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"I have a brother guys," Harry stated, still not believing it.

"What?" Everyone besides Ragnok said.

"Yea and my parents believe that Dumbledore took him away because he is the only one who knew besides Sirius and Remus," Harry stated.

They could not believe it Dumbledore split up a family they didn't think he could sink so low.

"Would like to hear your parents' will now?" Ragnok asked.

Harry nodded and Ragnok opened the will, the faces James Potter appeared:

"I James Potter being of sound mind and body hereby declare all wills before to be null and void. If Lily and I die together we bequeath the following:

To my dear Friend Remus I leave one million galleons and I want you help raise Harry and find Adam. Also you both should make Dumbledore pay for breaking this family apart.

To my brother in everything but blood Sirius I leave you my son Harry and help Remus find Adam.

To my son Harry I leave you and Adam (when you find him) everything else the estates and the vaults. The title of Lord goes to you Harry. We ask that he receive his inheritance on his fourteenth Birthday. Harry your mother also leaves a job to you. Your mother's family was rich make sure Petunia gets her share.

To everyone else do not trust Dumbledore he is not as on the side of the light as he claims to be.

Harry is not to leave the magical world if we die, although we mended things with Petunia and Vernon they will not understand what has happened to us enough to explain it to him.

The image of James disappeared.

Harry was in shock, the Dursleys and his parents were on good terms before they died. He wondered for a second why they hated him so much but he came up with one conclusion, Dumbledore. He messed up his chance to have a family, though he was supposed to Sirius. Clearly that didn't happen either.

"Harry are you ok?" Hermione asked worried about him.

Harry nodded, "I really hate Dumbledore now. The Dursleys were on good terms with my parents, what the hell did he do?" he asked rhetorically.

"Lord Potter since Mr. Lupin and Lord Black did not hear the Will what shall I do will with their share?" Ragnok asked.

"Could you please give them to Hermione and Ron. I am sure Sirius and Remus would have wanted that," Harry ordered.

Hermione and Ron were shocked. They couldn't believe Harry would do that for them. George was ok with that because they were his best friends and beside that Harry had given him and Fred his tri-wizard winnings so they could start up their shop and it were doing well.

"Lord Potter do you wish to see the list of estates you own?"

"Yes Ragnok I would," Harry said.

"Very well I will need a drop of your blood so we can also see you inheritance as well," Ragnok stated.

Ragnok then handed Harry a dagger with which he pricked his finger. Drops of blood landed on the parchment and estates appeared:

Gryffindor castle

Potter cottage in Godric's Hollow

Potter manor in Angel Grove California United States North America

Number 4 Privit Drive (rented by Petunia and Vernon Dursley),


Gryffindor (Paternal)

Ravenclaw (Maternal)

Evans (Maternal)


"Wow I had no idea that my family is related to two of the founders of Hogwarts. I thought my mum was a muggleborn," Harry said in shock.

"The Evans line is an old one there were a lot of squibs in the family leads me to believe that your brother is one if he never got a letter. As it is the Evans line has an account set for your Aunt in the Muggle World have one more matter to attend to, the reading of Sirius Blacks Will."

Ragnok said handing Harry the paperwork for the account opening the will. The face of Sirius appeared and said:

I Sirius declare all Wills before this to null and void, I Sirius Black being of sound mind and body bequeath the following:

To Renus Lupin I leave one million galleons. For Merlin's sake get a new wardrobe.

To Hermione Granger I leave one million galleons on the condition she does not use it all on books. Only 10% of can be used for books. Go wild Hermione. I also leave you my collection of books at Grimald Place.

To Ron Weasley I leave my chess set. Yes I played chess what do you think I did being cooked up in Grimald Place there was nothing much to do. I also leave one million galleons one the condition none of it go to your mother or Ginny.

To Fred and George Weasley I leave two million galleons to use for you shop this world needs a few laughs.

To Nyphindora Tonks (you can't get me for that) I leave one million galleons.

To Andromeda Tonks I hereby reinstate you into the Black family and leave you one million galleons.

To Harry Potter I leave everything else: the rest of vast fortune, properties, and the title of Lord Black. Also I located your brother he is in Angel Grove. I had to work with your Aunt and Uncle to find that out they know who his raising him. According to Petunia you have another Aunt Rose and she has him and possibly treating him bad I am not sure, ask Petunia.

The Image of Sirius Black then faded away.

Hermione was thinking about something after hearing that last bit of info and said, "Harry I have a cousin in Angel Grove her name is Kimberly and she knows about magic I write to her all the time except this last year. She said in her last letter that she had a new friend named Adam Park I wonder if it's him."

Harry smiled at this new information: "I guess we are going to Angel Grove as soon as I finish what I am supposed to do here."

"Lord Potter-Black what would like me to with Mr. Lupin's and Mr. Weasley's money?" Ragnok asked

Harry didn't need to think about this he said, "Give Fred's money to George and Remus' part to Nyphadora Tonks as they were married."

"Very well would you like me to set up one of your homes for you live as well? Perhaps the one in Angel Grove as it is you are to be going there," Ranok said.

"That would be prefect and can you also make sure there are enough rooms for my friends, my brother, and I. If what Sirius' will state's is true I will need to get Adam away from my Aunt as soon as possible," Harry commanded.

Hermione chimed in "You don't have to do that I am sure we can find another place."

"Hermione you guys are staying with me and that is final," Harry said with a determined glint in his eyes.

"That is awesome Harry, I'll just need to commute through the floo if you have fireplace to get back to my shop here," George said.

"You know what George; my cousin says that there is a place where wizards go for their supplies where she lives. You can open a shop there especially with the money you just received, and you know what I will put a little in myself as Sirius said I need to have fun with my money," Hermione said with a playful glint in her eyes.

"I will put some in too George," Ron stated.

"I will put more in as you are doing well here, I bet you would do well there as well," Harry said with a kind smile.

"Wow! Thanks you three especially you Harry. You gave us our start," George said with a thankful smile on his face.

"No problem now we just have to make up a contract that states that we are all partners and we each get a share," Everyone agreed and Ragnok drew up the contract and gave the deed to empty store lot and also the deed to the manor.

"Well I guess all that's left is to tell Lee that he has to run things here," George said

"Lord Potter-Black I will have a muggle credit card to your accounts set up so you have better access to it and I will put also some in a muggle bank so you can use your money in the Muggle World as well," Ragnok stated and called a goblin in to put the order in for the four of them.

The goblin left to as he was told.

"Ragnok will you be my account manager for all accounts?" Harry asked

Ragnok said, "It would an honor sir. No wizard has ever asked a goblin to do that."

"Well you proved to be trustworthy to my parents I am sure you manage my other accounts as well," Harry stated as the goblin came back in with five cards.

"What's this card for." Harry asked as the goblin handed him two.

"That one is for the brother of Lord Potter-Black and it has a spending limit as he is still in muggle high school until he reaches 18 the limit will stay. You will set the limit," Ragnok explained.

Then he bowed and left.

"I need to go back to the Burrow and get the rest of my stuff and if you don't want to come Harry I understand," Ron said.

"Hermione and I will both go with you so you don't have to deal with your mother alone," Harry said and they walked out of the bank and into the Alley.

George went to Weasley's Wizard Wheezys to talk to Lee and Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to the Burrow.

To Be Continued...