"The Baby Carriage"

By Wtchcool

Disclaimer: I kind of doubt the owners of "The Cape" would've taken the series in this direction (although it would've been a great idea, no?) Nor do I own Deveraux's backstory, but more on that in the author's note.

Chapter One: Rumor Has It

Peter Fleming pulled up short when he walked into his office and saw Vince Faraday's form leaning against his desk. A smile graced his husband's features.

"Miss me, Peter?" The sandy-haired man pulled the billionaire to him for a long kiss, promising things for later in the evening. Reluctantly, Fleming broke away and sighed.

"You're going to get me in trouble that way, Deveraux." The shape shifter frowned.

"How did you know it was me?" André René Deveraux demanded, as he resumed his own appearance—tousled dark hair replaced Vince's lighter curls and arcane tattoos became visible along his face.

"For one thing, the Cape was just photographed halfway across town."

"And what did I forget?" André folded his arms.

"And Vince rarely greets me so… affectionately." Deveraux raised an eyebrow.

"But you've been married for three years!"

"I don't have to explain our relationship to you. Besides, you're just miffed that I'm no longer available."

In reply, Deveraux grumbled something about stubborn monogamists. Peter and André had met and begun an on-again off-again relationship in the months after Fleming was widowed. Apparently, Peter strongly reminded Deveraux of his first love, Gregory.

(Actually, Deveraux claimed that he was immortal and that he and Gregory were Peter's ancestors. Peter preferred to believe that Deveraux was slightly insane, not that he would hold that against him. He didn't know a soul that wouldn't call Chess mental, not even amongst his loved ones.)

But Peter had rebuffed Deveraux's advances since his unexpected remarriage to Vince Faraday, "in the interests of self-preservation," he'd explained. Evidently, the shape shifter had trouble taking no for an answer.

"You're no fun anymore." Dear lord, he was pouting. "If you didn't invite me over for old times' sake, then why did you want to see me?"

Right; it was time to get down to business.

"Some of Luthor Corp.'s research has recently come into my possession," Peter began.

"Translation: You stole it." Peter narrowed his eyes.

"The man who commissioned the research has been dead for about two decades; the information was just collecting cobwebs. Even if it was misappropriated, it was for a good cause." He was rewarded with a snort.

"Sure it was. How could it be for anything else?" Peter sat down and just looked at him. Finally, the immortal broke the silence. "Alright, I'll bite. What did your bald Metropolis counterpart come up with?" Fleming wordlessly pushed a folder across the desk and the older man started skimming its contents.

"What the… Cloning? You want to clone yourself? Have you gone completely insane?" Peter sighed and waved a hand impatiently.

"Luthor's interest was in cloning. The clones he commissioned were never effective—replicating 100% of a person's D.N.A. resulted in unstable specimens—so he had his team look for a solution. They hypothesized that combining Luthor's D.N.A. with the Kryptonian's should result in a healthy child.

"No," Peter anticipated the question on the other's mind, "they never tested the proposition. They were unable to obtain another sample of Superman's D.N.A. before their C.E.O. passed away and afterwards the project was disbanded, all but forgotten."

"Okay, I know you have a point there somewhere, hot stuff. You want to get to it sometime today?"

"I'd have thought it would be obvious."

"Then I guess I don't think too clearly when I'm sexually frustrated: Out with it!"

"The team at Luthor Corp. discovered how to create a zygote using D.N.A. from two males. Now do you see where I'm going with this?" Deveraux whistled.

"You want to reproduce with Faraday, and you've found out how to make it possible." Fleming inclined his head.


"And you're telling me because…"

"While the process does not require a female to contribute D.N.A., the fetus would still have to develop in a uterus. Hence, I find myself in need of a surrogate."

"And you thought of me?"

"I need someone I can trust, someone I can work with. We certainly wouldn't bring Vince's ex-wife into this—"

"Even I can see that that'd be a bit of a faux pas."

"You did indicate that you've given birth before—"

"And enjoyed it," he interrupted.

"And are still capable of it?" Fleming queried. In reply, Deveraux shape shifted into a woman, adopting his Rebecca façade, and grinned.

"But of course!" She looked at her descendant. Funny how he trusted her abilities as a shape shifter, but refused to believe she'd given birth to an ancestor of his centuries ago. Mortals were odd like that, but perhaps it was to protect himself from the fact that he'd slept with his great-great-great, phooey, however many great-grandmother. If she had made a point of avoiding intimate relations with any of her descendants, she might have to take a damn vow of abstinence; nope, not going to happen.

"It would be my pleasure," Deveraux assured Peter. Then she frowned. "Vince is on board with this plan, isn't he?"

Author's Note: To clarify, this occurs in the "Blame It On the Perfume" 'verse. If you're into Peter/Vince, you may want to check out the fic's predecessors, although I don't think you'll be handicapped if you don't. If you're not into Peter/Vince, what the hell are you doing on this page?

Anyone lost at home may recall that Deveraux was mentioned once during the series. Hence he's not exactly an original character, but the writers didn't create a backstory for him. Enter IronAmerica to fill the gap. This fic is using IronAmerica's version of Deveraux, created for "Time Again." It involves a crossover with "Dark Relic," a movie that starred James Frain. According to IronAmerica, Max and Deveraux are both immortals who practice magic and Deveraux shape shifts. Centuries ago, Deveraux as "Rebecca" fell in love with and married a knight named Sir Gregory and they had a big family. Max and Deveraux are supposed to have a competition going between them and they employ champions to fight for them. In "Time Again," Scales would have been Deveraux's champion, but he exploits a loophole to keep the smuggler out of the competition.

While I recommend "Time Again", I don't want to incorporate the events from it into this fic. In this 'verse, Peter was going to be Deveraux's champion and Vince was Max's. However, the unexpected marriage between the two champions voided the round before it could get underway.

Now, regarding the other fandom at play here: You may recall that "Blame It On the Perfume," like "In-Laws" before it, was a cross-over with "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." This made my plan for Peter to borrow the technology used to produce Connor Kent in "Smallville" a bit tricky, but there was cloning in Lois & Clark. Hence I stretched things a bit so that the old series' Lex had the research at his fingertips, but didn't get the opportunity to carry it out before his death.

You got an issue with that, or with the ratio of fic to author's note, you can let me know. Please review. Come on, it's the first ever Peter/Vince baby fic. You've got to have something to say about it.