Chapter two

There was about an hours drive from school to the airport so while everyone was quite I decided to take out my laptop. My laptop is incredibly unique being as I made it from scratch, it's a blood red colour with lack and white swirls on the cover.

I specifically designed it so that only I could access specific files and documents. You can hack into the mainframe bur to go any further and see information such as mission reports and my diary you have to use a retinal scanner. If it doesn't recognise me it will send me a message on my phone to let me know that someone has tried to access my files.

I thought it was pretty advances for a first year. I could fell eyes on my while I was hacking into the government website, I always found it fun to hack into different website that is one of the reasons I was accepted into Gallagher Academy.

I was hacking into the CIA database when Zack found me and called his school who them sent through a recommendation to Headmistress Morgan at Gallagher Academy. After finally getting through and finding nothing interest, I decided to write in my diary for the rest of the ride.

When we got to the airport I waited while everyone got out and then followed grabbing my suitcase in silence. As soon as Zack and all of his friends got out of the Limo they started talking excitedly.

Grant came over to me and slung his arm over my shoulder. 'When was the last time you saw you brother?' he asked as we walked towards the security check point. I looked up at him as we waited in line 'why don't you go ask Zack?" I said as I shook off his arm and looked ahead 'he should know'.

Grant looked put out and turned around to talk to Zack and the others about what was bothering me.

After passing through security we had to head straight to our terminal to board the plane.