Deliquesced Amity

Chapter 7

By That Aussie Gurl

Waking up, Callen realised he had fallen asleep with Kensi firmly in his arms, also asleep. Trying to move without waking her up, Callen glanced at his phone and he realised they had fallen asleep for a good 8 hours. He NEVER slept for that long. Never. It was amazing how good he felt. He decided to ring Sam to see how things were going at the stake out.


"Hey Sam, how's things going?" Callen asked, whispering to not wake up Kensi.

"Okay. No one has come so things are pretty boring and slow."

"And Deeks?"

"As annoying as usual. How's Kensi?"

Laughing quietly, Callen replied, "She's okay. She had another flashback about the guy who did this. This time she could see his face and she recognised him but she doesn't know where from."

"At least she is remembering more!"

"Yeah except it shook her to the core. She's sleeping now which is good but I think we will be staying away from sugar!"

"Yeah, good luck with that!" Sam replied laughing as he hung up.

"Was that Sam?" Kensi asked sleepily.

"Yeah, he was just checking in. How are you feeling?" Callen asked, looking down at the sleepy agent.

"Good, but hungry."

Laughing, Callen replied, "I'll get you some breakfast, but your laying off the sugar! But first, here is your medication." Callen said handing Kensi a handful of assorted tablets and a bottle of water.

"Why!" Kensi asked indigently as she took the tablets and water and swallowed, too hung up on Callen's new 'no sugar' rule to really care about her mental rule of not taking tablets.

"Not a good combo with the drugs. How about some cereal? Rice Bubbles or Coco-Pops?" Callen asked as Kensi started to sit up so Callen could get up. Once he got up, Kensi laid back down.

"Coco-Pops, with coffee."

"Juice, no coffee."

"Fine." Kensi replied, crossing her arms across her chest, showing she wasn't happy about it.

Laughing, Callen walked to the kitchen and started to make her breakfast. Suddenly, Callen heard his phone ringing. Looking around for it he realises he left it by the couch, running in to get it he realises the phone has stopped ringing.

"Kensi." Kensi said as she answered the phone, sounding a touch higher than a moment ago.

"Kensi? Isn't this Callen's phone?" Eric said, surprised at who answered the phone.

"Yeah, and?"

"Uh, never mind. Is Callen there?"

"Kensi. Give me the phone!" Callen said, walking into the room.

"Nope. You snooze you lose!" Kensi said, cheekily, poking her tongue out at Callen, Suddenly feeling energetic and a bit high.

"Kens. Don't make me come over there!" Callen said warningly with a smile on his face.

"Bite me!" Kensi said, getting off the couch and moving away from Callen.

"Don't tempt me!" Callen replied with a smirk, whilst advancing on Kensi. Before either of them knew it, Callen was chasing Kensi around the house for his phone while poor Eric was still on the line listening to the threats and screams coming through the phone.

"Kensi Marie Blye, get your butt back here now!" Callen yelled through the bathroom door that Kensi had locked herself in. Callen had no idea what made Kensi this high and energetic all of a sudden. Maybe it was the amount of sleep? Maybe it was the drugs taking affect in a way that was rare. Whatever it was he realised he now had a five-year-old on his hands with his only life line in the bathroom with her.

"No. I'm happy here!" Kensi said laughing.

"Don't make me come in their!" Callen yelled, warningly.

"You can't! I'm the only one who can pick a lock and I'm in here and you're out there! Ha-Ha!"

"Yeah? Have you forgotten about my gun?"

"Damn it!" Kensi whispered under her breath as she heard him walk away to find his gun so he could shoot the lock instead.

Slowly, Kensi opened the door and snuck out before Callen returned with his gun. What she didn't realise was that this was all a part of Callen's plan. Suddenly, two arms were around Kensi's waist, pulling her backwards towards him.

"Let go of me Callen!" Kensi yelled, while struggling against his grip.

"I don't think so!" Callen replied, not loosening his grip, "I'll take that!" Callen said as he took the phone from Kensi's grasp, keeping his arms firmly around her waist.

"Eric? Sorry about that, what do you need?" Callen said as he led the high agent into the kitchen.

"We got a match… -"Eric started before he was interrupted.

"Hold on Eric!" Callen said as he put the phone in his pocket to better guide Kensi to the kitchen to give her the breakfast he made her. He forgot she would fight back.

"Kens, here's your Coco-Pops and juice. I'll be back, okay?" Callen said, as Kensi sat down at the kitchen bench and started to eat the cereal as Callen walked out of the room to talk to Eric privately.

"Go Eric."

"Like I was saying, we got a match on the photo image from Kensi's apartment. Well, more specifically four matches. I have their driver's licenses and case files on each of them. Sam and Deeks are heading over to your house as we speak; Hetty thought it would be wise to get them away from Kensi's apartment to give them a break before they kill each other."

"Smart move." Callen said as he hung up the phone.

Walking back into the room, Callen smiled at the sight that met his eyes. Kensi had fallen asleep beside her breakfast, using her arms as a pillow she had her head resting on them.

Picking her up, Callen carried her to the bedroom and tucked her into bed before cleaning up the kitchen.

"G?" Sam called as he and Deeks entered the house, happy to get out of the car he had shared with Deeks for the past 24 hours.

"In the kitchen." Callen replied. Kensi was still sleeping, which Callen deemed a good thing. A high Kensi was not something Callen wanted to deal with.

"Watcha doing in the kitchen?" Deeks asked, surprised; "and where's Kensi?"

"Making lunch and sleeping." Callen said, trying to hide his smile at that fact. He loved Kensi, not that he was admitting that anytime soon, but jeepers was she a hard person to deal with when she is high!

"And that makes you happy because?" Sam prodded.

Damn it! "Uh, because she kinda had a weird reaction to the drugs this morning." Callen replied, being vague.

"What kind of reaction?" Deeks asked, wanting more information about his partner.

"She went high, like as in 'high as a kite' or 'worse than a five-year-old'. That was one hard Kensi to deal with!" Callen replied, shaking his head at the memories of that morning.

"What did she do?" Deeks asked. He knew that his partner was hard enough to deal with without the influence of anything but he being a high as a kite, well. That was definitely a Kensi HE didn't want to deal with. He certainly felt sympathy for Callen.

"Stole my phone, while Eric was on the line and then locked herself in the bathroom so she didn't have to give it back. When I finally won I made her eat her breakfast and finished the conversation with Eric. I came back and she had fallen asleep on the bench. Hasn't woken since." Callen said, staring at the two men in front of him laughing.

"You lost your phone to a crippled, high Kensi? What's wrong with you man?" Sam asked between bouts of laughter.

"Hey! I'm not crippled!" Kensi said, entering the room.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty! How are you feeling?" Sam asked, ignoring her statement altogether. He didn't know if she was still high or not but he didn't want to risk staying on the subject if she was.

"Good." Kensi replied taking the same seat she had fallen asleep in earlier.

"That's good." Deeks replied as Callen slid over tablets and glass of water in front of her.

"Yuck." Kensi replied pushing them away.

"Kensi. Take them or else." Callen said warningly, pushing the tablets back to her.

"Or else what? You'll pull the Hetty card on me again?" Kensi said crossing her arms across her chest.

"Yep. Or I get Sam and Deeks hold you down while I force them down your throat." Callen said grinning.

"Fine." Kensi replied taking the tablets but clearly showing she wasn't happy about it, "Watcha guys doing here? I thought you guys were on a stakeout?" Kensi asked once all the tablets were swallowed.

"Hetty sent us over here to bring you guys some stuff, we can only stakeout for so long – especially with this guy!" Sam responded, pointing to Deeks.

"Hey! I'm the best stakeout partner ever!" Deeks said defensively.

"Pfft. Yeah right!" Sam said as Kensi and Callen were laughing.

"Now?" Sam asked Callen as the laughter subsided. He was unsure whether Callen had brought up the real reason why they were there and didn't want to unless Callen said so. He was unsure where Kensi was sitting mentally and knew this could mess her up pretty big.

"Yeah." Callen said after thinking for a moment. Helping Kensi up, he led her to the couch. He thought she might respond better on the couch. And there were less sharp objects by the couch as well. He didn't know where she sat mentally at the moment, it was like walking through a mine field.

"What's going on?" Kensi asked as she sat on the couch with Callen's arm still firmly around her waist.

"Kens, we have 4 suspects from the video of the guy at your house." Callen told her as Sam laid the four images of the suspects onto the coffee table, "do you recognise any of them?"

"Tha-That's Ryan." Kensi said straight away, pointing at the second image on the table.

"Ryan Leysha? You know him?" Deeks asked confused as he picked up his file and started scanning through it.

"Yeah, our Dads were in the marines together. We grew up together. He looks so much like his dad! I haven't seen in years… I think…"

"You think?" Callen asked also confused.

"Well… He looks like the guy that keeps appearing in my dreams but the image wasn't clear."

"Okay. Sam call Eric and get him to pull everything on Leysha. I want to know where he has been and where is at the moment."

"On it." Sam said as he reached for his phone and left the room.

"Fern?" Deeks asked concerned on the look on Kensi's face.

"Yeah?" Kensi asked, snapping out of her thoughts.

"You good?"

"Yeah, good."

"What were you thinking about?" Callen asked squeezing Kensi's side where his arm was still wrapped around.

"Ryan. I mean could it really be Ryan? We were such good friends in our childhood! Why would he do this?"

"I don't know, baby. Did something happen?" Callen replied gently. He had no idea where this realisation would lead, he was hoping and praying no to another panic attack.

"No. Not that I can think of. When my dad died we lost contact, well. I lost contact with the world so it wasn't personal but everyone knew that." Kensi said, looking at her hands so she wasn't looking at Deeks or Callen.

"Maybe he didn't know that. Don't worry, we will figure this out." Callen replied, squeezing her side again in hope of comforting her.

Looking up into Callen's eyes, Kensi gave him a small smile in appreciation, "Thanks guys."

"Anytime Kens." Deeks replies as Sam re-enters the room.

"Leysha moved to LA just before the break-ins started." Sam started, looking around at the three expectant faces looking back at him, "He bought an apartment 3 blocks from Kensi's apartment and is working at the local bank. He has no criminal record, not even a parking ticket. Eric says he is currently at the bank. Deeks and I will pick him up and take him to the boat shed."

"Okay, keep us in the loop." Callen said as Deeks and Sam headed towards the door.

"Wait!" Kensi said, stopping Sam and Deeks in their tracks, "I wanna go to the boat shed and be there when you interrogate him."

Sam, Callen and Deeks all looked at each other, exchanging looks.

Callen was the first to speak up, "Kens. You're in protective custody. You can't, it's against the rules."

"Callen. We did a donut run! What's the difference? And besides, the boat shed is where we work!"

Callen looked at Sam and Deeks for help, who in turn returned the puzzled and unsure expressions.

"The donut run wasn't around the guy who potentially did this to you! And I am pretty sure Hetty wouldn't let you."

"Yeah, but he could have been! And you don't know if you don't ask her." Kensi argued back.

"Kensi, are you even up to it, health wise?" Sam asked from his position by the door.

"Why are guys all against me?" Kensi asked, pouting like a child when they don't get their own way.

"We aren't, we are looking out for you! What happens if something happens?" Deeks said, putting in his 5 cents.

"You guys will be there to protect me." Kensi said without hesitating.

Knowing he was defeated and knowing she certainly wasn't going to give up Callen instructed; "Sam, Deeks. Go pick up Leysha and bring him to the boat shed. I'll call Hetty and update you guys on her decision. And for the record Kens, I don't think this is a good idea."

"Whatever, just call Hetty!" Kensi said happily as Callen stood up and Sam and Deeks left the house.

Shaking his head at the massive mood swings Kensi was having. Callen walked out of the room to call the operations manager.



"Mr. Callen. What can I do for you?"

"Kensi wants to go to the boat shed, we don't think it is a good idea but she won't take no for an answer. What do you think?"

"Hm. I had a feeling she would."

"What should we do?"

"Well. I don't personally think she should, I don't think she is up to it both mentally and physically but I also think it would be good to get her out of the house, besides the donut run she hasn't been out of the house since coming home from the hospital. It might also make her feel useful and since she is a witness she could identify whether or not he is the man that is responsible for the attacks."

Callen wasn't even going to question how she knew about the donut run, "Is that a yes? You think it would be good for her?"

"I presume you would be there with her?"

"Yes…" Callen replied, confused with what the short operations manager was implying.

"Then I think yes, but stay with her Mr Callen. She will most likely need someone."

"Of course Hetty, thanks." Callen replied as he hung up and went to deliver the good news to Kensi.

"What did she say? Did she say yes?" Kensi asked expectantly jumping off the couch to meet Callen.

"She said yes." Callen said, not happy with the decision.

"Thank-you Callen! Thank-you!" Kensi said, embracing Callen in a hug. Callen never knew someone to be so excited to go watch an interrogation of someone that was most likely abusing them, he assumed it was the drugs and the fact she got her way.

Hugging her back, Callen realised how good she was to hug. Her small figure made it easy for him to wrap his arms around her and she smelled exotic but so Kensi at the same time. He could CERTAINLY get used to this!

Pulling away, Callen said; "Go find your shoes. I'll update Sam and then we will leave, okay my excited little munchkin?"

"Munchkin? What kind of name is that?" Kensi asked, stopping in her tracks and turning around to face Callen, scrunching up her face.

"I don't know, you're just all happy and excited and you reminded me of a munchkin." Callen responded, a big smile plastered on his face as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay." Kensi replied, returning the shrug and not giving it a second thought as she went off in hunt of her shoes, her mind too occupied with the thought of Ryan and what he had turned into to. Surly he had a reason for doing that to her, surly!

And another chapter bites the dust.

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