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"Do you think she would have gone to kitchen?" Bolin asked, rubbing his tummy as they walked down the icy halls. A strong hand pulled Korra into the room, shutting the wooden door behind him. Iroh locked the door, holding Korra so that she faced him.

"You just want to get something to eat, Bo. Korra wouldn't be in there. Be smart about this." The clicking of their shoes began to fade down the hall. Iroh kept his breathing steady but did not loosen his hold on Korra. She nuzzled his chest, taking in his scent. He chuckled.

"So you missed me after all, huh Avatar?" She clung to him tighter.

"Shut up." He smiled and kissed the top of her head. Letting her go, he moved further into the room towards the room's kitchenette. It did not surprise Korra that the water tribe had given him one of the best rooms they had to offer. He was the crown prince of a country who kept good trading ties with the South. Taking out a glass, he looked back at Korra.

"Would you like one?" Gesturing to the fire whiskey on the counter.

"Um, no thanks." Korra crossed her arms over her chest. Truth be told, she was a little embarrassed she actually came to his room. The fire bender set the glass on the table before grabbing some ice from the bin and drowning it in the whiskey. Iroh raised the glass to his lips, taking in a sip of the strong drink. "So… do you always stay up this late?"

"No" He laughed, Korra melted a bit. "I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to grab a glass of fire whiskey." He gently rocked the glass, causing the ice to clink.

"Ah, I see. And do you always sleep in your breeches?" Iroh shrugged.

"Well, I couldn't just answer the door in my boxers. That would be a bit scandalous." Iroh continued to sip his drink, a smirk on his lips and a glint in his eye. It was the same look the hunters in the South would get when they tracked the herds.

"And do you usually find yourself knocking on a young bachelor's door in the middle of the night?" Korra blushed and looked away. Why did I come here? "Well, Avatar. There has to be some reason why you are here."

Korra turned away. She may be standing in his room but that did not mean she couldn't try to shut him out. Her thoughts drowned out what was happening around her, making it easy for the soft sound of the glass touching the counter to go unnoticed. Warm arms wrapped around her, gentle lips placed a light kiss on her head.

"For whatever the reason, I am glad you came." He whispered, pushing back the hair from her neck before planting soft kisses on the delicate curve. Korra moved her head so the firebender would have better access. She ran her fingers along the muscular arms that held her close. Iroh's breath warmed her skin as he slowed the gentle pecks. "Stay with me for the night."

Taken aback, Korra turned her head to face him but was silenced by his lips. She could taste the trace of fire whiskey on his lips. His hand snaked up to her head to pull her closer to deepen the kiss. His other arm turned her around so their bodies were flush against each other. She shifted to the embrace, rubbing against him. Iroh let out a soft moan and pushed his hips against her. He wanted her, badly.

Korra pushed away, making Iroh let out a groan of disapproval. She smirked, giving him a wicked look in her eye as she walked to the glass of whiskey and took a few sips.

"Oi! That is my glass."

"Well, you didn't finish it."

"You know," He slowly moved closer to her. "If we were in the Fire Nation that could be considered stealing from the crown." She could feel his smirk as he kissed her shoulder.


"Well, Korra, the Fire Nation has very strict punishment when it comes to disobeying the crown. You are going to have to serve time, Avatar."

Korra looked at from Iroh to the glass in her hands before downing the rest. "Make me." She smirked. The glass was snatched out of her hands and before she knew it, Iroh had her pinned on the furs that covered his bed.

"Gladly." He smirked; his eyes dark with lust. Soon he had her clothes off and his undershirt scattered on the floor along with their shoes. His lips were soft but aggressive against hers as his hands traced her curves. Iroh slowly nudged one of his legs in between her legs before rubbing it against her core. She moaned, her back arching slightly. His lips moved away to meet with her exposed breasts. Korra shivered from the overwhelming sensation. She ran her fingers through his dark, soft hair, pushing him closer to her. Her other hand snaked in between them, grasping Iroh's belt buckle and quickly undoing the buttons of his breeches. Iroh felt the confinement of his pants slip away but he continued his advancements on the soft skin of her chest. He moved a hand downward, his fingertips gently brushing her most sensitive parts. A shiver crossed her skin. His eyes lifted to look at her, asking for the permission he longed for. Korra's face was flushed; eyes glazed a lover's darkness. Her head nodded slightly, giving him the answer he wanted.

Iroh moved to her lips kissing her deeply, his hands lining himself up to her body. He moved his hips in a thrust, careful to hold himself still for her to get used to him again. Korra rolled her hips against him, begging for him to move. Iroh position her legs over his shoulder and let go of his hesitations. Her smell, her sounds, the friction against her body; it was overwhelming.

The room getting hotter and hotter as both bodies moved together. She would moan as he would thrust hard into her and he would let out a low growl as her nails dug into his back. Her actions spurred him on, letting him release his princely demure. He pounded harder, the friction beginning to burn. The gasps and moans grew louder. Korra roughly grasped his hair, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. She felt Iroh's grip tighten on her hips, his fingertips singeing her soft skin. The fire bender's lips and tongue, turning her pain into a pleasure, consumed her cry. The Prince shifted onto his knees, lifting Korra's body up to straddle his hips, never missing a beat of his thrust. Her walls tightened around his cock, causing him to shiver in the heat. With one last thrust; he released himself into her, biting gently on her shoulder as he did. Korra let out a moan following his release shortly. Iroh rocked against her, letting his high simmer down along with his body temperature. He looked up at the beautiful woman on his lap.

"I'll let you off with a warning this time." He said, smirking. Korra laughed before gently kissing his forehead.


The ground shook as the machines traveled with ease over the roads. Ada and her scouting party had landed just south of Republic City and were met with Equalist troops. The benders fought hard but the over whelming machines forced them to flee into the hills. Ada spirited down the path, hearing the screams of her troops as they were electrocuted and the thuds that meant they would be soon shipped to the enemy. She slid to a halt, slamming her foot on the ground to contort the road and throw some dust into the air as an escape. Ada began running again, trying her best not to look back.


A claw shot out from the dust cloud, grabbing onto the Major's leg. The sudden snag pulled Ada back, making her fall to the rough dirt and rock. The eerie grinding of machines ranging in the air as the claw pulled back, dragging Ada with it. Gasping, she dug her fingers into the ground grasping at what she could but to no avail. Her visibility compromised by the dust in the air. Before she could react, she was bound and gagged. Rough hands grabbed her air, forcing her to her knees.

"Get cozy, Major. We have quiet a journey ahead of us." A sudden pain shot through her head. Ada fell into darkness.

The furs rustled softly as Iroh wrapped his arms over Korra, kissing her cheek. Korra made a disgruntled noise.

"Stop it. I am trying to sleep." She mumbled. He laughed quietly, continuing the kisses. "Go back to bed. It is too early."

"7 am isn't that early. Besides, the sun is calling to me." His kisses became rough. His mischievous lips travelled to her ear. "Plus I can't help but get excited waking up to a beautiful woman in my bed." Iroh ran his tongue along her earlobe before taking it in his lips, sucking gently. Korra moaned out of both pleasure and annoyance.

"Ugh, can you just be my personal heater for now?" She pouted. "You don't have any meetings this morning anyway." Iroh lay on his back. This was true; the morning was free for relaxing today. The Avatar, noticing her heat supplier had distanced himself, scooted over to his side. He laughed and wrapped his arms around her.

"I guess I can spare a few more hours of cuddling." He grinned, feeling the woman nuzzle his chest. Her breaths were steady and quiet; her body completely still. She had already fallen back asleep. Iroh's smile widened as he closed his eyes. With any luck, the sun gods would allow him to sleep in just for a little longer.


Of course not.

"Sir, urgent message from the scouts!" Korra sat up.