Looing back on this post I made seven years ago I realised how atrocious the spelling and grammar was. I'm attempting to go through and change them because I actually liked where the storyline was going; however, I make no promises as I've got unit exams and some personal stuff to deal with in the coming months. Enjoy

Gallagher Academy for Exception Young Women was a school many envied. A lot of people also detest the 'stuck up snobs' that go there. People at school aren't like that, in fact the people that attend Gallagher Academy come from all walks of life. They all have one thing in common skills and attributes that would make them excellent spies. My name is Sarah uley and I am one of these girls.

I have two older brothers; their names are Zack and Sam Uley. Sam is at home in La Push with his wife Emily and Zack goes to Blackthorn, our brother school.

It was finally the summer holidays meaning I didn't have to go back to school for more than two months! We're going to be able to finally go home and see Sam and all the guys!.

As I was packing my bags I couldn't be more excited to go back and visit Sam and to spend some time with Zach. Blackthorn had come for an exchange this year, however it seemed like id spent even less time with my brother than when he was at Blackthorn. My brothers and his friends have started dating some girls from their year level (one above mine), I would tell you their name but I honestly didn't pay attention when Zach was talking about them.

I finally finished packing and wished my roommates goodbye, I was great friends with Chelsea and Elisa who were both going back to visit their families however our fourth roommate Megan was a little bit antisocial and didn't like to hang out I honestly could tell you what she was doing for the summer break. After wishing them goodbye I made my way to Zach's room which he shared with his best friends Grant, Jonas and Nick.

I knocked on their door and waited for the booming 'COME IN' that is standard issue for Grant. I walked in and smiled expecting all the boys to be there. What I didn't expect was for all their girlfriends to be there too. I leaned against the doorframe and directed my question at Zack.

'Are you ready to go?' he looked up at me and then at his friends with a smile. 'Yeah all ready, Sam said that I could bring these guys as well' he stated as he gestured to his friends.

At this proclamation my day was ruined, I'd really been hoping to spend some alone time with Zack. Before we'd started at school we talked every day, and he was my best friend. Whenever he saw me in school now, he was always with his friends or his girlfriend. It seemed like he loved them more than he loved me.

'What's wrong?" he asked as he noticed the crestfallen look on my face. I plastered a fake smile on my face 'Nothing' I stated, 'nothing at all'. 'Let's get going' I voiced as I walked out into the hallway. I continued towards the front entrance, I knew they were following me due to the steady thump of their shoes as we walked down the hallway.

I dint stop when we got to the entrance, I simply pushed through the doors and walked down the steps. I shoved my suitcase into the trunk of the waiting limousine and got into the backseat without a word.

Looking out the window I saw Zack trade glances with Grant and shrug his shoulders. I would have been fine has it just been Grant, Jonas and Nick coming with us; they were like brothers to me, but even since they started dating those girls it was like they never talked to me and half the time Zack didn't even know what was going on in my life. The only times that we talked all he talked about was his girlfriend. Carla…, Carrie …, Cammie? Whatever her name was. The only time I have to spend alone with my brother, and they have to come and take that away too. It's just not fair.

I watched as they put their suitcases in the boot and got into the limousine. Zack fot in the car first and came to sit next to me, I didn't look at this as he did instead opting to look out the window, when everyone was in we started on our way to the airport.

It was Solent for most of the ride until Grant decided to break the it. 'This is going to be fun, isn't it Sarah? He queried. I looked at him with a big fake smile and stated sarcastically 'fantastic'.