I guess this would be considered a sequel to "Addicted" I wrote a few months back, with just a few subtle variations. Also, I realize its actually "Munchhausen by proxy" and not just general Munchhausen, but, that seemed way to long to put as a title to me.

A gentle breeze brushed the hair from my face, I looked down, to see if it had disturbed the small bundle nestled into my arms, but no, he still lay in my lap, unmoving, the only sound coming from him being that of his soft breath as it escaped his lips. I petted his hair, again he didn't move, just laid there. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw him tense up for just a moment.

A few yards, away a couple of housewives passed in front of my view, they were whispering quietly to themselves, whispering about how "sweet" and "adorable" it was that the McCormick child was looking after his redheaded friend, carrying him around everywhere, bringing food to him, almost like how a mother cat would nurse it's kitten back to health. What they couldn't see was the true sickness of our relationship. It was less like a mother cat nursing a kitten, and more like a wolf, keeping it's prey alive for later consumption. Yes, it's true, I wasn't keeping Kyle with me and taking such good care of him so he would get better, I was keeping him with me and taking care of him because it would ensure he would stay exactly the same, never fully healing from his ailment.

To the outside observer it looked as though I had brought the younger redhead to the park because the "fresh air was good for him", and that's what I told people. In actuality I brought him to this, specific park, because it was a known habitat of a flower Kyle was particularly allergic too. Not deathly allergic too, I wouldn't risk him like that. He was just allergic enough that he visibly agitated. He sneezed a bit, but then settled down back into my arms. On a particularly windy day, like today, I knew the flowers would be mixing into the air, making poor little Kyle sneeze himself silly, and yet, everyone would praise me for getting him some nice, fresh air.

Even Kyle himself was unaware of what I was doing to him. Never guessing that the reason I seemed to take such an interest in him, was because I enjoyed the attention and admiration that being associated with him brought. I smirked, petting him once again. He could only suspect, never confirm, that there was something off about his new caretaker. Not that it really mattered, he was safe enough in my arms. As safe as he needed to be.

He started to sniffle, and I decided he'd had enough for one day, if he got too sick people would start to advise me against taking him out, then the once thought kind, considerate Kenny would go to being blatantly defiant and reckless, and I couldn't have that. Of course, I would never put Kyle in any real danger, but never the less, peoples perceptions were everything. I leaned down, whispering into one of his ears.

"Ready to go home?" Kyle made a few soft noises, but whether they were in response to my question, or simply the beginning of a sneeze or sniffle, I wasn't quite sure. I know he doesn't like being stuck alone with me in the small apartment we share, but, it's not really his choice, is it? I wrap the blanket around him tightly, pinning his arms down at his sides, and pick him up bridal style.

"Aw, how cute," I hear some girl, mutter to another. I try to suppress a grin, that's the kind of reaction I look for. I hold him gently, walking to my car and placing him gently in the backseat so he can lay down. I climb into the front seat and drive home, happy with today's outing. In the backseat I hear Kyle squirm about uncomfortably. He doesn't like being wrapped in the blanket, but once again that's something that isn't really his decision.

I bring him inside, laying him down onto the bed gently, he lets out a small disgruntled noise, but settles down onto it quickly enough. I look at the phone, Ike left another voice mail for Kyle. Probably telling him to call him back about something stupid. Really? How is a sick person supposed to call him back? I sigh in frustration, deciding to deal with it another day. For now I just wanted a few minutes of alone time, without being bothered by Kyle or something related to him. I pull a needle out of the desk drawer, filling it up with some medicine and jab it into Kyle's arm, he cringes and lets out a loud yelp.

"Relax," I tell him calmly. "This might hurt a bit, but it'll help you sleep."

"D-don't . . . . need s-sleep . . ." he mutters, fists clenching.

"Yes, you do Kyle. You're very, very sick." I brush some stray hairs away from his eyes, patting his head and pulling the needle out. He breathes a heavy breath, and relaxes back into his previous position. "Goodnight Kyle," I tell him softly, flicking off the light. "I'll see you in the morning."

So that was my story, let me know what you think in reviews or messages, I appreciate you all n.n.