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Chapter 1

Harry was sitting by the Black Lake thinking about what had happened in the past year. The hunt for the horcuxes, Ron leaving the hunt because he was fed up with it, him coming back and the confrontation at Malfoy Manor, he thought about the incident at Gringotts Bank and wondered if he would be welcomed back to Bank with them.

Harry also thought about his beloved owl Hedwig who was killed the night he escaped from Privit Drive. He really missed her. He remembered when he first got her, it was his first ever trip to Diagon Alley. Hagrid his half-giant friend had bought her as a birthday present, his first ever in fact. He had never had gotten one before that, that's why he cherished her so much.

Dobby the House Elf was also a causality of this stupid war. He was a friend that helped him in the strangest ways or at least Dobby thought he was saving Harry. They met in Harry's second year. The reason he died was because came to Malfoy Manor and save them and Luna Lovegood and Mr. Ollivander. Bellatrix Lestrange had thrown her knife and it hit Dobby.

The final battle was at the forefront of his mind when his best friends Hermione and Ron came over to him.

"Harry you alright mate you looked pretty far into your thoughts ?" Ron asked concerned at how his friend had been after having kill the most feared wizard in the entire Wizard World. He sure as hell would be a wreck right now if it were him.

"I am ok, just glad that it's all over so I can live the rest of my life without any problems," Harry answered with a strained smile, his friends could see the pain in his eyes.

"Amen to that," Hermione chimed in.

Harry started to get up and the three of them walked back to the ruined school to if everyone that hadn't died was alright. They walked up the stairs to the school and there was Ginny and Molly.

"Harry I was so worried that you hadn't made through the final battle," Ginny said sweetly as she latched herself on to him. Harry so uncomfortable he wondered he had ever gone out with her in the first place she was too clingy.

Ron saw how uncomfortable Harry so he pulled Harry away into the Great Hall. What they saw there was a sight he never wanted see. The enchanted ceiling was destroyed never show what the sky was showing at any moment in time. The walls were crumbled, and the tables were destroyed.

"All this damage I wonder if the school ever be rebuilt." Harry said as he cursed Voldemort for what he had done to what he called home.

Hermione looked around at all the dead bodies that haven't been moved. They include Fred Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Bill Weasley Ron's eldest brother, Remus Lupin and Collin Creevy. Those were just among the friends and family of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. There were many more deaths but they didn't know them.

There was one death that stood out in Harry's mind and that was Severus Snape, his potions teacher. He was one that helped him throughout the past year. First he sent him patronus, which a doe, out to help him, it helped him find the sword of Gryffindor so he could use it on the horuxes. He then gave him memories to help him find out more about how to defeat Voldemort. For that he was grateful to the man.

He was pulled from his thoughts again by Mrs. Weasley, "Oh Harry dear, I do hope you are alright and that you will stop by the Burrow after all this so you can relax after all of this, you need it."

"We can get back together Harry since the War is now over. Isn't that great? After all you said you trying protect me but now it's all over so we can get back together," Ginny said sweetly through Harry found it revoltingly sweet.


"Harry don't talk to my daughter like that now apologize," Mrs. Weasley said sternly.

"He doesn't have to do that Mum, he is well within his right to lash out like that. He has been through a lot and Ginny's been bugging him for so long to get back together with him. All she wants is to be with the Boy Who Lived not Harry," George said as he had come over in the middle Harry's rant.

"That is not true, I love Harry," Ginny whined.

"Sure you do Ginny, that's why you read every book on him every night as a bedtime story. You never took the chance to get to know real him," Hermione said with a disapproving look.

"If that's what you all think of me than I am leaving the Wizarding World never to return," Harry stated Matter-of-factly and he left.

Hermione, Ron, and George understood why Harry had said this. It was too much for him and he had enough he needed a break especially after that last year. The three followed him out with Molly and Ginny calling after them, they had just ignored them and kept walking.

"Harry wait up! We want to go with you we don't think of you like that we are your friends," Hermione said causing Harry to stop walking and nod his head.

"Well first I have to go to Gringotts and see my money situation for our leave," Harry said and they went off the grounds to Hogsmaede station and apperated from there to Diagon Alley.


They landed in Diagon Alley; it was bustling as usual now that the war was over everything was back to normal. The four walked down to the big white building that was Gringotts at the other end of the alley.

When they walked in all the Goblins were hard at work restoring the bank but some were working at the booths so they walked to one and Harry said, "Excuse me I was wondering if I could sort out my financials before we leave the country."

The goblin said, "Mr. Potter we've been expecting you come this way to see the director." Harry gulped and wondered if they were trouble they walked after the goblin.


They walked into an office that was big with a big marvel desk and white walls.

"Here is Mr. Potter and his friends Director Ragnok," The goblin said. Ragnok looked up and motioned for the other Goblin to leave.

"Mr. Potter I know you are apprehensive about being here after the last time. You do not need to feel that way we were in a war and understand that you needed to stop here to get something so you could defeat The Dark Lord. As to why you are here how may I be of service," Ragnok said.

"Well I was wondering I had any estates out of the country because I want to leave," Harry said.

"Mr. Potter have not heard you parents will?" Ragnok asked Harry shook his head.

Ragnok was furious at this and left the room to find the will.

"Harry you never heard your parents will?" George asked

"No I never they even had one," Harry said.

Ragnok came back in, this time he was carrying the will.

"I am assuming you never heard Sirius Black's will as well am I correct," Ragnok stated.

"No Dumbledore said it wasn't safe me to be out of aunt's home," Harry said.

Ragnok was very angry at this answer.

"Well then shall we get started? According to your parents' Will you supposed to read this first," He then handed Harry piece of paper that read:

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this letter it means that we are no longer with you and for that we are sorry. We hope that you having a great life and are growing into a handsome young man and are playing pranks on people (dad).

Now there is something that we need to tell you it may be a shock but you have to know. You have a brother and his name is Adam, he was a year younger than you. He was taken from us when he was born we didn't even get to take him home so he could meet you. Someone took him from the hospital we were at.

We can only assume it was Dumbledore because he was the only one who knew about him besides Remus and Sirius and we know they wouldn't do that to us.

We are sorry you had to find out this way we just hope you find him we are not sure where he is we can only assume he is not in England. It wouldn't be that easy to find him, Sirius may know or Remus because they promised us they would look for him.

Just remember that we love you and are always with you.


Mum and Dad

Harry was furious at the letter. He had brother and Dumbldore took him away from them. If he was alive Harry would kick his ass for what he did to his family.

Harry was determined to find his brother and hopefully they could be a family again.

To Be Continued...