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King Mondo's monster was completed within the earth's night. The monster was white with blue buttons on the front. The buttons were there because that way the monster could trick the Rangers. They would a hologram of the wizard and they would fight in. The panel opened so that Mondo could put the wizard's wand in the holder that was built into the monster's Chest.

"Bring me the wizard," Mondo ordered Clank who went and did what his king demanded. A minute later Harry was being dragged into the room with Clank pulling on the chains he was put in. Harry looked menacingly at King Mondo he was furious that he had to help this lunatic. He only was doing this so Adam wouldn't be hurt.

"What do you want with me now?" Harry demanded through gritted teeth.

"It is time for you to help me carry out my plan to destroy the Power Rangers," Mondo stated.

"Fine, but just so you know I am only doing this to keep my friends and brother safe. I am not doing this for you." Harry stated still gritting his teeth. Mondo really wanted to spill the beans about Adam but he decided to wait until it was too late.


Back on Earth the manor was very quiet as George and Ron had left earlier to finish setting up the shop for the Grand Opening. Before they left though, they asked Hermione where Harry was as they haven't seen him in two days. Hermione looked at Adam out the corner of her eye to see if he had any ideas of how to answer there question. She could see that he didn't he just looked worried.

"I haven't seen him. He is probably went for a walk like he does every day," Hermione said as looked back at George and Ron. Hermione had hoped they would buy that for as that is what they knew he did the day he was taken.

"Why can't he wait until after we all get up and eat He is starting to worry me," George said.

"I am starting to think you two know something now spill has something happened to him?" Ron asked.

Adam just looked down at his cereal. If they ever found out what happened to Harry they would know it was somehow connected to him.

Ron noticed Adam's movement and round on him. "Kid do you know where he is? If I found out you have something to do with his disappearing I will personally kick you on to the street got it."

George pulled him back by his collar. "Ron will you ease up on the kid. You think just because Harry is not here right now that Adam did something to him. Why would he do that to the only family that cares about him?" George asked clearly seeing the discomfort on Adam's face at the accusation Ron placed on him.

"Well he never disappeared like this before we came here and I am not so sure Harry is out for a walk. I think something did happen to him and this kid knows what and he won't say," Ron said with a menacing look toward Adam.

Adam just got up and left the house as he couldn't stay and hear Ron's accusations because he and Hermione knew they were true. Adam did know where Harry was and he couldn't tell them without blowing his secret.

Once Adam left Hermione turned on Ron. "Ronald you are a bloody jealous fool. You think just because Adam is in our lives that he had something to do with Harry's disappearance. Just days ago you were worried about him being beaten just like Harry used to be. What happened to that!"

"Well Hermione I am sorry but maybe my first instinct was wrong. Maybe Adam is nothing but trouble and deserved what he got," Ron spat out.

Hermione and George just looked at Ron. They couldn't believe he would say such a thing.

"Ron you better change your attitude about Adam because when Harry comes back he will be kicking your ass for this," Hermione spat back all the while George stayed on the couch in the living room as he watch Hermione have at Ron for his stupidity.

"If Harry doesn't come back. What then Hermione?" Ron said.

George decided defuse the time bomb that was sure going to go off in Ron the longer this went on. "Harry will come back Ron, Just so you know that if something happened to Harry it isn't because of Adam. WE will find him."

"Thank you George. Ron I am leaving to go and find Adam and when I bring him back here you better either be gone for the time being or you will apologize to him for your accusations," Hermione spat and went out the front door and with a slam she was gone.


In the Power Chamber all was quiet while monitoring King Mondo's activity. Nothing was happening yet which worried Zordon and Billy. Their thoughts were that King Mondo must have done something to Harry. The longer the wait the more worried they both became. Even Alpha was burning his circuits out with the anticipation of something bad happening.

Just then the alarm sounded signaling that Mondo has made his move. Now all they had to do was contact the Rangers and counter that move and hopefully bring Harry home.


At the same time Adam had decided to talk to Tommy and tell him that Hermione knew about them. He thought it would be best to do what Rocky suggested and tell Tommy before she was brought to the Power Chamber to help if need be.

He spotted Tommy sitting on one of the picnic tables hunched over. Adam wondered if Tommy was worried about this upcoming battle as well, of course not for the same reasons as himself.

"Hey Tommy what's up?" Adam said as he walked over to the table.

"Oh nothing I was just thinking how hard King Mondo made this job for us now by using a civilian and not just anyone, a wizard who happens to be your brother. That makes it ten times worse," Tommy said frustrated.

"I know how you feel, Harry's friends think something is wrong and not just Hermione but the other two and one of them assumes it's because of me. You know he is right though. It is my fault," Adam said.

"Adam don't you dare listen to that friend. Just because King Mondo took Harry doesn't automatically mean it is your fault. I am sure King Mondo's main thing was using Harry's magic against us he just thinks it's a bonus to make you suffer more especially because you are related," Tommy said sternly.

"Ok but I came here to tell you something else. Hermione knows about us because Zordon says she may be able to help us. He thought since she saw who took Harry that it would be better just to tell her and also she sort of got mad at us for letting the cogs take Harry. That was until Kim and I told her," Adam explained.

"Alright but she is the only one that knows right?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, but as I said another one of Harry's friends suspects something happened to Harry and blames me," Adam said.

"Well as long as they don't know I don't see a problem and don't worry we WILL get Harry back and everything will be good for you especially again," Tommy said and his communicator sounded.

Tommy answered, "Zordon we read you."

"Tommy I need you and the other Rangers at the Power Chamber. Mondo has made his move," Zordon said and Tommy cut contact and nodding to Adam they teleported to the Power Chamber.

Hermione had just come to where Adam and his friend Tommy were and realized she was too late to talk to Adam when she saw them teleport away. She figured that something had happened and hoped everything was ok but she knew full well that it wasn't. She hoped that Adam and his friends could bring Harry back safely.

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