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From that moment on Simba an Katari became what you would call competitive friends. If Simba did somethin better than Katari, Katari would have to find something that Simba wasn't gonna beat her at. A good example was racing him, he may have been able to pin her to the ground but there was no way he could ever hope to beat her in a race. He was fast but not nearly as fast as she was. She was faster than a hungry cheetah chasin an antelope. Simba became pretty close with her the past couple days an started to actually like her. But yet there was still something off about her that he couldn't picture just yet. Something deceitful but he didn't know what it was. He would find out her secrets sooner or later.

That afternoon she an him went on a walk together alone like they do almost every morning looking for something to do. Normally the two were very talkative, yet that morning it was very awkward an quiet. Simba just kept pacing staring directly at the ground. She knew something was bothering him.

''Not very talkative this morning.'' Katari frowned wondering what it was that got him so upset an quiet.

''Yeah, I know.'' Simba didn't even bother to look up at her, his eyes were still fixed on the ground.

''You okay? Seems like somethings bothering you.'' She stared at him compassionatly he looked as if he was about to cry. Tears started to swell up but he jerked away before she could see them. There was no way he could cry in front of her, he's too strong to cry. Crying makes him weak he thought. Raised on your own for a long time you learn to toughen things up an move on quickly without trying to remember it ever again.

''I just-'' Before he could finish, Katari pulled him in for a hug without saying a word.

''What's that for-'' He sniffled wiping his eyes as they released from the embraceful long hug.

''Simba you know I care for you, so tell me what's bothering you?''

''I can't-''

''Why not? I promise I'll try to understand.'' Katari smiled in a sing-songy tone lookin into his amber orbs, trying to cheer him up.

''It's just, my past. I been thinking about someone I left behind, an other things.'' She had absolutely no idea what or who he was talking about, but she knew they were important to him.

''Aw I'm sorry Simba, they must have been important to you.''

''Very..'' He hesitated knowing that they were important to him, but he doubted they even thought about him anymore. His entire Pride, his whole family, all his friends probably hate him now.

''Well I'm here for you, no matter what.'' Those words brought a huge grin to Simba's muzzle, he squized her tightly with another hug.

''Thank you.'' He whispered in her ear, tears rolling down his cheeks.

''You're welcome.''

For the next couple minutes as they two released from the hug they just stared at each other, neither one taking their eyes off one another. Simba felt lost in her eyes, she was so much like Nala. A Nala with redish eyes instead of blue. That sweet tone, her personality. She was a great friend. But he wondered what she would be like as a girlfriend. No Simba, stop. Quit thinking like that. She probably has a boyfriend, or someone else she likes. There is no way she would go for you. Forget the love crap, it ruined you once. It will again.

The awkwardness became a little two weird for the two, they both turned away looking at the sunrise.

''It's so beautiful.'' Katari watched in awe as the sun rose over the river its golden reflection shining like a mirror.

''Yeah it is, I used to watch the sunrise all the time back at my old home too.''

''Where did you used to live before anyway?'' Katari asked curiously.

''I wasn't in the jungle my whole life I can tell you that.''

''So where'd you used to live.''

''Uh, just a place.'' Simba said plainly trying to blank out the thought of Pride Rock. It was too much for him to try to remember it would only make him sad.

''Oh well it's okay you don't have to tell me.'' Katari crashed into the grass laying on her back staring at the clouds.

''What are you looking at?'' Simba looked up to see the clouds as they past by. It trully was beautiful here, not exactly like Pride Rock. But still an amazing place.

''You can lay down by me ya know? I won't bite.'' Katari smiled patting the grass with her paw signaling him to lay next to her.

''Puh! I know, Its not like I'm scared of you or anything.''

''Oh really now?'' Katari jumped up quickly in a fiery tone.

''Yeah really.'' Simba just chuckled he loved making her angry. It was too funny to see her get all worked up.

''Sit back down I was only kidding, your pretty strong for a girl.''

''Whats that supposed to mean? You always say that!''

''Haha relax, I'm just playing with you.''

''Ugh! Simba you're such an ass.'' Katari stormed off running in the field.

''I was only kidding! Katari? Hey, come back.'' Seeing her run off he chased after her pursuing from behind running as fast as he could.

''Catch me if ya can slow poke!''

''Come on! You know you're faster than me.'' Simba chased her down to the end of the field, looking behind her shoulder she seen he was gaining on her quickly so she leaped in the river swimming down stream.

''What's the matter? Is the big strong Simba scared of a little water? haha'' Taunting him she splashed water his face, Simba leaped in the river alongside her.

''It's freezing in here.''

''It's not that cold, you'll get used to it.'' For hours the two swam around splashing each other playfully, the two Lion's were soaking wet. It was happening again, Simba got this sickly feeling in his stomach. She was so much like Nala, she reminded him so much of her. The stuff they did together. Katari noticed Something was wrong again, Simba wasn't talking he just stared at the water lost like he was in a trance.

''Simba? What's wrong?'' She stared looking into his eyes.

''I uh-can I tell you something?''

''Of course.''

''Well you see I uhm-''

''What? What is it?''

''You remind me of this girl I used to know, an it's just uhm I don't know how to explain it-'' Katari knew exactly how he felt, somebody you loved an they are no longer around yet you have someone that reminds you just like them.

''I know how you feel, you're not alone.''

''You Do?'' Simba asked surprised.

''Yeah, I grew up with this one guy. An he just strangely dissappeared. We were like best friends till he left an never even said bye to me.''

''That's like the same thing I went through, except opposite I ran away from home an the Girl I grew up with probably hates me now. Ya know, your so much like me. It's strange.''

''I could say the same about you.'' For a good couple seconds they stared into each others eyes, lost in a trance. Simba couldn't get over how beautiful she was, those fiery red eyes, that smooth brown fur. That sweet voice, it was official he was fallin for her. An from the way she was staring into his eyes he knew she was into him just as much as he was into her. Suddenly after a few seconds their muzzles moved towards each other's closing their eyes. Heartbeats racing, when it was all interrupted by the other Lionesses calling their names for the morning Hunt. It was a perfect moment ruined, he would have another chance soon enough though.