid brain!

-Months ago

Its still 14.00 and I'm home already. Entering the apartment, I threw my jacket carelessly to the floor. I jumped to the sofa, face-first. Planting it to the pillow.

Shit. Shit. SHIT. Aeris will kill me if she knows I'm fired again. Sure, working as a janitor wasn't really the most profitable job on earth. But, no job, no money, no food, no home, she kill me. I don't think it's really my fault though. My goddamn boss was incredibly big jerkass, sometime downright abusive towards his subordinates. Especially, the office is on a shortage of janitors. So, I found myself often cleaning almost a half of the office.

Here how its happened: He was ordering me to clean the dirtiest, useless-est storeroom in the entire office complex. He personally supervises me do my job, Constantly yells at me for missing a little spot and joking to himself about I being gay, faggot, and so on, and so on. After almost 4 hours, I snapped and shoryuken him as hard as I can. So hard, that I swore I saw his nose flew, almost hitting the roof…..

Now that I think about it, I wasn't really fired. Its more like a rage quit.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that I lose my job. Resisting the urge to turn on my wii, I rise and walks from the sofa to the kitchen. Sitting in the chair, I took the newspaper that happen to be lying in the table in front of me, and opened the vacant job column. At least, if she knew I took another job, she would only half-kill me.

Scanning the newspaper for jobs for 5 minutes, I already made a list of job I should try to take:

Janitor, customer service, paperboy, plumber, sperm donor, etc.. After Double checking the list, I stood up and raise the piece of paper gloriously. I ran away from the apartement almost immediately, very sure that I will get a job before the day ends. I mean, who could resist Leo's charm?

Later, at 21.00

They do resist my charm. None of them bother to think twice for rejecting me. And what the hell the sperm bank meant about 'not high enough quality'! Walking sorrowfully to the kitchen, I sit down. I took the piece of paper and stares at the list. All crossed out. I torn the list and the newspaper that happen to be in front of me, and slam them to the table furiously. Dammit, why can't they just accept me!

Slamming my own head at the table, I tries to find the positive side. At least it will took another week before Aeris come home from her little vacation. Puissance Treize, the cosmetic company she's working for, send her to U.S. to train the newbies there, being the best employee and all. Glancing the pieces of newspaper, a picture of a dead body being put to a plastic bag captures my attention. The headline reads:

Local banker found dead! Was the Siren behind this?

"The Siren is nothing but a silly urban legend." Says an police officer. "But we assure you, we will find whoever did this and-"

I was already lost on my thought. The Siren was rumored to be a a young female. Isn't that cool to have a girlfriend like her? She could kick-ass and…. What the hell am I thinking! She's probably a deranged psychopath or a hired gun or a rapist or a… hired gun? Hitman? The ones that kill people and got some money? Sound like a plan. But am I desperate enough to kill for a living? No, I'm not a madman!

But on second thought, Yes, I am.

After all, there's very few choices that crossed my mind. Try to find a honest job (with thin chance of success) and risking to have Aeris kill me, Kill for money, or Kill Aeris when she arrive home.

After considering it, I concludes that I wouldn't let her kill me. I couldn't kill my best friend either. That leaves option "kill for living" for me. I sighed. Even if I actually decides to kill for money, it'll take a while to get an 'assignment'. For that, I have to build some reputation. Removing those thought from my mind, I turns on my xbox.

Money could wait. This is the time for some stress relieving games.