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The room was silent except for the heavy breathing that came from the two exhausted benders. They had successfully infiltrated Equalist headquarters and had been moments away from over throwing Amon's final revelation scheme, until being ambushed by ten, well trained chi blockers. Korra and Mako were chained and placed in the corner of a dimly lit room that had windows wrapping around three of its walls. Korra glance outside to see half of Republic City a blaze; air ships bombing police training grounds, private bending schools, and Avatar Aang Memorial Island.

Pain hit her chest as if she had been punch. Guilt filled her eyes and the thought of her parents back in the Southern Water Tribe. Would they sense their only child was about to die? Who was going to bring her body to them afterwards? Would her Father cry as he held her weeping mother? No. She would not allow herself to slip into the comfort of fear and let Amon have that satisfaction.

Just then the door opened and Amon himself stepped into the room. From the distance his eyes looked hollow, but Korra knew they were there, hidden behind his mask and watching her crumpled body on the floor.

"So, the Avatar has made my plan run even better than I myself had imagined. I do have to thank you for your rash decision to speed the process of my victory." Said the mouth less voice. "Bring her to me."

Korra felt a rough tug on her forearm leading her to the center of the room.

"Korra! No! Let her go!"

Mako fought against the chains the binded his wrists, scrambling to reach his teammate. Amon glanced up, nodding to Lieutenant to silence the child of fire. The surge of lightening coursed through his veins as he let out scream laced with pain.

Taking hold of Korra's shirt, he lifted her to her knees and stood behind her. Korra gazed wide-eyed at Amon's mask. There had always been a slight terror in the unmoving face made of porcelain, not just because he seemed to have powers that terrified the Avatar herself but the idea of being untouchable. Unstoppable. His left hand firmly held the pressure point on her neck while the other descended towards her forehead to claim her bending.


Mako screamed her name, the fear apparent in his eyes as he cringed on the floor. Tension built in the room; the final piece to Amon's plan to take over Republic City was falling into place. Just one final task, and victory would be bestowed on the Equalists.


Glass went flying while waves of flame licked the ceiling and rolled across the floor as it pored into the room. Amon was thrown back from the force of the blow with several other Equalists as Korra and Mako dropped into the floor for protection. Smoke hit the occupants' lungs causing a series of coughs throughout the room. Korra looked up, squinting through the smoke to see a silhouette appear.