Ike waited patiently for Kenny to leave with Kyle. He knew it was only a matter of time before he left the house, dragging his big brother along with him like a doll. He hated seeing Kyle in that kind of condition, barely able to stand on his own two feet. He gripped the cellphone in his hands tightly and gritted his teeth in anger.

Kenny put Kyle into the back of the car and drove off. As Ike watched he couldn't help but imagine how amazing it would have felt to have confronted him right then and there. However, Kenny was much too strong and psychotic for the fifteen year old to handle on his own, any attempts to rescue his brother needed to be done covertly.

He waited a few minutes after the car had rounded the corner and out of sight before leaving his hiding place behind the neighbors' fence. He easily located the key to the house underneath the mat and rolled his eyes. So fucking predictable.

Ike opened the door cautiously and stepped inside, narrowly dodging a pile of beer bottles scattered across the floor. Disgusting, he thought distastefully. The living room was truly an unhygienic place to be; bottles, dishes, even food were randomly placed on every surface. The living room smelled like stale alcohol and rotting fruit. He held his breath as he stepped further into the household.

Before Kenny had gone completely nuts Kyle had invited him over a couple of times to hang out while Kenny went to work. Kyle hadn't been in good condition then either, confined solely to his bed to 'rest' from his illness. However, Ike had managed to get a decent grasp of the house layout from the few times Kyle would inevitably fall asleep or pass out. He'd spend his remaining time searching the house for drugs, but Kenny had been smart enough to hide them.

The first place he checked was the bathroom medicine closet and was sorrowfully disappointed, not even an advil was inside. He tore open the drawers and looked through them as well, but only found more beer and a few scraps of paper and hygienic products.

He sighed and entered the bedroom, wrinkling his nose as the smell of sweat and sight of dirty sheets on the floor. If Kyle were conscious he would have had a fit over the horrible living arrangements.

Ike moved over to the small bedside table and opened the drawer. Jackpot, inside was filled with a mess of medicine bottles, there was Zoloft, Paxel, Codine and even some he couldn't pronounce. Most of them were prescribed to Kenny, some to Kyle, and a few to people he'd never heard of. Most of the medicines prescribed to Kenny were anti-anxiety or depression pills, likely for his bipolar disorder or whatever made him so goddamn crazy. Ike withdrew his phone and quickly snapped a picture of the bottles, holding up several and taking pictures of their labels. It wasn't great evidence but it was enough to ensure he could get at least an investigation from the police.

He then examined the rest of the house, but found surprisingly little evidence of an immoral household. After a few moments of hesitation he picked up the Codine bottle and stashed it into his pocket, exiting the house and locking it up again.

The first thing Ike saw when rounding the corner onto his street was a police car parked out on the front lawn.