Deliquesced Amity

Chapter 3

By That Aussie Gurl

"Kensi!" Callen practically yelled, gently shaking the unconscious woman in his arms, "Kens! C'mon, open your eyes!" Frantically searching for a pulse, Callen was relieved when he finally found one, it was weak but he still found one.

"G?" Sam asked, crouching down next to his partner.

"She's unconscious. Sam, get the car. Deeks, inform Hetty. I'll carry her out." Callen commanded as he picked up the junior agent, one arm under her knees, the other supporting her lower back. Her head fell against his chest.

I always thought that the first time I would carry her like this was when we were married and I was carrying her over the threshold, Callen thought to himself. He cringed as soon as he realised what he was thinking. He knew that over the years of working with Kensi that he started to develop feelings for her but he had never admitted it. He always presumed that she wouldn't like him back, it was just a silly crush like you have in primary school. No. Of course she didn't like him back, what was he thinking?

"G!" Sam called from his running car, snapping Callen out of his thoughts.

"Coming!" Callen responded, picking up the pace slightly but still making sure he wasn't moving Kensi around too much. Knowing her stomach today, he didn't trust it enough to not make her throw up once again, even if she was unconscious.

"I've got it." Deeks said, overtaking Callen to open the back door of the car for him, while Sam got back into the driver's seat.

Once Callen had carefully placed the still unconscious Kensi in the back and had himself in the back as well to support her, Deeks got into the passenger seat as Sam peeled out of the car park, breaking all speed limits to get Kensi to the hospital as fast as possible.

It had been over four hours since the trio and the still unconscious Kensi had arrived at the hospital. Kensi's pulse had stayed consistently weak throughout the trip, making the team on edge about her wellbeing. As soon as she was carried into the hospital, she was laid on a gurney and whisked away for every tests and scan under the sun. They had not being allowed in with Kensi so they had to settle for waiting in the waiting room – whether they liked it or not.

"Miss Blye?" A doctor asked, coming into the waiting room.

"Yes. How is she?" Callen asked, as the trio stood up and walked towards the doctor. He could not wait a second longer. He had to know whether the girl he loved (if he was being truly honest with himself) was okay or not.

"She is okay. We ran multiple tests and scans and have found Miss Blye to have many injuries. She has numerous lacerations and bruises covering her entire body, severe concussion, internal bleeding and unfortunately in surgery a couple of her ribs were broken. She was taken into emergency surgery, which she is out of now. Another worrying thing is that some lacerations and bruises are a couple of weeks old whereas some are as new as last night. We fear she may be a victim of domestic violence and abuse." The doctor told the three men, and watched their expressions get more and more worried, "But one of our biggest concerns is the different drugs in her system. There was a copious amount of drugs in her system which caused her body to have an adverse reaction too, which is a main reason the amount of vomiting she has incurred along with the concussion. The drugs, we believe, may have caused memory loss. Has she had a problem with this?"

"Yes, she has been suffering from memory loss lately." Callen answered, looking extremely worried. Kensi Blye, a victim? No. She was one of the strongest people he knows, if not the strongest. She couldn't be victim, could she? "Can we see her?"

"Yes. A nurse will take you to her. She will still be under from the anaesthesia but it should wear off soon. Just to let you gentlemen know, since she has a concussion she is only allowed to sleep 2 hours at a time before she has to be woken up again. This only has to happen for the first 12 hours. Just thought you would like to know, presuming someone will stay with her?"

"Yes, someone will. Thank-you doctor." Sam replied, as Callen, Deeks and himself followed a nurse down a hallway to where Kensi was.

"Here you go." The nurse pointed to an open door they had arrived at after leading them down a long hallway.

Silently, the trio walked into the room, Callen first, to see the strong, defeat-less Kensi Marie Blye hooked up to many different tubes and contraptions looking very weak. The sight shocked all three of the men to the core.

As if not to wake the heavily drugged agent, the trio silently grabbed chairs and carried them to her bed side; Callen and Sam on one side and Deeks on the other.

Quietly, Callen lowered the bed railing so he could hold Kensi's hand easier. Rubbing the her hand with the pad of his thumb, he whispered;

"Oh Kens, baby. We'll find him. I promise."

Deeks and Sam knew Callen had a thing for Kensi. It was obvious and they were positive Kensi knew it too, perhaps even felt the same way towards him but ignored it and pretended to be completely ignorant to the fact. It was quite a sight to watch the senior agent "subtly" fall in love to a completely "oblivious" junior agent. Sam and Deeks thought the whole thing, that had unravelled for quite a number of months now, was quite entertaining, to say the least.

Suddenly, Kensi started to stir from drug induced slumber.

"Where… Where am I?" Kensi asked, drugs lacing her weak voice.

"In the hospital, Kens." Callen answered, squeezing her hand.

"Why? How?"

"You were throwing up and then collapsed."

"Oh." Kensi replied, closing her heavy eyelids.

"Get some rest, Kens. We won't leave." Callen told the tired agent.

"Okay." Kensi barely managed out before sleep overtook her tired body.

Not letting go of Kensi's hand, Callen instructed his team;

"Sam and Deeks. Go to Kensi's apartment and check it for anything the intruder left behind, call forensics if you have to. Ring Hetty on the way to catch her up on Kensi."

"Got it. We'll let you know if we find anything. Keep us updated too." Sam replied, standing up.

"Okay." Callen said, giving Sam a nod before Sam and Deeks walked out of the room.

30 minutes later, Sam and Deeks arrived at Kensi's apartment. The ride to her apartment had been a silent one. Both men deep in their own thoughts; who was doing this to their friend, partner, sister and why. It was worrying the both them to no extent.

Walking up to Kensi's apartment door, they noticed nothing abnormal. Picking the lock and walking inside, everything looked in place. Well, as in place as things can get in Kensi Blye's house that was closer to a pig sty.

Looking through her entire apartment, nothing was out of place making her apartment a dead end. Frustrated with this, Sam called Eric to see if he had any leads.

"Yo!" Eric said as he answered his phone.

"Eric! Any leads?" Sam asked, slightly on edge.

"No, not so far." Eric responded, sounding dejected.

"Okay. Let us know if anything comes up." Sam replied, sounding annoyed before he hung up and filled Deeks in on bad news from Eric.

Locking the door and walking back to their waiting car, Sam called Callen to catch him up on what has happened, or in their particular case, what hadn't happened.


"G. It's me. The apartment was a dead end and Eric hasn't gotten any leads yet either with the image. How's Kensi?"

"Still sleeping."

"What's the plan now?"

"There isn't a lot we can do for now until Eric gets some sort of lead with the image. I'll find out how long Kensi is going to be staying here and then we'll talk to Hetty about a safe house and putting her in protective custody – our custody."

"Deeks and I will head back to OSP and brief Hetty on the plan. Keep us updated, we'll be in later."

"Always." Callen responded as both men hung up their phones.

Callen looked towards the sleeping agent, gosh she looks beautiful! Callen thought to himself as he continued to rub the pad of his thumb across the top of her hand. A little bit of colour had come back into Kensi's face since she had briefly woken up and she still looked quite weak and sick but to Callen she looked like the most beautiful person in the world.

He kept watching her for some time until it was time to wake her up from her peaceful slumber.

"Hey gorgeous! How are you feeling?" Callen asked quietly, shaking her arm gently to wake her.

"Okay…" Kensi replied, drugs still lacing her quiet voice but not as strongly as before and obvious she was trying to hide the pain she was in.

"You in pain, Kens?" Callen asked, worried.


"Kens…" Callen said with a warning tone.

"Maybe a little…" Kensi replied, as she started to get up.

"Easy, Kens. Do you want to sit up?" Callen asked, gently holding Kensi down from sitting up, knowing that sitting up without assistance would be practically impossible with broken ribs.

"Yeah." Kensi said, wincing.

"Okay and I'll get the nurse for pain relief." Callen said as he helped Kensi into a sitting position.

"Callen?" Kensi asked, after a couple of minutes of silence whilst waiting for the nurse.

"Yeah?" Callen replied, squeezing her hand that was still in his grip.

"What… umm… Why do I hurt?" Kensi asked, trying to get the words to form properly in her cloudy head.

"You have a severe concussion, had internal bleeding, couple of broken ribs, cuts and bruises." Callen told Kensi, who started to look distant.

"Oh… Umm… Callen?" Kensi asked before she was interrupted by the nurse entering her room.

"Hello Miss Blye! How are we feeling?" The nurse asked cheerfully.

"Okay, I guess." Kensi said, stilling looking distant.

"Okay, I'll give your some more pain relief. If you need a bigger dose, just press the morphine button and the machine will administer a higher dose." The nurse told the patient as she fixed the pain relief medication to the proper settings.

"Thanks." Kensi responded quietly, still not moving her gaze where it had been since Callen had told her her injuries.

"Kens?" Callen asked, worried at how distant Kensi suddenly got.

"Why don't I remember anything?" Kensi asked in a small voice.

"We are trying to figure it out, don't worry baby, we'll figure it out soon." Callen said, trying to comfort her, "Get some rest; I'll wake you in a couple of hours."

Kensi only nodded in agreement before she fell back into her peaceful slumber.

"Knock-knock" Deeks asked quietly, as he walked into his partner's hospital room, in front of Sam.

"Shh..." Callen whispered, putting his free hand to his mouth to signal to be quiet.

"How is she?" Sam asked, quietly, pulling up a seat next to Callen.

"In a bit of pain, confused and really distant." Callen replied, still looking at the sleeping agent.

"Has she remembered anything?" Sam asked, studying his partner.

"No… Not yet…" Callen replied, sighing.

"She'll remember. Don't worry, G."

"Yeah… I know…" Callen replied, looking at his watch, "Kens, Kensi. Time to wake up." Callen said, shaking Kensi's arm, diverting his attention from Sam to Kensi, "C'mon. Wakey wakey!"

Kensi started to stir, groaning as she woke up from her sleep.

"Afternoon Sleeping Beauty!" Sam said, teasingly.

"Hi Sam." Kensi replied, with a small smile before a wave of nausea hit her like a truck.

"Kens?" Callen and Sam asked in unison, noticing the small smile disappear as soon as it appeared.

Kensi suddenly sat up, ignoring the pain in her chest, with her hand over her mouth to try to keep the vomit down.

Quickly grabbing a bucket from the best side table, Callen placed it in front of Kensi as she emptied the contents of her stomach into it. Callen pulled back Kensi's hair to remove it from her face and rubbed her back to soothe her. Once her stomach had nothing else to offer, Kensi fell back onto the pillow in exhaustion.

Giving the evidence to Deeks to dispose of, Callen squeezed Kensi's hand to comfort her.

"Why do I keep throwing up and have no memory?" Kensi asked, near tears due to frustration.

"It's your concussion, Kens." Callen replied, rubbing her hand with the pad of his thumb.

"But I can't remember, Callen! I CANT REMEMBER!" Kensi yelled, tears running down her face that she could no longer hold back as she sat up and started ripping all the tubes and needles out of her body. She had to get out of there. She had to get away from everything.

"Kens. Kensi! Stop. It's going to be okay, you will remember. We will help you." Callen replied, trying to calm her down will holding her down to stop her from ripping all the tubes and needles out, with the assistant of Deeks and Sam.

"NO! I'M NOT GOING TO REMEMBER! I'M NEVER GOING TO REMEMBER! I HAVE NO MEMORY AND SOMEONE IS COMING INTO MY HOUSE AND I DON'T KNOW WHY OR HOW, CALLEN! I. DON'T. KNOW. WHY." Kensi yelled, still struggling while hyperventilating and tears running down her face.

Hitting the call button, Callen desperately tried to calm Kensi down, "Kens. It is going to be okay. Look at me, baby. Look at me." Callen used one hand to gently grab her jaw to turn it to look at him, "You just remembered something. See? Your memory is coming back! It just takes time! Just breath Kens, breath!"

As Kensi attempted to take deep breaths to calm down, a crowd of nurses and doctors rushed into the room.

"You need to leave." A nurse said politely but urgently to the three worried men crowded around the hospital bed. Taking one last look, Sam and Deeks let go of Kensi and nodded their heads as they stood and left the room. Callen on the other hand, couldn't leave.

"It's going to be okay, Kens. I'll be right outside." Callen said, trying to get his hand out of Kensi's tight grip, "Kens. I need to leave so the nurses and doctors can help you." Callen said gently, still trying to get his hand free as Kensi squeezed tighter. Knowing it was hopeless, Callen looked at the nurse trying to get him to leave.

Watching the whole event unfold between the two agents, the nurse just nodded and whispered, "It's okay, you can stay." As she went back to work.

As the team of doctors and nurses tried to reattach everything that was yanked out, they realised the job was a lot harder than anticipated. The young women was still hyperventilating and struggling profusely. Gently piercing the skin, a nurse explained they have no choice but to sedate her so they can properly reconnect all the tubes and needles. Once the agent was out, the nurses reconnected all the tubes and needles, and placed an oxygen mask over Kensi's mouth and nose.

Quietly, all the nurses and doctors left the room except for one to explain what happened.

"What happened?" Sam asked, as he and Deeks re-entered the room.

"We believe that this panic episode was a mixture of the amount of drugs in her system along with her severe concussion. I also speculate that her personality being so independent and strong-willed would have also played a part." The doctor said grimly.

"What's going to happen now?" Callen asked, still in the spot he had been since he first entered the room.

"We will sedate her for a couple of hours before we will attempt to wake her up again. Hopefully in this time, her body will have time to rest and she shouldn't have another panic episode. If all goes to plan, she can come off the oxygen tomorrow but make sure she stays on it for now."

"Thank-you Doctor." Callen replied, as the doctor quietly left the room.

"What… umm… What happens now?" Deeks asked, obvious he was shook up from watching his normally strong partner have a major panic attack.

"We wait to see how she is when she wakes up. We then decide if we bring the subject up of her getting attacked or not." Callen said, in an instructive tone.

"She is starting to remember which a good thing. Hopefully, she will be able to tell us something soon so we can catch this guy." Sam said, giving a comforting smile to his partner.

As the three men watched the agent peacefully sleep, they all had the same thought in their head; What the heck happened?

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