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"He's too quiet." Captain Rogers stated to the rest of the Avengers as they approached the spot in Central Park from which Thor and Loki would depart. "He hasn't tried to escape...or do anything suspicious, for that matter, since we took him into custody. Don't you think its strange?"

"My brother knows when he has been defeated." Thor stated.

"You sure about that, big guy?" Tony questioned, pushing his sunglasses down over the bridge of his nose and staring at Thor over the top of them. Thor hesitated slightly before answering,

"I think perhaps he may be upset over the death of the Lady Katherine." Tony and Bruce shared a brief, but meaningful, look, much to the confusion of the blonde god. "Do you not agree?"

"Maybe your right." Bruce said quietly. "He seemed to pay a disturbing amount of attention to Agent Poole."

Loki listened intently to the conversation going on between his brother and his allies. The way in which they spoke of him as if he were not standing there in their midst was extremely irritating. But it did not anger him as much as the way in which they spoke of Kate. It was as if she was just another lost warrior. Another pawn in their game. When in reality, she was much more than that. She should have been a Queen. His Queen. His eyes narrowed as he glared at the so called Avengers, his lips twitching with rage behind the infernal muzzle that had been put over his mouth.

"Come along, brother." Thor pushed him forward. "It is time that we returned home."

Dr. Selvig handed Thor a clear cylinder containing the Tesseract, Thor then offered one of the handles to Loki who took it reluctantly. Loki lifted his gaze to take one last look at Midgard. His eyes scanned the park in which they were located, but his gaze stopped suddenly on the figure of a mortal woman standing next to a large fountain, staring straight up at them. Loki's breath caught in his throat. It couldn't be her. He had held her as she died in his arms, and yet...

"Are you ready, Loki?" Loki reluctantly dragged his gaze from the mystery woman by the fountain to glare at Thor. He nodded. Thor twisted the end of the cylinder he held in his hand, and they began to disappear in a swirl of blue light. Loki turned his gaze one last time to where the woman had stood, but she was gone.

2 days later...

"This report states that an agent by the name of Poole was killed in the battle of New York. You are Katherine Poole, are you not?"

"I am."

"Then please explain how you are standing here now, very much alive."

"Maybe I'm a ghost."

"You would do well not to joke, Agent Poole. Because of the suspicious nature of your relationship with the war criminal Loki, you are on extremely thin ice."

"I don't have a relationship with the war criminal Loki, suspicious or otherwise."

"Then please explain why he was found in Tony Stark's penthouse, following his defeat during the battle in Manhattan, holding you in his arms."

"I couldn't tell you, Councilor. I was sadly unconscious and on the brink of death at the time. Why don't you ask him?"

"Remember to whom you are addressing, Agent Poole."

"Who the hell do you think you people are? I almost died fighting to save this world, and yet, your trying to turn me into a some sort of traitor by implying that I had a 'special relationship' with the enemy. If this is the thanks I get, then I would kindly like to tender my resignation."

"You know that is quite impossible, Poole. Once an agent, always and agent. But that is beside the point, as well as being irrelevant to this discussion. Now, would you kindly tell us why, if you were not somehow connected with Loki, has Director Fury found it necessary to pretend that you had actually been killed that day in New York?"

"When Loki first came to earth, Director Fury ordered me to go undercover as a mercenary and get a job in Loki's army. Things didn't exactly go as planned, and I had to blow my cover, which royally pissed of Loki. He threatened me with a number of painful punishments for my betrayal. That is why I am officially 'dead' to the world right now. So Loki will forget about his vendetta against me."

"But why does that matter now? Loki and his brother are back in Asgard, and no longer a threat. Your ruse is not necessary now."

"Thats what you think."

"Do you doubt it?"

"If you think that Loki has just rolled over and given up, then you are sadly mistaken. He'll be back, and when he comes, there will be no army, no amount of force, that will stop him from finally gaining his prize."

"And what would that prize be?"

"Earth." That statement was rewarded with complete silence. The members of The Council tried to mask their apprehension at her statement, but failed miserably. Silence reigned until one of The Council members decided it was time to change the subject.

"Back to the other matter. How are you still alive?" Kate averted her gaze from the viewing screen and raised her hand to her chest unconsciously, feeling the small, metal circle beneath her shirt. A metal circle that was keeping her miraculously alive. A jumble of blurred memories and visions from the battle of almost a month ago played over and over again in her mind...

The last thing she remembered was being held in Loki's arms, then there was darkness. She woke up in a hospital bed, however many hours later, with a blue arch reactor, similar but smaller in size to the one Tony Stark possessed, embedded in her chest. Tony and Bruce stood over her bed, concerned expressions on their faces.

"What happened?" Kate muttered as she tried to sit up, but Tony rested a hand on her shoulder and gently pushed her back against the pillows. "Did we win?"

"You bet we did." Tony stated as he gripped her hand reassuringly. Kate lifted her hand to touch the blue arch reactor in her chest curiously.

"Whats this for?" She asked groggily. She felt as if she had gotten hit by a bus and then drowned in painkillers.

"That," Bruce motioned to the reactor, "is what's keeping you alive."

"What?" Kate's eyes widened in horror.

"The reactor acts almost like an artificial heart." Tony commented.

"Yours was severely damaged when that Chituari attacked you. You should have died instantly, but we think that Loki may have used some sort of healing spell on you, albeit a weak one, that keep you just barely alive." Banner added. "You were at Death's door by the time we found you, but Tony had the idea of using a reactor to both kickstart your heart as well as keep it going."

"You mean I'm stuck with this thing for the rest of my life?" Kate's voice was failing her and she could only manage to whisper.

"It's not as bad as all that, Kate." Tony reached up and tapped a finger against his own chest piece. "Trust me."

"Loki." Kate whispered. "He thinks I'm dead."

"Does he ever!" Tony rolled his eyes. "That asshole hasn't said a word since we found him in my penthouse, what can only be described as 'cradling' you in his arms."

"He can't find out I'm still alive." She murmured fiercely. "I'll never be free of him as long as he thinks I still live."

"Well thats your choice, Katie." Tony gave her hand a comforting squeeze. "Can't say I blame you for not wanting his attention."

"You should get some rest." Bruce said softly. "Your body needs to recover." Kate nodded slightly before relaxing against the pillow and drifting into a drug induced sleep, visions of a green eyed, black haired god filling her dreams...

"Agent Poole... Agent Poole!" Kate snapped out of her reverie, focusing her attention once again on the members of the World Security Council. "Would you kindly answer the question."

"You wanna know how I'm still alive? I'll tell you..." Kate paused trying to think of a way to explain what she'd gone through without seeming suspicious. "You know what, better yet, I'll show you." She pulled the zipper of her SHIELD uniform down a few inches to expose the arch reactor. The action was met with gasps from some Council members and stunned silence from others. "This...this thing," she pointed to her chest, "is keeping me alive. I was shot in the chest by one of those creatures while trying to defend this planet." Kate calmly zipped up her suit, effectively hiding the bright blue circle from site. "Still think I'm a traitor?" Kate looked at each of The Council members, daring them to doubt her. "I think we're done here, don't you?"

"You are dismissed, Agent Poole."

"Thought so." Kate muttered as she rose from her seat and made her way to the door, but was stopped by the voice of the head Council member.

"Oh, and Agent Poole?"

"Yes, sir?"

"We'll be keeping an eye on you." He stated simply.

"I'm sure you will." Kate replied as she exited the room, the door sliding shut behind her. As she made her way slowly down the corridor towards her room, she thought back to Loki and Thor's departure two days ago. She wasn't sure how she had felt as she watched Loki, handcuffed and muzzled, being led to the departure spot in Central Park by Thor. She watched from a distance as the other Avengers had all circled around the brothers as they prepared to depart, and held her breath as Loki took one last look around the park. She willed him not to see her, but when his gaze landed on her, she was unable to move. It wasn't until Loki's penetrating gaze was forced from her by an impatient Thor, that Kate had the will to turn and disappear into the crowd. She turned to glance back one last time just as Thor and Loki had disappeared in a swirl of blue light. Kate had looked up at the sky and bid Loki a silent farewell, even though she knew, deep down in her very damaged heart, that she hadn't seen the last of the God of Mischief.

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