I'm thinking of doing some in Zacks P.O.V review if you like it, sorry it took so long to update schools handing out assignments left and right.


I watched my sister walk away as we handed the airhostess took our tickets, "what's wrong with Sarah?" Jonas asked Grant "I don't know" Grant shrugged, he looked at me as we continued walking through the terminal to where my sister was waiting to board " don't look at me man" I replied as we reached my sister.

She didn't look at us as we boarded the plane, or as we walked to the seats I thought she was going to take the only single seat next to some guy so me and the guys could sit with our girlfriends, but she sat down on the window seat of the row behind the guy I know she was being stubborn and wouldn't move so I sat Cammie down beside her and sat down beside the guy in front of them now that I look at him I can tell why she dint want to sit next to him, he was.. To put it nicely a slob, there were food rapping's in-between the seats on the floor and it was disgusting.


I waited at the end of the terminal for my brother and his friends so we could board the plane, when we were on the plane, there were four double seat and one seat next to a slob I knew Zach would be thinking I would sit next to the slob so him and the guys could sit next to their precious girlfriends. But I wasn't going to sit next to a slob, so I took the seat behind the slob, the look on Zacks face was almost laughable, I turned away so he couldn't see my face , I felt the seat move beside me I looked up expecting Zack but came face to face with Cammie. I turned away why did they have to come with us I wanted to spend some time with just my brothers and now I still won't get to because Zack will always be with Cammie and his friends.