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A/N: This is a teaser for a mildly cracky and humorous Light/L shipping fic that I am writing called Kira-kun. It contains many different points of view, not just L's. It has not come coherently together yet, plot-wise, so that's why I'm just teasing. God, do I love this pairing.


L Lawliet was kissing Kira
More precisely, he was kissing Light Yagami, the young man who had a 90% probability of being Kira.
Or more precisely still, Light-kun was sitting on his chest and kissing him, and L was simply responding.
No matter. L was trained to think clearly, no matter what an enemy might drug him with. The rush of hormones in his bloodstream was child's play.
So, as Light-kun kissed him passionately, his thoughts were quite dispassionate. Light was quite cute, certainly, and very much L's type. Not to mention the fact that they were on the same level intellectually, so the inequality that would be inherent in a relationship with any other romantic partner was not there. But the boy was far too young for L, and besides, the world's greatest detective could hardly afford the sort of emotional turmoil that came with such an arrangement.
So why was he lying there, getting kissed by Light Yagami? Simple. Light-kun was almost certainly Kira, and would be far easier to manipulate into possibly giving himself away if he was in a romantic relationship with L. Also, any chance, no matter how small, that this would decrease the likelihood of Light-kun killing him meant that this was a road he wanted to take. He valued his own life quite a bit, after all. He needed it so he could keep winning.
L noticed that Light was fumbling with his clothes. He was mildly surprised, as he had assumed that any relationship would not become that intimate so quickly, and when it did, it would be on his terms. Then he laughed inwardly at himself. The younger man had a lot more experience than him at that sort of thing. L had never even had a crush on anyone. There had been some attraction to a select few, yes, but never anything so substantial. Light-kun had apparently had quite a number of romantic relationships in his lifetime, so he was very experienced. L was certainly not against going that far however, as that would simply be more leverage. And he was still human; he was allowed desires.