A rather awkward silence fills the living room (if you could call it one). The little smile from Aeris' lips slowly turns to a mild frown upon noticing that her roommate didn't move at all. She would think he's dead if not for the constant sweating he had.

"Uhh... leo?" She said awkwardly while pausing the massacre in her TV.

Still no response from the grey cat.

"Mission control to Greytrooper – Do you copy me?" She snapped her finger rather impatiently in front of leo's eyes. This time, he actually give a response, albeit not the one she wanted.

"Oh, hey Aeris... heh heh... i-i thought you'll not going home till 8 o'clock next morning."He stuttered, obviously afraid of his life.

"Well, save your breath silly. I knew from the day i fly to the states that, in one way or another, you'll forgot to pick me up from the airport when i arrives." She said with a mocking smile while patting the couch beside her, asking leo to join her.

"So... you're not angry at me?" Leo replied while moving carefully to the couch to join her after regaining his composure.

"I'm just too happy to be angry now. The vacation went smoothly, i even got paid for it. Plus, i got us new games" She said as she handed Leo the second controller.

"Really? Wow, what do you got us?" Leo yelled excitedly. The thought of new games instantly remove all uneasyness inside him. Without second though, he picked the controller.

"Call of Duty: Space Warfare"

It seems weird that, for some reason, the apartement inexplicably get warmer to Leo, with the source of the relaxing fuzzyness being his roommate. His mind wanders

'Oh lord, is it only me or she's really... gorgeous. Her eyes, her hair, and…her lips…' Leo could feel his body slowly bends toward his pink comrade. His lips forming a small o, slowly makes it way towards Aeris' lips. In no time they locked their lips enjoying the-

"Leo?!" Aeris almost shrieked as she noticed that Leo bended to her. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"h-huh? yeah?!" He said, startled after abruptly cut off from his dream. In a moment he realized his position.

"Oh! Crap! " He straightens his body. "S-sorry, Aeris, i-I guess I'm a little bit sleepy."

After regaining her composure, Aeris remarked."Well, then go to bed, we'll continue playing tomorrow." Still a bit shocked from what was happened.

"No! Let. Me. Play." He said rather creepily, staring at Aeris.

"o-ok… just make sure to sleep on your bed if you couldn't handle it, okay? 'cause I'll not lifting you to your room." She sighed. Only Leo could ruin such a good moment of serenity.

"Ok. Let's play some co-op!" He said excitedly, forgot about the little drama that happens a moment ago.

One Hour Later...

Aeris could feel herself gets more and more tired. Her eyes could barely stays open for long. 'Not, now!' she thought. 'just few more minutes and i'll finish this one level.'

It is indeed an amazing feat for her to almost complete the entire co-op campaign by herself, since Leo has gone to dreamland approximately 5 minutes after the game started.

'This is it' she muttered. 'now i just need to upload the virus at the SpaceCommie's mainframe hypercomputer to save the entire multiverse' she added gleefully.

Ironic how the electricity suddenly died the exact moment she almost finish the co-op campaign. However, it took her few seconds to digest what the heck has just happened, and when the realization kicks in, she wants nothing than to yell a big 'NO!'

She, however, stopped from doing so by the fact that her roommate is currently sleeping... with his head on Aeris' lap.

With her drowsiness overpowers her rage and her pleasure (from having a boy on her lap, apparently), and the complete darkness removes the possibility to move to her bedroom, she wisely decides to sleep on the couch with Leo.