The Notorious Cullens


I and my brothers are a part of the most notorious Cullen family we are known for being ruthless and classy I am 23 Jasper 25 and Emmett 26. We are the Irish mob and we deal with weapons and cars. Right now I and my brothers are dealing with a rat at one of our warehouses.

"So what are we going to do with that in there" my brother Emmett asks me.

"I say we shoot him in various places and get all the people he told and in the end put a bullet through his head.

"Yeah I'm down with that is really smart" my other brother Jasper.

So we are heading down an ally way to the warehouse. We open the door and there in the middle of the room in a chair tied up, gagged, blindfolded. Michael Henry Newton III.

"So newton you decided you were going to rat us out to the feds did ya" Jasper said he looked like he could pop a vain.

"No sir whoever said that was lying to you I never told a soul of the work we do" he said sweating bullets

So I pull out a voice recorder with him telling the feds some of the stunts we pulled. At this his face gets paler and paler with each word that is spoken on the recorder and each one of us pulls out our semi-automatic and cock it back pointing it at him

"Whoever recorded that must have recorded my voice and made it say those things" he said looking at all of us.

"Well Newton we know whatever comes out of your mouth is a load of crap so you either tell us who you told this to or you die now" I say because my patience is running thin with him.

"I told James, and Laurent and that's it I swear whoever they told is their business" he said.

"Okay thank you for telling us but you still have to die" I said this and his face paled and he started crying like the little pussy he is.

"Please no….. Please let me live I won't ever tell anyone anything please" his pleases mean nothing to any of us.

We all walk out and have one of our men handle it while we head off to the airport.

"So you'll ready to pick up some hot chicks to date and bring home to Máthair" Emmett says

"Yep all the way in New York" I screamed and they looked at me like I was crazy.

So an hour and 52 minutes later we were getting our bags and heading to the hotel. So we were going to this club that our friend that is a mob don for New York he is also full Irish just really tan call him anything else and he will take you out and if you mess with his sisters their all 22 they're triplets everyone in New York says they're sexy as hell and have quite a temper especially Rosalie their names are Rosalie, Alice, and Bella.

So here we are at the club and heading to the VIP section to speak with Seth the don of New York. We get there and we see him sitting there with his girlfriend Tanya on his lap. He says hi and then I hear the sexiest voice ever.

"Seth Me, Rose, and Ali are going dancing so don't hunt down the club okay". She had on silver stilettos and a royal blue dress that made her ass and tits look amazing and her hair in curls it was light brown and her eyes brown with green lining.

"Yeah sis and that was only one time" he said smiling at her she rolled her eyes and then says.

"Tanya you coming maybe we can get some cute guys with all four of us". She said smiling at the blond and behind her you could see a blond with a red dress and black stilettos she was about the same size as the brunette in front of us and a shorter girl who resembles a pixie with her hair like that she had on a pink dress with white stilettos they left giggling.

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