We were handling some business up stairs while me, Jasper, and Emmett were staring at the triplets they were shaking there asses and it was amazing. They were doing nothing but having fun and then some douche bags slapped there asses and Seth looked over and we were trying to calm him down before he killed everyone in this club and that wouldn't be good.

"Get your asses down there and get those sons of bitches now they'll think twice before they mess with my sisters" he said if it was possible steam would be coming out of his ears.

The guard's tore through the crowd like animals and pulled the girls off then so quick I believed it was impossible. That's when we busted through the crowd with Seth in the front.

"Take these sons of bitches to the warehouse and for you four go to the house and stay there" he tells the guards and they drag out those douches out of there and the triplets and Tanya look pissed off and then Bella says something.

"Pump the fucking brakes you are yelling at us for what reason we did nothing wrong here those pencil dick bitches did so you have no right to yell at us, and fuck no we are going to our apartment and we are taking Tanya with us and there is no say in it for you this is the end of our conversation" and with that they walked out swaying their hips witch I bet left all of us with some raging hard ons. We then left to go to the warehouse and take care of them at the warehouse. It took us 20 minutes to get to that warehouse it was in the middle of nowhere so I'm guessing no one can hear them scream. We got there and we just watched Seth start shooting and cut and sawing and it was a very good show because they touched our girls and I know that my brothers were to because those douches touched there girls and they wanted justice just as much as I did. After that we went to Seth's place so he could change he had so much blood and if his sisters saw that he said they would most likely pass out.

We were on our way to the girl's apartment and those things looked like houses that's how big they were it's not like our houses weren't big but they called these apartments more like houses. We soon stop at their apartments and get out. We start walking and we hear music all the way outside it sounds like "Bands a make her dance".

"Don't just walk in it may surprise you what they do in there it's like some ritual" he says as he laughs and knocks on the door it took a few minutes and I heard some giggling and stumbling and a very drunk Rosalie with only bra and panties set. I heard Emmett take in a sharp breath.

"Come on in guys join the party were taking body shots y'all can to join if you want" she said laughing and we heard the other girls laughing all in lingerie and it was sexy as fuck and Bella had on a sexy blue set damn and I could feel my erection straining in my pants.

So what did you think and to all those people who have no helpful things to say please don't do it.