Deliquesced Amity

Chapter 6

By That Aussie Gurl

"Mr Hanna. Mr Deeks. My office." Hetty said. The men had just entered OSP after being mysteriously summoned in by the operations manager.

Sam and Deeks followed behind the operations manager as she led them to her office and took a seat behind her desk.

Pouring herself a cup of tea, Hetty asked the two men seated in front of her; "How is Miss Blye?"

"She's okay. Sleeps a lot and in quite a bit of pain." Sam answered.

"And her memory?" Hetty prodded.

"Slowly coming back, but in the form of nightmares and dreams."

"mmmm…" Hetty answered, obviously thinking and dissecting the information she had just received in her usual Hetty way. "How's Callen?"

"Um. Fine." Sam answered, confused.

"Keep an eye on him Sam. He is about to enter unsure ground, metaphorically speaking. Now, the reason I called you in is because Director Vance wants this case top priority. This man may know top secret secrets or he may know nothing, whatever the case he wants to play safe. We need to know why he targeting Miss Blye and whether she and/or us have been compromised. Also, we think the man may come back. If this is the case, we want him caught so you two are on stakeout in front of Kensi's house. I am sure Mr Callen can handle Miss Blye on his own."

"Uh, okay. I'll go get the surveillance stuff from Eric." Deeks said, excusing himself.

"I'll let G know what's up." Sam said, also excusing himself.

To be frank, Sam and Deeks were confused and suspicious. Sam and Deeks weren't the only capable agents to do surveillance, they were meant to be on protection detail and if worse came to worse, Eric would just put up cameras and they would surveillance that way. Why would Hetty pull them away from the protection detail? Something was going on.

Callen sat there, staring at the now sleeping agent. They had continued to sit there, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes in silence. That is until Kensi fell asleep but her grasp on Callen's hand didn't lose and Callen didn't pull away so that was where he stayed.

Phone rings.

"Callen." Whispered, trying to not wake up the sleeping agent. He failed.

"It's me, G. Hetty called us in to tell us to take up surveillance in front of Kensi's house in case the guy comes back. You good with Kensi?"

"Are you coming back at all?" Callen asked, slightly concerned as Kensi sat up.

"No, we have to go straight there, why?"

"Kensi's having a donut redrawal." Callen replied, winking at the scowling agent.

"Huh. Good luck with that one buddy! I'll keep you posted."

They both hung up their phones.

"Is Sam coming with the dounts?" Kensi asked, hopefully.

"No, him and Deeks are doing something else." Callen replied as he saw the disappointment wash over Kensi's face like a five year old being told no more lollies before bed.

"Oh." Was all the deflated Kensi managed to get out.

Callen knew he would regret the decision but he also knew Kensi needed to get out of the house, "Donut run?"

"Donut run!" Kensi replied, happily almost falling off the couch in anticipation, luckily Callen caught her in time. Yep, the drugs were definitely turning Kensi into a sugar-high five year old.

Shaking his head, Callen helped the excited woman off the couch and helped her find her shoes. Five minutes later, they were in Callen's car driving to the closet donut shop.

"Why aren't Sam and Deeks coming back?" Kensi asked, after they had been driving in silence for 10 minutes.

"They have a surveillance op." Callen replied, not wanting to tell her it was to do with her case.

"It's at my house, isn't it?" Kensi asked.

"Yeah, it is." Callen replied. That was a long kept secret. He didn't know why he wanted it a secret, he just didn't think it would sit well with her. Apparently it did, must be the drugs and lack of sugar.

"Thought so." Kensi replied, showing no sign of it not sitting well, in fact she came across as if she expected it and she didn't really care.

The rest of the ride to the donut shop was silent, each car companion in their own thoughts.

"Do you have enough energy to come in or do you want to stay in the car?" Callen asked as he parked the car.

"I'll stay." Kensi replied, giving him a smile. She knew if she went in that she probably wouldn't make it out without causing a scene. Getting off the couch and to the car drained a lot of her energy and she knew she would need the remaining energy to get back inside the house without being unconscious in Callen's arms. Not that she minded of course, it's just the moment would be better if she was awake. Wait. What was she thinking?

"Got the donuts." Callen said, as he hopped back into the car, disrupting Kensi's thoughts, "Got a dozen of your favourite."

"Thanks." Kensi replied, accepting the box and opening it to retrieve one, "It's been too long my friend!" She said as she took a hearty bite of the donut.

Callen just laughed at the woman next to him smiling gleefully like it was Christmas morning as she indulged in the donut like it would leap out of her hands if she held it longer than three seconds.

Starting the car and driving the car out of the car park, Callen stole a glance to the happy agent. He now realised how tired she looked. The drugs combined with her injuries took a lot out of her – more than anyone realised or anticipated.

"Get some rest. I'll wake you when we get home." Callen said, he knew how important rest was to her body at the moment. It was a prime opportunity for it to recover, and the more sleep she got, the quicker she would heal. Then again, that would mean less 'intimacy' between them and the less time they get to spend together. Wait. What was he thinking?

"GET AWAY FROM ME! I DON'T KNOW YOU!" Kensi suddenly yelled from her seat, startling Callen and yanking him away from his thoughts. Quickly pulling over, Callen undid his seatbelt and lent over to arouse Kensi from the obvious nightmare she was having.

"Kens, baby. Wake up. It's okay. He's not here." Callen said, hoping to soothe her.

"He-He was there. He-He said I-I knew him-him. I knew-knew him." Kensi said, shaking and quivering like crazy.

Callen tried to calm Kensi down as best as he could, but being in a car made things extremely awkward. Putting an arm around her and attempting to pull her close Callen asked; "Was this at your house?"

"Yea-Yeah. I-I knew him. I-I don't know where or-or why though." Kensi replied, still shaking and quivering profusely.

"That's okay. That's good. It means we are one step closer to catching this guy." Callen said, as he pulled away to start driving again but kept one hand in her hand to try to keep comforting her. He wanted to get home so he could hold her properly to comfort her. He didn't know whether this was taking advantage of her to satisfy his attractions to her or what but she seemed to benefit greatly from it so whatever guilt he had soon disappeared.

By the time they got home Kensi's shaking had gotten worse. Callen hypothesised that is was the drugs combined with the sugar combined with the dream which he again hypothesised were due to the combination of donuts and drugs. Those donuts were going.

Getting out of the car, Callen walked over to Kensi's side of the car and opened her door. Undoing her seat beat, he carefully picked up the shaking agent. He knew she wouldn't be able to walk. She could barely talk as it is, let alone the fact she was shaking like 'there ain't no tomorrow'.

"Ca-Callen. Put me dow-down. I-I can walk my-myself." Kensi protested.

"Yeah right Kens. You can barely talk let alone walk." Callen said as he continued to walk towards their house. Once they were inside, he placed her on the couch and grabbed her a blanket. Sitting down next to her, he put his arm around her to comfort her, properly this time, he thought. Kensi snuggled into his arm until her head was resting on his shoulder.

Slowly, Callen moved his position on the couch so her back was supported by his chest and wrapped his arms around her as if to protect her and to stop her shaking. After five minutes of silence, Kensi's shaking had decreased dramatically.

"Kens. Can you tell me anything else about the guy you saw in your dream." Callen asked gently. He knew it was risky to bring the dream up again but he also knew he had to bring it up while it was still fresh in her mind.

"Um. Well… it was the same guy as before except her was clearer this time and I recognised him but I don't know where from or who he is or anything." Kensi answered as the shaking slowly came back.

"That's good. Can you think where you may have met him? A club? An old case?" Callen asked, holding her tighter as if to scare the shakiness that was slowly coming back away.

"No… He's not from any of those two places. It's like I haven't met him before but I have seen pictures of him but I have met someone that looks like him when I was younger. Maybe his dad? I don't know. I'm sorry Callen." Kensi replied as she started to cry and shake uncontrollably again.

"Shhh… It's okay, baby. You did good! Don't worry!" Callen answered trying to calm her down. This was certainly not a Kensi he was use to! He knew the drugs plus the injuries and the concussion was having a massive effect on her. He wanted the old Kensi back. He loved the old Kensi but he loved this Kensi too, because she needed him. Wait, hold up! Love? Did he just say he loved her? What was he thinking! He can't date a co-worker! Okay, yeah he admitted to himself the feelings he has for her but he couldn't, could he? She probably didn't love him back anyway. Why admit these feelings when it is only going to leave him heart broken, abandoned and looking stupid? He had been abandoned too many times, he wasn't about to this to himself. No, she wouldn't love him back. This is stupid to even think about love and her in the same sentence.

While Callen had been chasing himself around and around in circles with his feelings, Kensi had cried herself to sleep in pure exhaustion.

Love. Dad always told me; "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." Apparently Robert A. Heinlein made that quote famous. But I begin to wonder. Does this quote apply now? With Callen? I couldn't possibly love Callen, could I? I admitted it before, but I was high on drugs. Yes, it was the drugs not my actual brain and heart. But then what's the difference now? I'm high on sugar too? When I'm with Callen I am happy, more happy than normal. I never want him to leave. I feel safe around him, I feel like I can be myself around him. When I feel asleep in his arms it was the first time in a long time I didn't have nightmare, that's not love, is it? When he is happy, I am happy. When he his sad, I am sad. Just like the quote. Surely I didn't love Callen, did I? Maybe I did. But even if I did there is no point admitting it. He wouldn't love me back! I would be left looking stupid! No, it was stupid to even think about love and him!

After Kensi chased herself around and around in circles with her feelings, Kensi feel into a deeper, peaceful sleep that was full of nothing. No nightmares, no dreams. Pure peacefulness because she had once again fallen asleep in Callen's arms.


"How long do we have to sit out here for?" Deeks asked, annoyed. Sam and himself had been seated outside of Kensi's apartment for four hours now and it was getting to Deeks. Stakeouts were bad, no one liked them. They were boring and you generally got on the nerves of the other person sitting in the car with you. Deeks barely handled them with Kensi but with the big guy himself? Yeah, it wasn't pretty. Sam had been the last person to accept Deeks to the team, he wasn't even sure if he was even accepted yet. He knew it was probably nothing personal, he hoped. He knew it was because he replaced Dom. Kensi explained Sam had been Dom's mentor, like Callen was Kensi's. When Dom died, Sam had been there he had been too slow in turning around to get the guy who shot Dom so Dom put himself in front of the line of bullets headed for Sam and sacrificed himself. Sam blamed himself. People wondered if Sam took the death the hardest, even harder than Kensi who had been Dom's partner.

"Until the guy turns up." Sam answered curtly.

"When's that going to be?" Deeks asked, pushing Sam's buttons.

"If I knew, we wouldn't be out here, would we Deeks?" Sam answered, obviously annoyed. Sam was bored. Sam was angry. Sam just wanted to punch something. It wasn't Deeks fault, but he was here so he got the unfortunate rathe of Sam's bad mood. It had been over a week now since they were clear on what was happening with Kensi. They had been wondering for over a month and to get a clear answer was reliving but it also made his blood boil. We dare they beat up and drug Kensi. Kensi, who he considered his younger sister, and someone he was extremely close too. He was one of the only people who could push Kensi's buttons the furthest to get answers out of her (besides Callen of course). She could do the same to him. That person was not going to see another day when he got his hands on him. He was going to let them know what he exactly thought of their actions towards Kensi.

"Depends. We could just be doing this to look after Kensi's apartment until she comes back." Deeks answered, he was bored and pushing Sam's buttons was better than sitting in silence. Plus, if Sam got too angry Deeks knew he could just get out of the car and go for a walk before coming back. The guy, if he ever did come, would turn up most likely at night and it was only 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

"Deeks." Sam said, in a low growl.

"Then again, her place looks like a bomb went off in it so if someone did break in they probably would think her place had already been robbed. It's quite an efficient alarm system, cheap too." Deeks said, half to himself, half to an annoyed Sam.

"Deeks, if you don't shut up I'm going to kill you in such a slow and painful way that you would wish you had never entered this world." Sam said, in a very low growl. A growl Sam only used on the annoying liaison that could not liaise for his life. Was that even a word? The team continued to debate that to this very day. He was pretty sure it wasn't.

"Shutting up." Deeks said, as he pulled a crossword out of a bag he kept in the back. He knew the tone in Sam's voice, and Deeks valued his life. Very much so.

"Didn't imagine you as a 'crossword type of guy'" Sam said, glancing over at the liaison.

"Didn't imagine you as a 'slow painful death' kind of guy either; guess we all have our quirks." Deeks replied, not looking up from his crossword.

Sam smirked at Deeks response before placing his eyes back onto Kensi's apartment as the car fell back into the silence they had been sitting in for the past four hours. Yep, it was going to be a long stakeout.

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