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Chapter 1

"Okay, listen, will you shut up already!" the words were really strange coming from Benji, who usually tended to be on the receiving end of such remarks. However, now it seemed like the last concern Jane and Ethan could have. He was dragging Brandt along with him, and even from this distance the other two agents could see the blood soaking through the analyst's shirt, painting it red. Brandt seemed to be trying to say something, not loudly enough for them to hear, only to be silenced quite harshly by his friend.

Wasting no time, Hunt and Carter both rushed to their colleagues.

"What happened?" Jane asked as Ethan threw Brandt's arm around his shoulders to help drag him towards the van parked nearby.

"We've been ambushed," Benji breathed as soon as part of the former analyst's weight was lifted off him. Jane just nodded. Now was not the time to discuss matters any further.

They were in the middle of a mission which had been going quite smoothly up to that point. They had split up, doing separate parts of the job. Brandt and Benji were supposed to snatch certain codes from the computer of their target, Damian Knox, at his luxurious villa. Jane and Ethan's task was to ensure that Knox and his men were out and watch for his possible approach. The team leader could have sworn he had seen Knox leaving for a run. Apparently that had been a hoax. Ethan made a mental note to kick himself once they were safe, pushing all emotions to the side. He was sure he heard some noise behind them but didn't have the time to turn and see when he heard a gunshot.

"We've got to hurry!" Jane exclaimed, her gun still on full alert after taking down one of Knox's men. At that very second she reached the door of the van and slid it open, letting Ethan drag the half-conscious ex-analyst inside.

Carter proceeded to make her way to the driver's seat but had to stop when she saw Benji just standing near the vehicle, shaking slightly, his gaze turned to the villa, an unidentifiable expression on his face. At first she wondered if he was hurt but he didn't seem to have any visible injuries apart from several bruises, a split lip and a nose bleed. Suddenly realization came to her. Over his time Benji surely had gotten some experience and had been though quite a few bad failures. But apparently now he really wasn't ready to deal with whatever had happened there. In a different situation she would have shown more compassion but now the former technician had to snap out of his shock and pull himself together. She had no idea whether there would be more goons after them but she was almost sure about it.

"Benji, stop standing there like a statue and get your ass inside!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The Brit shrugged at her words and mumbled "sorry" before climbing into the van and taking a seat next to Ethan who was trying to see how bad Brandt's injury was.

Brandt was taking air in short gasps, every one of which seemed painful and exhausting. He had a gunshot wound in his side and was losing blood from it rapidly, becoming weaker with every second.

As soon as Benji closed the door behind him, more gunshots were heard from outside. The fact that the van was bulletproof was quite reassuring but they still couldn't feel completely secure.

"Jane, try to shake them off if they follow us," Ethan ordered while trying to stop the former analyst's bleeding, as if it wasn't a completely obvious thing.

"They won't," the Brit said quietly but the team leader heard him.

"Benji, what exactly happened?" he asked glancing at the blond man for a second before turning his gaze back to Brandt. "Why won't they follow us? Where's Knox?"

"Dead," the Brit replied, ignoring the first two questions and still trying to catch his breath while looking intently at his injured teammate.

"Ben… ji…" Brandt forced out of his mouth. The sound of his voice made everyone flinch as it was so uncharacteristically weak and low.

"I'm here," Benji moved a bit closer to the wounded agent. "We're safe now. You are going to be fine".

"If Knox is dead…" Ethan voiced his and Jane's thought, "how are we going to stop the operation he initiated? Only he knew the code which could cancel the transportation of weapons. Did you get it?"

"It's not just the one code," Benji corrected. "It's a system. And no, I didn't get it from him, sorry. Was a little bit preoccupied with other things".

The team leader didn't seem to appreciate the sarcasm of the last statement.

"It wasn't anywhere on his computer or other possessions anyway," the Brit added as the gunfire outside stopped.

"Which is why we would need him alive," Ethan found it really hard to control his anger at the moment. Knox had made a deal with several terrorist groups to supply them with weapons. His agents in different countries would get messages about their further actions unless Knox himself cancelled the deal using certain codes.

"I think I've figured out this system," Benji said in a low voice.

"You think," Ethan hissed coldly, unable to hide his frustration. He really wanted to know what had happened there but decided to talk once they (and mainly Brandt) were safe.

"So you are blaming me for killing Knox because you missed him and let us walk into the trap?" the Brit didn't actually get really angry that often but now the atmosphere was quite heated. Ethan paused, knowing that there was a point in those words. In the driver's seat Jane couldn't help the flashbacks of killing Moreau in Dubai. Ironically, Benji was kind of related to that incident, too… However, she decided not to bring that up right now.

The team leader was about to say something but was interrupted.

"Benji…" Ethan didn't know what worried him more, Brandt's voice sounding even weaker and more pained than before or the fact that the analyst was looking at him while saying Benji's name, either not recognizing him or confusing the names.

"For Christ's sake, will you give him some painkillers," Benji groaned, and Ethan nodded, filling a syringe. The rest of the way to the hospital went in complete silence.